10 Monsters from Different Stories movies You Will Never want To Meet

10 Monsters from Different Stories movies You Will Never want To Meet

Monsters are being from our wildest imagination who if ever comes reality will shrill us to our heart.

And many authors and writers have created being from their imagination some are horrifying, some are powerful with many abilities and some of them are monsters who had killed thousands of beings.

And today will look at these monsters who you will never wish were real Or never to meet them.

  • Cthulhu
  • Xenomorph
  • Vecna
  • Demogorgon
  • Venom
  • Pennywise
  • Godzilla
  • Gremlins
  • Dracula
10 Monsters from Different Stories movies You Will Never want To Meet
10 Monsters from Different Stories movies You Will Never want To Meet


Cthulhu is said to resemble a green octopus, dragon, and a human caricature, hundreds of meters tall, with webbed, human-looking arms and legs and a pair of rudimentary wings on its back.

Cthullu was among the many monsters created by HP Lovecraft in his stories.

That universr was named after Cthullu as Cthullu mythos.

A monster from your wildest fear who will haunt you for eternity is Cthulhu.

You can read works of HP Lovecraft to know more about the world of monsters he created.


Xenomorph are an interterrestial alien species from the planet xenomorph prime.

They needs a host to grow and in there life they kill there host just to be born into an adult.

Xenomorph gets inside it’s host in form of larvae and when they grow they blow up there chest and grows into an adult within hour.

An adult Xenomorph is a killing machine which only knows how to spread there species throughout the universe nothing else.

Killing them is even difficult because if you can cut them or blow them there blood will dissolce your skin and organs because of it’s corrosive property.


I’m a big fan of Stranger things. This Netflix shows monsters are heavily inspired from D&D monsters and one of those monsters is Vecna the commander of Monster army.

Vecna is able to control minds of people, make them feel the biggest regret they had in their mind.

And the reason for his doings is just to annihilate all the humans.

After he turned into a monsters that feeling and his powers amplified.

The vecna from snd is able to come back to life after during so he surely is returning in season 5.


Another monster from stranger Things which was introduced to us in season one of the famous show.

Demogorgon are human like creature with a big mouth in place of the fave with hundreds of teeth like the mouth of a shark.

Demogorgon can appear from anywhere once there is a connection with the upside down.

He had come to earth by tearing the fabric of dimension when will was trying to reach his mother.


Now venom was created by Stan Lee in marvel comics but that doesn’t mean he is a kid characters just hitting and punching.

Venom is a true monster who eats humans for snack and don’t mind killing just for fun.

His species were created by Knull to turn the whole multiverse back into a void with nothing left except darkness.

Many of his victims gets there head teared in the mouth of venom and that scene could make anyone shake with horror.


Clown are hidden monsters and pennywise proves this.

He is a monster from another world who can take the form and shape of anything. He can read your mind and turn into your biggest fear.

He will not directly kill you but will wait until you are so scared that you decides to take your own life.

And worst of all he loves to make children as his target.

He loves the form of a clown and most comes first in this form.

Pennywise was created by Stephen King’s in his horror novel It. His popularity can be understood from the two hollywood movies based on him.


Godzilla the king of monster, there is a reason why he was called this in the most recent movies.

If he actually came into being not only you but the whole world will wish to never have met him.

Godzilla had got many movies by his name but he kept getting stronger and dangerous by each film but the most horryfying version was from the latest movie.

It was a moving nuclear bomb who was always living just in the ocean waiting for the time to annihilate all the life from planet earth.


Gremlins are born from an mogwai who from the looks are very small cute creatures with fur.

When a mogwai gets in contact with water or ways after midnight they mutate into a gremlins whiich are monstrous creatures.

And since they are born from mutation they are of all kinds with ability to control fire, electricity, can fly, lift heavy weight, etc.

But the gremlins are also very dangerous as they are omnivore they will kill there own species or anyone they see.

And believe me you will have a really bad death by a gremlins as they will eat you alive and you will suffer seeing each of your body part chewed by them.


Dracula is one of the oldest vampire with story relating to origin from Vlad the impaler.

The Dracula we have seen in Van helsing film was different from Dracula of Bram Stoker.

Before Bram Stoker brought Dracula to life there were many vampire story but he made them legendary.

Dracula was not only able to turn his shape, body and size but also commandea a very big army of Vampires and werewolf.

He killed people for fun and therefore was named the impaler.

He could turn every single of his victim to vampire but he enjoys drinking there blood dry and let them suffer till there last breath.

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