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10 Best Fantasy Manhwa and Manhua to Read

Fantasy is a genre that always refreshes our minds by taking us into another world. And there are many gems in the fantasy genre may be in form of Anime, manga, manhwa Korean Manga, and manhua Chinese manga.

So today we are going to list down the top 10 best fantasy Manhwa and Manhua.

Best fantasy manhwa and manhua

  1. All-Devouring Whale
  2. I picked mobile from another world
  3. Tales of Dragon consort
  4. The era of great universe
  5. The druid of Seoul Station
  6. Leveling with the Gods
  7. Ordeal
  8. Beginning After The End
  9. Overgeared
  10. Second Coming of Gluttony
Best Fantasy Manhwa and manhua to read
Best Fantasy Manhwa

All-Devouring Whale

A world is full of all kinds of monsters who you can use to fight, ride and do many works.

You can keep them as pets and train them to evolve. In this world, the people cultivate their energies using the spirit monsters.

It all started with a whale, whose cultivation was all about swallowing things.

This was a fantasy world crowded with spiritual monsters. Fan Lingxiao, the chief of Sky Vagabond, grew a little catfish into an all-devouring whale and became a world-famous spirit master.

However, the whale somehow failed in combat and turned into a cruel zombie whale that swallowed Fan Lingxiao.

The story of this manhua is really unique from all the cultivation manga I had read till now and you will love this from the very first chapter.

I Picked Mobile from Another World

We all can’t live our lives without our mobile and we also wish to go into an isekai world and be the main protagonist of that world and our protagonist Mochizuki Touya got to be just that.

Mochizuki Touya, a typical Japanese teenager who lost his life after God kill him by accident got to go into a fantasy medieval world with his phone his wish was granted as the mistake was from God’s side.

He is now the most Technology advanced person in this world filled with beautiful girls.

The story has ecchi and humor mixed with medieval fantasy.

Tales of Dragon Consort

During the warring states period between the warlords in China, a young lady named Long Mian suddenly awaken the Dragon powers within her blood on the day of her 16th birthday.

She also meets a man who became her Dragon concert. Both shares the powers of the dragon and they had the same goal to achieve.

Both of them wish to stop the war happening between the two Kingdoms and for it, they will even go as far as to risk their lives.

This is full of romance action and drama.

The era of the Great Universe

This is an action fantasy manhwa with a darker story taking place after the near destruction of Earth.

And for the survival of humanity Cosmos is the only option left to go but what lies there is death and terror of the unknown.

The story takes us to outer space with superpowers, aliens, and spaceships the story will also be loved by all the sci-fi fans.

The druid of Seoul Station

Park Sooho has returned to Earth after a thousand-year journey to another world. The arrival of monsters during that time transformed Earth into a realm of survival of the fittest.

Druid, the animal monarch who has survived for a thousand years, is now on his way to ruling the planet.

This manhwa takes place around the survival of the fittest the jungle law of survival.

It is among those many which are included in manga and manhwa similar to Solo Levelling.

This is full of action and that adrenaline rush when you read it.

Leveling with the Gods

A manhwa is very similar to omniscient readers’ viewpoint in story and power systems.

Just the difference here is that in the place of being the reader of the story you are the protagonist and the savior for who many had sacrificed their everything.

You will understand what I meant when you read it.

The hero of our story comes from the future when an unidentified alien race attacks Earth and destroys everything.

He had come back in the past and will do his best to stop all of that from happening again with the knowledge of God which he had met in his future.


The ordeal takes place in a world where Kimyo rules. They are human with extraordinary abilities from the time they are born.

It’s a revenge focus story where our protagonist is on his path to finding the killer of his teacher.

But there are many things in this world that our Hero Che still does not know about his world.

The art style is over the top and character development is overall good. The story also revolves around mythos to create stories more interesting.

Beginning After The End

Our story starts with our OP MC Arthur Leywin’s reincarnation in a world of Magic swordsmanship and monsters.

In his previous life, he was a badass king named Grey who had everything except a family or friend who he could love.

He doesn’t know why he was reincarnated but in this life, he has a mother, father, and a cute little sister in this life he will get that love he so much wished for.

This is a great Manhwa with all the great things which you can ask a great story, the right character development, and swords and magic.

It sometimes feels light, at moment gets dark and there is a mystery around the world which all will love.

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Overgeared the best light novel I had ever read and I read alot. In my opinion, its story is even better than solo leveling I level up alone light novel.

In here the story does not take place in a world of magic or a world other than earth but inside a video game named Satisfy.

This manhwa will definitely quench satisfy your need to read a good fantasy manhwa.

Our hero starts as a very greedy person who only wished for his own gains, at the beginning his acts will make you want to punch him.

But as the time passes and his development takes place you will love the changes and will wish to be just like him

He also teaches us the importance of hard work and patience and with which we can achieve anything in life.

Second Coming Of Gluttony

The second coming of gluttony is the best manga in this list hence the first spot but it can be confusing for the first-time reader of this manhwa.

As the story starts with our hero getting into another universe and he had to fight for his life. In manhwa, the background story was not explained in the beginning.

You will only come to understand what is happening after about 20-25 chapters.

In the second coming of gluttony, the gods and humans are in danger in another universe and they need help from our earth cause our body can take on mana.

So people are offered to go there or kidnapped to fight in a war that is soon about to happen.

And for this, God gives great powers and ability to earth people and our hero is one of them.

Who had skills and knowledge and had got the attention of the goddess of hunger Gluttony.

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