10 Anime Fans Conspiracy Theory That Will Blow Your Mind And Ruin Your Childhood

10 Anime Fans Conspiracy Theory That Will Blow Your Mind

Well, Guys who don’t love a bit of conspiracy which is full of thrill and excitement and whats better if we get to see these insane theories made about our favourite anime series. So in the anime community, there are so many theories regarding your favourite anime which will completely change your opinion about them and make you amazed that you used to watch them as a kid or are still watching so let’s start with the one of the old theory of anime.

1. Ash Ketchum Is In A Coma

ash ketchum is in a coma

Pokemon is one of the most loved and really long-running anime series which has made a lot of fans and also because of that it has also got a lot of anime theories made around about it and one of those theories is about Ash Ketchum being in a coma.

We all know about the long-running series of pokemon in which ash has taken in so many pokemon championships but haven’t aged a bit. So this theory suggests that the reason behind this that this all takes place inside the brain of ash while he is in the bed suffering from a coma.

It states that when he started his journey and got Pikachu from Professor Oak we all see him getting electrocuted by Pikachu and also from the thunder from the route and after that he gets hospitalized and gets in a coma and his wish to catch them all pokemon is taking place inside his head.

2. Light Yagami Becomes A Shinigami

light yagami becomes a shinigami
In the end of death note in an episode, we see a shinigami ascending to meet Ryuk and giving him apple who looks a lot like Light. So there are many speculations regarding that shinigami is actually light after he dies.

In the series, we get to know that shinigami are being who neither goes to hell or heaven but stays between eath and hell and there was not known how someone becomes a shinigami and In the anime, Ryuk tells Light that now he has something to look forward to after he dies so maybe that is what happens to whoever uses a death note becomes a shinigami at the end of their life and there have been many proofs that that shinigami is light by the way he sends the apple to Ryuk knowing Ryuk likes apple. And since shinigami don’t need food or sleep then why did he pass the apple to him.

So we can assume this theory to be true cause their it was never stated clearly anything about it.

3. Spongebob and Friends Are a Result Of Nuclear Explosion Mutation

spongebob squarepants theory
This theory will ruin your feeling toward this loved series but this theory states that all the people have become those fish-like beings have multiple eyes, claw-like hands, spores on their whole body, many eyes popping from all over and there is also are the reason of this to a place in reality.
The town of Bikini Bottom is taken from Bikini atoll which is a place in America which was used as a nuclear testing site and maybe the being we see in Bikini bottom is actually the wildlife which lives below the island of Bikini Atoll.

Whether SpongeBob SquarePants was actually intended to show the consequences of nuclear testing underwater or Bikini Atoll was just inspiration for the town’s name and location, it’s something that only Hillenburg and company would know. Still, there are many details that fit with Bikini Atoll’s history that instead of making the show creepy (like other theories try to) actually make it more interesting.

4. Phineas Biological father Theory

phinease biological father theory

There had been many speculations about who is the biological father of Phineas and Candace cause Phinease don’t resemble his current father or the husband of Linda who is a simple guy whereas Phineas has a passion for invention, creation and always trying break the rules.
 We all know this very well that Ferb is the adopted son of Linda whose real relatives are in the U.K. so his facial features resemble them but it is not same with Phineas his facial character don’t resemble his dad But they are similar to Doofenshmirtz with his triangular head.

 And we also know this that there was a time when Linda (Lindana ) had dated him before marrying so there is a chance that he and Candace both are the biological son and daughter of him and well there are many clues regarding this, therefore, this theory really blew my mind when I read . You can check them here.

5. Power Puff Girls are originally created to become sex slaves.

powerpuff girls theory

In this theory, we get to know that the professor was not trying to make the girls as a part of the family but as a war machine to take part in wars but the chemical -X that was put by mistake maybe has resulted of them acquiring the ability to think.
This theory does explain why the professor lives alone in that house and why the girls are not allowed to ever enter the basement and also we can assume that all the monsters which appear in the town were in the actually failed experiment made by the professor and maybe the reason why Mojo Jojo hates the girl is because he was the most successful creation of professor after the girls and abandoned after the girls were formed.

There may also be the chance that the professor was trying to make artificial human to sell as sex slaves and that chemical -X actually resulted in girls turning in the child rather than an adult.

