10 Anime Manga Which are inspired From Greek Mythology

Greek mythology is full of awesome and powerful characters. It has the all father Zeus, god of mischief Loki and God of Thunder Thor and many more.

And because of these stories and characters many writes has included them in there work ranging from movies of marvel to anime snd manga.

And today we will look at the 10 best anime and manga which took inspiration or characters from the Greek mythology.

  • Record of Ragnarok
  • Seint Seiya
  • Yu-gi-oh
  • Fate/ grand order
  • Blood of Zeus
  • Ragnarok (manhwa)
  • Athena Complex
  • Overgeared
  • Olympos

Record of Ragnarok

If we are talking about anime or Manga which are heavily inspired from mythology then the first name will always be record of ragnarok.

It has mythologies from Greek, norse, Hinduism, Chinese and many more.

Here you will find Zeus and his Olympus gods, Odin and his Viking Warriors, the holy trinity of Hinduism and the king and queens of Chinese and Japanese myths.

It is a must read and watch for any mythology lovers of Anime.

Seint Seiya

Again a famous name for any anime or manga fan. Seint Seiya has also took inspiration from Greek mythology and is based on the fights between king of the underworld Hades and Goddess of Victory and tactical warfare Athena.

The story is like both Hades and Athena fight each other and whoever wins get to keep Earth as the prize.

For this purpose Hades took over pure soul of Earth and Athena makes a female her warrior and they choose Alone and Tenma respectively.

Who are both best friend. Now Tenma has to fight his best friend to stop Hades and protect Athena.


Now yu-gi-oh is an anime which is based on a card game but in it many monsters and being from many stories are used.

And the primary mythology which it has used is egyptian but other than that we also see some inspiration from other myths.

Like “Erebus” and “Ehther” (Aither) are based on Greek deities from greek myths.

Fate / Grand order

In fate grand order there are some reference from both mesopotamian and greek mythology.

There you will see the three gorgon sisters Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale. Who are very famous in the Greek myths all cursed by the gods for there beauty or skill.

Other than that we will also find Athena and Zeus in it.

It also has a mobile game on the same name based on it.

Blood of Zeus

A Netflix original anime which is based on Greek mythology especially on Zeus the king of god and the ruler of olympus.

And we all know how big of a playboy he is. During his reign as the king of olympus Zeus had made love to many beautiful woman of earth as a result he has a dozen of illegitimate children.

In blood of Zeus we get to meet Her on who is also an illegitimate child of Zeus.

Now he is given the task of protecting the earth from demon who were born from the blood of the last titan who Zeus army had defeated.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Omniscient reader’s viewpoint is another manhwa which has directly used gods from nearly all the different mythology in the world.

The story in it is really unique and you will surely love it if you have read solo levelling.

In this manhwa the God of underworld Hades is the is the good guy and a father like figure but for that you will have to read it.

It has Zeus, Ares, Athena, Persephone, Hermes and the view of Olympus.

Athena Complex

Suffering from heartbreak after being rejected by Poseidon, goddess of wisdom Athena becomes human to seek revenge… but as a high school boy. There she plots to befriend Poseidon’s reincarnation, Adrian, who doesn’t have the slightest clue about the world of gods.

This is the story of Athena Complex ans is a webtoon. And as the name suggest it is a romantic rivalry with action.


Overgeared is a manhwa which is based inside an virtual reality game and in that game a player can be anything from a warrior to a plumber.

And there the world building is also very great and to give the task to player there religion which are inspired from the real world are made.

Christianity in form of Rebecca Churches, god of war and there we also see monsters which are inspired from all religion including Greek.

Here in this manhwa you will be reading a game inside of a world which is inside a manhwa.


Ganymede was once the revered prince of Troy.

But when the fickle god Apollo whisked him away to a place filled with flowers and beauty, the man finds himself trapped in eternity, unable to escape.

What does Apollo want with Ganymede? And what will happen when Apollo meets Poseidon, Hades, and even Zeus himself?

This is a story which shows us what the gods feel with the suffering of human and how the pass there time.

Here you will mainly find the 3 main olympian God Zeus Hades and Poseidon. Other than them the most evil one is apollo.

The art is completely magnificent.

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