strongest versions of marvel and dc villians

11 Strongest Version Of Marvel and DC villians

Both Marvel and Dc comics have created many iconic superheroes and villain characters; from time to time they had to bring alternate versions of them from a different timeline or universe.

And in doing so both of them has created many iconic and overpowered character and today we will count down the 10 strongest version of marvel and DC Villians.

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  • God Emperor Doom
  • Astral Regulator Thanos
  • Loki God Of Stories
  • Eternal Flame Surtur
  • Infinity Stone Ultron
  • Emperor Joker
  • Hunter Prey Doomsday
  • Life Bringer Galactus
  • Tessaract Venom
  • Moonnight Khonshu
  • True Form Darkseid
Strongest version of marvel and dc characters

God Emperor Doom

This version of Doom was created when he got the powers from molecule man using which he had created Battleworld which was made from the combined parts of the surviving part of the multiverse after the incursions.

He was able to keep Franklin Richards as his child who controlled Galactus, turned the Human torch into the sun, killed Thanos with the infinity stone in a punch and many more awesome feats are on his name.

But he had a very big weakness his powers came from molecule man and if he decided to side away from Doom all his powers would go away.

This is what happened when Reed and spiderman got to knew about Doom power source and at that time molecule man joined hands with Reed.

Astral Regulator Thanos

We get to see this version of Thanos in an alternate universe where Thanos was able to acquire the Regulator.

Regulator are devices which are much powerful than infinity stones and has multiversal power.

It is a thing made by one above all to prevent the different realities from collapsing and in front of his own object he was also defeated.

Using the regulator Thanos had absorbed nearly all the cosmic entities including Galactus, infinity, eternity, death, loving tribunal and one above all.

That version of Thanos is the most powerful character we have seen until in marvel comics but is currently not canon.

Loki God Of Stories

Loki for the most of his time in the MCU had stayed as the villian but at the last moments of his death he had a change of heart and sacrificed himself for his brother.

And seeing this we all changed our view towards him and he came back from the past with introduction of Kang.

In the Loki S1 we saw many of his variants but none of them was his strongest which is God Of Stories Loki.

As the name suggests he is the God of stories who can create, change Or destroy a story.

Using this he can erase a character like Thor from the stories of Marvel.

He used this power against those who sits in the shadows and warned to erase them from existence if they gets in his ways.

He saved asgard at time of incursions by getting out of marvel story and keeping asgards story with him.

True Form Darkseid

This version of Darkseid was revealed recently in which we came to know that even his shadow was larger than the whole of the multiverse.

This is the true form of Darkseid and all the Darkseid that we had seen up till now in DC were just part of him and their powers could not even be compared to him.

For true form, Darkseid origins, power, and feat read this article.

Emperor Joker

Once in the DC comics Joker whose mind is completely horrifying once got the powers to change reality when he was given the powers of Mr. Myxpie who is a fifth-dimensional being.

He had the power to change reality and time. At a time when he was feeling bored, he thought it a good thing to give the power to Joker for fun.

But all turns bad once he used his own power against him and created a world where he killed Batman every single day and brought him back to life just to keep repeating this.

Hunter Prey Doomsday

Doomsday is a being from DC who is immortal and can never be defeated completely. Each time he is defeated he gets reborn with power to counter the last attack which was his weakness.

So each time he got stronger. But this version of Doomsday was different as he evolved during fight cause of his immense regentation.

He could easily take on 10000 nuclear bombs and only got some scratches.

He had defeated Darkseid, superman and many more in this form easily.

Infinity Stones Ultron

The Ultron which we saw in the what if series destroyed many universes in the blink of an eye. Had made the watcher to be afraid of him and made him create the group of multiverse superhero group which had the ultimate Dr. Strange.

And even they combined were not able to defeat him properly just had trapped him under a magic spell dome of Dr. Strange.

Life Bringer Galactus

Galactus is the destroyer of the cosmos or the water of cosmos but he is not bad by nature he had to do so to survive.

But once in the marvel comic to bring a change and create something unique the Galactus was changed into the life bringer.

It happened when the ultimate trapped Galan in his incubator and changed his nature as a result he became the life bringer.

As the life bringer he had all his previous powers but also the ability to restore life back to planet which he did by bring the first planet he devoured back to life.

Venom of End

This version of Venom is literally the God of the venomverse.

We see this version of venom at the comic with the same name where all the organic life form was near the end by an artificial life robots.

And since Venom needs a host to survive and keep his friend Eddie Brock alive for thousand years combining him with the other organic matter.

But he could not keep him alive but by that time he had formed host with many superheroes and got all their powers.

But when the AI robots came to defeat him he sent his different parts in the past to combine with every single organic matter which made him capable to create the universe.

Which has made him the God of that venomverse.

Eternal Flame Surtur

In Thor Ragnarok we get to meet the eternal flame surtur who when combine with the eternal flame was able to defeat Hela who was of level of an elder God of Marvel Universe.

He could destroy the whole planet of Asgard like it was a piece of cake.

And in this form he could have been able to defeat many celestials.

But the MCU had removed that being cause of him being so OP and we will no longer see him in MCU.

Moonnight Khonshu

Moonnight works as the avatar of Khonshu on earth. He gets all his powers from the moon God Khonshu.

And the current holder of this power is Mark Spector.

As the one giving these powers Khonshu also had the ability to take over Mark body and control it as he wants.

He had done this many times but during Age of Khonshu event he completely took over his body to become the ruler of the world.

In this form he had absorbed the powers of all the avengers Iron Fist, dr strange, ghost rider and Thor.

He turned Manhattan into his stronghold and nsmed it as Thebes City and planned to take over the world.

But was stopped by Mark when he left the mantle of moonnight and absorbed the Phoenix force.

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