Thor’s Armour Explained | Why no Armour Appear When Captain America Lifted Mjolnir

In the MCU in Avengers End Game, at last, we got to see Captain America Wielding Mjolnir and there he had gotten all the powers of Thor as was the enchantment by Odin that who so ever get the power of Thor who is Worthy to wield it. But unlike Thor whenever he Wielded it […]

13 Manhwa Manhua Where MC Starts Weak But Work Hard To Become Strong

13 Manhwa Manhua Where MC Starts Weak But Work Hard To Become Strong png 20220626 145027 0000

We have read many manhwa and manhua where MC is strong from beginning or get strong very fast without any difficulty but there are also many awesome manhwa manhua where the MC has to achieve all of that with his own good old hard work. Seeing a person working hard inspires us and we also […]

Rune King Thor Power, Origin and Abilities | Rune King Thor Vs Marvel Dc Anime

In Marvel cinematic Universe Thor is one of the strongest character but he is not in his strongest form which we have seen in the comics and that form is of Rune King Thor Today we are going to see all the powers abilities and origin of him and will see which characters from Marvel […]

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