10 Anime All Stranger Things Fan Will Love

The stranger Things has been running for some time and because of its popularity it had now gotten its 4 seasons and its final season shooting has started.

I’m a very big fan of stranger things and also a fan of anime so Thought why not make a top 10 list of anime like stranger Things.

This Steven King horror-inspired Netflix series has horror, mystery, murder, and supernatural and the anime I have recommended below contains one Or more of these elements.

Anime Like Stranger Things

  • Hyouka
  • Spy x Family
  • Gantz
  • Soul Eater
  • Akira
  • Mob psycho 100
  • Elfen Lied
  • Erased
  • The disastrous life of Saiki-k
  • Demon Slayer
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Parasyte: The Maxim


The main protagonist of Hyouka is a lazy person and he joins her sister’s Literary club only to stop it from being disbanded but what he finds were many supernatural mysteries.

There is a rich history behind the club which he soon discovers along with his other member.

Just in a similar way in stranger things, the history behind the upside-down is very long and they are soon going to discover it in season 4 volume 2.

Spy X Family

This is a detective family Manga where we have three characters who are not related in any way but they had to act like they are one family. The father is Loid Forger who is actually a spy, then the mother thorn princess is an assassin and finally, the daughter is an esper.

They have come together to stop a war between two countries and there is always some mystery happening here and there.

The spy and assassin fall in love and it starts to change the way how the esper sees life as previously she was a lab experiment which she escaped.

Eleven is very similar to Anya who was also a lab experiment whom a good person adopts.

El and Mike’s love is like the love between Loid and Yor.


In Gantz after some people die they get transported into an apartment in Tokyo where they can’t leave that room and there is a spherical ball named Gantz.

Which tells them that they had to kill aliens in order to re-gain their freedom or they can work in order to save the earth.

It contains aliens that happen and there is always a mystery and action in this anime and in this way.

This is very similar to stranger things in which there is Demogorgon species from another dimension just like aliens and only a few people know about them and they had to put their lives in danger to save the life of others.

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is another anime series that stranger things fans will love. Its main cast is also a group of children and there is some similarities between Eleven and one of the soul eater characters.

But both of them have a completely different plot of the story and how they move forward where stranger things consisted of mystery horror, Soul eater on the other hand is more of dark comedy.

Soul Eater is set at Death Weapon Meister Academy located in the fictional Death City in Nevada, United States. The school is run by Shinigami, also known as Death, as a training facility for humans with the ability to transform into weapons, as well as the wielders of those weapons, called meisters


Now down below I had said that Elfen Lied was a big inspiration behind stranger things for the duffer brother but in the anime the story which inspired Elfen Lied was Akira.

The mangaka the creator of Elfen Lied had said he took inspiration from Akira which has a lot of 80’s inspired themes and visuals.

I highly recommend the fans of Stranger Things to watch this anime if they want to have even more love for the stranger thing story.

Akira, much like Stranger Things, is the story of a group of kids that get in over their heads and end up stuck in the middle of solving a mystery that leads to even bigger effects on those and the world around them. There are also children that have psychokinetic powers.

Mob Psycho 100

Now comes the story of Psycho who also has a psychic ability like Eleven but is much more powerful than her. And just like Eleven needs the emotion of anger to amplify his power when the mob goes in his full 100% anger mode you should not come anywhere near him.

Mob wants to be just like any normal person and be a cool kid and find a girlfriend but most of the time things don’t play out as he wants.

And if there is ever a fight going to happen between Eleven and Mob (Eleven vs Mob) most like Mob will be the most unquestionable winner.

Elfen Lied

The creator of stranger things the Duffer Brothers said themselves in an interview that they have taken inspiration from many of the 80’s works for the show and one of those inspirations was from the anime Elfen Lied.

The story of Eleven is highly inspired by Elfen’s lied where the children experiment on children and from that, a girl gets powerful psychic powers.

She was raised in a lab and much like Eleven escapes and doesn’t speak for a good while.


Erased is one of the best mystery anime out there. It also has children who are related to a murder mystery happening in the past . The main character goes back in time just a minute before a tragedy in his life.

While he’s been using this power to his advantage for a while it backfires when he’s wrongfully accused of murder and sent back to 1988 as a child. Here he must solve the mystery of the murder while protecting a mysterious childhood classmate of his.

The disastrous life of Saiki-k

If Stranger things did not have the upside-down problems of Demogorgon and monsters but still Eleven had her powers then this would be her life.

He could use her psychic powers freely and use them in daily life but for sure the kinds of friends that she will have will be as unique as her. Just like the life of Saiki and his out-of-this-world friends.

Demon Slayer

If you love the demon and action of stranger things then demon slayer has all of them with its anime you will find one of the best animations and the story is also full of sadness, action, and adventure. In demon slayer the main characters all are children and yes at that age they are fighting demons.

And just like now in stranger things season 4 we get to know all the upside-down monsters were created by Vecna same as all the monsters in the demon slayer universe we were born with the blood of Muzan.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Now here is one of the most famous anime of the year 2022. Jujutsu Kaisen with its exorcism is similar to the tone of Stranger Things but the thing which took everyone’s attention in this anime was the killer of Sukuna and the owner of the six eyes of Satoru Gojo who is completely overpowered.

Parasyte: the maxim

With the monsters of parasites the maxim being creatures from outer space coming to earth to take control of the body of their host and rule mankind it is similar to the other world monster story.

When they attack their face turns into a scythe-like form similar to Demogorgon’s face and like Will Byers’s body was taken control of Mind Flayer here the protagonist was taken control by the alien parasite.

Just Will was not able to control mind flayer but the hero here could.