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10 best manga recommendations like solo leveling

10 best manga recommendations like solo leveling

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Best manga Manhwa like solo leveling

10. Returner’s magic should be special

Returners magic should be special manhwa

You should definitely read this Manga if you love manga with magic and reincarnation.
In this manga, the main power of the main character is his ability to understand Magic circles and knowledge of his previous life before his death in the future.
Character development And art style are really great, you will definitely like this if you love solo leveling.

The story is like that there was a magician who was fighting against the dark Labyrinth but in the Final Fight he dies but got reincarnated or revived into his past life when he was just a student in the Havrion Academy about 10 years ago and now with his knowledge what’s gonna happen in the future he is going to change the course of history.

9. Second Life ranker

Second life ranker manhwa


It’s somewhat of a dark fantasy manga with revenge being the main motive of the main character or our protagonist.
His feeling of Revenge for his brother’s death is the one fire in his heart that makes growth in his power as time passed the character kept growing with each fight and acquiring the abilities of monsters he defeats.
He also has the ability to extract Shadows and control them just like something from solo leveling.
He is a character who can be regarded as a villain but his heart is pure as a hero, in the starting, you can regard him as cruel but at the same time, his love for his brother is really kind.

8. legendary moonlight sculptor

Legendary moonlight sculptor manhwa
What will you do if you got a useless skill in a game that you can’t get rid of but that game is something your life depends on, this is what happens in this manga?
Our hero who gets the character line of legendary Moonlight sculptor, at first he thought it was just a useless power-up because sculptures are present in the gaming world and not even a single sculpture is worth a penny but with time this disadvantage that he thought, turned out to become his greatest advantage .his sculpting gave him name and fame throughout the game and money in real life.

7. Skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the Dungeon


Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon manhwa

Here our main character is a summoned skeleton.
When the story starts we get to know that his masters die in front of him after that she acquired the skill of reviving every time he dies and keeps the memory of his past life and also gets all the experience and all the skills acquired in his past life to the current life.
He also acquired the ability to see everything as a game character every time he kills someone he acquires experience with practice his skills evolve.
He Gets revived to a particular point in the past like a save point. So you will definitely love this one this is as exciting and funny as solo leveling.

6. Solo login


Solo login manhwa

This manga is very much similar to solo leveling with similar names similar gates appearing from the sky.
But in the place of the gate, there are castles that come from nowhere in the sky and dungeons which are made underground when a hunter dies.
But the main character here is different from solo leveling as a matter of fact because in solo leveling Sung Jin-woo was regarded as the weakest hunter but here the MC from the start even before getting the powers of these castles or being awakened was the strongest among the humans and even among the hunters as a normal human.
His single punch can destroy a wall in the building and that is when he didn’t have any kind of special power but when he became a hunter his power transcends human thinking and now his story starts.

5. Berserk of gluttony


Berserk of gluttony manga

The main character, in the beginning, of the manga, was a weak useless being who in place of being a help to the knights was rather a burden to them just like Sung-jin woo from solo leveling but once he had killed a bandit a specific skill inside him got awaked which was the skill of gluttony which allow him to consume the skills or powers of anyone or Monsters whom he kills and with every kill he got their power but his hunger also got kept increasing in place of it decreasing. Now in the manga, we are going to see how far his hunger could get and how long he could acquire Power, Is there even an end to the power he could acquire?

4. Bug player

Bug player manhwa


As the name of the manga suggest it’s based on a bug character in a game but the thing is, that character is the main protagonist of the manga who was reincarnated in a game after dying from exhaustion and hunger from overplaying the game and forgot he had to eat food to live it may sound very idiotic but this is what actually happened.
Now our hero’s addiction to the game and the knowledge about all the shortcuts, tricks, or bugs of the game is going to make him become strong and hence him being a bug player.

3. Auto hunting

Auto hunting manhwa

Here in this Manga, our hero acquired the skill of auto-hunting when he was in a life-or-death situation and that skill saved him by taking over his body and putting all to find the monster as much as his body could take.

The story of this manhwa takes place in a similar world as in solo leveling it has Hunters, has rifts, and after he got this skill he has also become a hunter himself to defeat those monsters coming from the gates or the rift.

2. Tomb Raider king


Tomb Raider king manhwa

Our main protagonist dies after being betrayed but is saved and revived reincarnated in past by a relic and now his real stories start.

In tomb raider king the story background is that the world has turned into a story board where all the myths and stories around the world take the form of relics and this relic appears inside tombs.

Our hero is someone who hunts these relics for him to become the most powerful in the world but he is not the only person there are many who are trying to get all the relics for themselves and in the manga, we are going to see how our Main character get his hand on all the relics before them.

1. Second coming of Gluttony

Second coming of gluttony manhwa

This webtoon is currently on my favorite Manga list these days I read it on the very day it comes.
The story of it has not much known and only the world-building is taking place in the Manga right now but still, the tension in the story is very good.
The story is like that war for The Lost Paradise takes place under the seven Gods who choose players from the world and our Main character is a player who died in the war but the Goddess Gula, the goddess of gluttony fulfilled his wish to transfer his emotion to this past life.
When he was a drunkard and a loser but these emotions would change the way he thinks and gonna affect the story a lot.
I would recommend this Manga as the first Manga you definitely read right now and the best manga in the manga like solo leveling.

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