10 anime and marvel characters who can beat rune king thor

Rune king thor is one of the strongest version of thor from the marvel universe other than the old king thor.In his rune king form he is able to use the odin force and has all the knowldge of the runes and can control the full power of them even more than odin the all father.

This easily makes him very powerful but even then there are many anime characters who are capable enought o beat him in a fight .So today we are going to look at some of those anime characters.

  • Saitama
  • Giorno Giovanna
  • Goku
  • Alucard
  • The Truth
  • Rimuru Tempest (light novel)
  • Celestials
  • Galactus
  • God Emperor Doom
  • The Living Tribunal

Saitama can defeat rune king thor in apunch

saitama the most overpowered hero in all animes

Saitama from one punch man is a character who has been created to defeat every single enemy that he faces may he be the strongest or even the reincarnation of god .He only needs to punch him and in a single punch rune king thor will be knocked out.

not even the celestials or any anime characters are capable enough to beat Saitama who is being supported by the allmighty power of the plot .

Goku has more power than rune king thor

goku from dragon ball super

Son Goku from dragon ball z has became a god himself who can control the ultra instinct and his will to always fight stronger opponent has made him grow from being a hero of the earth to becoming the strongest in the tournament of power between the 12 universes and in that regard he has already overpowered Rune king thor.

Rune King thor may have the power of runes giving him knowledge of when Goku attacks him and cosmic powers but even then he cant take him head on.

Giorno Giovanna stand will make it impossible for rune king to beat him

Giorno Giovanna Golden experience stand give him the power to turn actions or will back ti zero which also means he could turn back time when he is attack making him invincible any attacks coming his way he is not strong in terms of physical power so in a fight he will never be able to defeat Rune king Thor but even then thor can also never defeat him without using any reality wqarping affecting ability which in my best of knowldge he doesnt possess.

Alucard will make rune king thor face utter defat


Alucard or what we come to know his real name from the past Count Dracula is the king of vampires who cant be killed no matter what even if you slash him in bits ,burn him in the fire of hell or pummel him with his hammer he will always rejuvinate into his prime and by doing so he completely destroys his opponent confidence.

In same will happen in his fight with Rune king thor even if thor uses the power of the runes they can only give him the knoiwldger of the world and not a way to kill an immortal being and once he is unabole to continue the fight Alucard attacks maybe Alucard also cant kill him but even then this will be a great fight to watch.

The Truth is the inner conscience of oneself who thor cant beat

the truth fullmetal alchemist

Truth is the embodiment of the universe who looks after the ballance in the fullmetal universe and takes care of the humans who try to do human transmutation or who try to bring people back to life.He gives punisment to those who try to act God.

he is the closest being who we could call as the god of fullmetal alchemist universe and if Thor was to appear in this universe he can never defeat truth in his domain here he has to be under the law of alchemy as goverened by The Truth.he could also be assumed to be the negative version of a persons conscience and when thor going to fight his inner self it will be very difficult fight for him.

Celestials are a being who fight aglactus a being above rune king thor

All the celestials are capable enought to defeat rune king thor as they have the ability to create stars,planets and life with their cosmic powers which is in infinite quantity and with that much power they are an opponent to galactus and being who are running in a fight with abeing like galactus is no laughing stock and there this single feat put the celestials above the rune king Thor.

Rimuru Tempest power null is OP against rune king thor

If wea re to talk about rimuru from anime or the manga then he is in now way capable enought o defeat rune king thor but if we going to put thor against Rimuru from the web novel then Thor is going to lose very easily .

Rimuru from the novel is capable enought to use the power of Null which in itself is a very dangerous power whose power is to destory anything immediately as it come in contact to and also able to create new realities and since rimuru has an infinite space of mana pool he has a infinite amounty of null power capable enough to destroy and create the universe thousands of times.


Galactus the being who has been the sole survivor of the destruction of eternity and the first person of the new eternity .He is formed out of power cosmos and is able to crete anything out of his will .

Galactus sole purpose in the universe is to feed on the cosmic energies of planets and has existed for billions of yearRune king thor power may give him omniscience over the current universe but Galactus has omniscience over the whole multiverse at any point of time and in terms of power Galactus is always going to win against rune king thor.

God Emperor Doom

God emperor Domm is that version of doctor doom who has acquired the power of thousands of beyonders he has more power than the eternity who is the embodiment of the 7th cosmos or the universe and is the strongest being of the universe .and on the second hand we have Thor whose biggest feat probable is to defeat mangog who is embodiment of hatred of million of soul of asgardians who are just atiny fragment of universe and therefore GOd emperor doom who is more powerful than the universe is always gonna win in this fight.

The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is a single entity existing across the entire Marvel Multiverse. He is the Judge of the Marvel Multiverse and the arbitrator of cosmic justice. He is above the likes of the Celestials, Galactus, Eternity, Death and Infinity. The Living Tribunal doesn’t have his own free will, as he serves the will of the creator of the Marvel Multiverse, The One Above All.

It is even stated in the Wiki for Rune King Thor, that despite his power he “is still under the very beings such as The Living Tribunal.” Therefore in my opinion, it is pretty clear that The Living Tribunal will be easily winning this fight.

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