6. Shinchan Accident Theory
shinchan accident theory

This theory is about how the series of Shinhan really ends and this theory will break your heart and make you cry. The story states that the author of the series of Shinhan is actually the real mother of Shinhan and Himawari. And there was a time when both Shinhan and Himawari were playing on the road and a car was coming in very fast speed towards Himawari and in trying to save Himawari, Shinhan jumps in front of the car and both the kids became the victims of the accident.

The author started writing the story of his children in order to cope up with the sadness by talking about the fun and happy memories that she had with Shinchan who was a very naughty boy and her cute little daughter Himawari.

7. The World Hasn’t Escaped The Infinite Tsukuyomi

The World Hasn't Escaped The Infinite Tsukuyomi naruto theory

This theory came out of the concept of the Infinite Tsukuyomi never really ending as it was shown to the ultimate technique used using the ten tails to turn the moon into the Sharingan and put the whole world into the infinite genjutsu and since no one could hide away from the gaze of the moon this Jutsu never ended and the winning of the fourth ninja war and Naruto becoming Hokage and living a happy life is all a part of the Tsukuyomi. It’s certainly possible, and can truly prove to be a low note to end the series on. Perhaps that’s why Kishimoto never really revealed whether this actually happened or not.

And perhaps friends that may also be the reason why Boruto is so downgraded and boring to watch compared to Naruto cause he is just a fragment of the imagination of someone inside the genjutsu and how and why Sasuke the cool and handsome and one of the smartest marries Sakura the human gorilla.

8. Saitama Destroys The earth At the end of One Punch Man

saitama fan theory

When the one punch man series started and we get to know about the hero association,villians organisation and all the characters one of the major figures out of them were Shibabawa who was a great seer who could see the future and her predictions always comes true and she predicted in 6 months the biggest danger which is above dragon rating is gonna happen and after predicting that she dies.

But in this much time, nothing has happened cause Saitama is able to defeat all those monsters in a punch even Boros was defeated by his Serious punch so that’s why there is a huge chance that the danger that she talked about was, in fact, was Saitama himself who will destroy the earth may be out of boredom or maybe due to some other reason but when that happens please let Goku come on time.

9. All the Problem on earth Are the cause of Goku

dragon ball theory
Goku the legendary Super Saiyan God, the protector of the earth , martial artist, the disciple of Son Gohan and the friend of Zeno -Sama has saved the earth and even more the universe many times from so many powerful villians and creatures. He was the person who defeated Vegeta , Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, stoped Beerus god of destruction from destroying the earth, won the right of keeping universe 7 alive by winning the tournament held by Zeno-Sama and much more. There are so many reasons why everyone loves this hero but if we look closely Goku was also the cause these things started to happen in the first place.

Goku came to earth as a beacon of destruction but ended up forgeting his purpose and sensing his huge energy King Kami the first strongest villians waked up, he was the reason why Saiyans like Vegeta came to earth to destroy and he was the reason of attracting the wrath of villians like Frienza , cooler and many monsters on earth. Majin Buu waked up from his long sleep by Saiyans energy , cell got his perfect form after absorbing saiyans,he asked zeno to held the tournamenty of destruction and so more. So in a way he was the reason the earth got in all those dangerous situations all because of Goku and if he was not there these problem would not have occured in the first place.

10. Spirited Away is about sexual exploitation.

anime fan theory

This one is about Spirited away where it was accepted by the creator that it actually has tried to show to things happening in japan and his worry regarding that and that theory is that–

In the front door of the bathhouse in the movie, there is a symbol that says ( ゆ) “yu” which is translated to “hot water.” This symbol is used on the entrance of (onsen) and (sento) or bathhouses in Japan. After knowing this, a fan did more reading and find out something interesting about bathhouses during the Edo period. During those times, bathhouses are popular among men because of women who work there, washing men and selling sex. “Yuna Baro” is what they called these bathhouses which directly translates to “hot water woman” and is run by a “Yubaba” which translates to “hot water old woman.” In the movie Spirited Away, the name of the woman who runs the bathhouse is Yubaba while the female workers are referred to as “Yuna.” Chihiro is also forced to change her name to “Sen” like a prostitute change her name. A character named “No-Face” keeps on offering Chihiro money and keep on saying he “wants her.”


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