manhwa where mc trains hard to become strong

13 Manhwa Manhua Where MC Starts Weak But Work Hard To Become Strong

We have read many manhwa and manhua where MC is strong from beginning or get strong very fast without any difficulty but there are also many awesome manhwa manhua where the MC has to achieve all of that with his own good old hard work.

Seeing a person working hard inspires us and we also connect to them much more in their journey to become OP.

So today we are going to look at the 13 manhwa where main character starts weak but work very very hard to become strong.

Manhwa Where MC Trains to become strong

  1. Supreme Taoist
  2. Rendezvous
  3. Legend of pheonix
  4. The first Sword of earth
  5. Monster Hunter
  6. Heavenly Martial God
  7. Lazy Prince becomes a genius
  8. The Challenger
  9. Fist demon of mount Hua
  10. Player
  11. Starting today I am a player
  12. Lords coins aren’t decreasing
  13. Nano machine
Manhwa Where MC Trains to become strong

Supreme Taoist

The protagonist find himself into a world full of Demons, Ghost and Monsters.

There he find that there is a system which we see games using which he can increase his stats.

He starts to learn many forms of martial arts, grows his cultivation and goes on a journey of an exorcist to defeat the demons and ghost to become the strongest.

This is different from other cultivation Manhwa. The art is awesome and the story is also very well written which makes us connect in his journey and his powering up does not feel forced. The MC is weak at start but with his smartness become OP.


It takes place in an post apocalyptic Earth.

After being beaten by bullies our protagonist wakes up in an Hospital bed after being in a coma but founds out that the earth that he had left before the coma has nearly been destroyed by aliens.

Now and all the places were full of people who wished to take advantages of him in order to survive.

Now he wants to change himself and save his friend Yong Lin. The MC is average at start but become stronger to save his friends life.

Legend of Phoenix

The MC here is a 10 year old boy who was sent to a fantasy world with dwarfes fairies and other Monsters.

He lived there with dwarfes who were Masters in making weapons.

He learned from them the skills of blacksmithting like forging, smelting and other techniques of making weapons but also created his own martial arts.

It has similar elements from legendary Moonlight sculpture which is also a great fantasybmsnhws. The story gets better as you read more chapter.

The first Sword of Earth

A cultivation manhwa with reincarnation.

The MC was born just on the night with a sudden increase in spiritual energy on earth.

Now to train his spiritual energy, body and mind he goes to meet the supreme master of his previous life to learn martial arts from him and go on the path to immortality.

The art of this Manwa is just beautiful.

This also doesn’t have annoying elements like haram or achi full stop the main character also never complaints with his training and work really hard to become strong and reach the top of the cultivation.

Monster Hunter

After killing his whole family and taking all his thing away the monster kept the main character alive as a future food source.

He kept cutting his limbs everyday but because of the main characters monstrous regenerative ability he could not die he always regenerated his cut out Limbs back.

But after some years he finally got his chance to take his revenge on the devil.

He trains under a monster hunter to take his revenge.

He is very ruthless and kills without a second thought because of all the things that has happened to him in his life.

Heavenly Martial God

The MC was the greatest Martial artist with no Rival after reaching at the top of humanly cultivation so he decides to reach the heavenly Saint realm but his ascesion was not permitted for his bad Karma.

Now after 60 years he woke up as the second Prince of Namgyun Clan.

But in this life he was not that lucky as all his years of cultivation was gone and he had got an incurable disease.

Now he has to train his body again and get his cultivation back while fighting with the disease.

The story is decent and art is also good. It has many humours and you will not get board reading this Manhwa.

Lazy Prince becomes a genius

After his mother’s death the MC gets very sad and so not to face reality spends most of his time sleeping.

People starts mocking him as dead beat Noble. But things change when in one of his dream he was a talentless swordsman who had been training for decades.

After experience thr dream he starts training very hard to change himself and ultimately gets admitted to the best night school in his Kingdom.

With his hard work he becomes a strongest knight. You will love this Manhwa for its somewhat decent story.

The Challenger

The protagonist was called a loser and was a weakling in real life however he was no way willing to be a loser in a virtual reality game and he decided to become the strongest player no one can defeat.

Art of this manhwa is top-tier. Its story is very similar to overgeared. It was released before overgeared got its own Manhwa.

But I will still recommend this for overgeared fans since it has somewhat different story in some elements.

First demon of mount hua

The MC was the sole survivor of a village raid and was adopted by an elder of Mount Hua Sect when he was an infant.

He decided to train his body even when one of his leg got crippled in the raid.

He kept forcing his body and did his training even when others told him to stop and take some rest.

Nearly all the time in his training he kept grinding with his body to the limit.

But things changes when he goes on a battle with one of his fellow sect member.


MC is a loser at school who was a dress at everything that he does but things changes when he comments on a webtoon wishing of being a character in a webtoon and at the next moment he found himself inside of a webtoon and being a character of it.

And at the very next moment dies. Then the god of that world appear and tell him that he will be resurrected as a player as be a main character.

In the start he is weak but trains to be op stronger.

Starting today I am a player

After the opening of gate Chaos came to the world in the form of Monsters.

With it a few human awakend as Hunters they were humans with some superpowers to save earth from these monsters.

Out of all of them the 12 strongest Hunter built a separate place for themselves and took the normal human as slaves.

Our Main character was among one or those slaves and by luck was sent back to the past after being stabbed with powers of the demon king.

Now he has the power of system like in Solo lavelling.

Our protagonist is weak in the beginning but gets strong with time and he uses his knowledge of future to plan his actions very carefully for the good of the world.

Lords coins aren’t decreasing

Aaron was the master of one of the strongest Nobel family in the entire country.

He discovered a book which allowed him to trade with different dimensions. All was going too well.

But by bad luck all of his wealth, reputation and power get taken away by his enemies.

He gets tortured, tormented and killed at last by a rival royal family.

He now gets regressed back to past because of an item he got from his dimensional trade.

Now he wants to be a better person and take his Revenge in this second life.

Nano machine

Have lived his life from birth in danger of being murdered cause being an illegitimate heir to the demon sect Lord Throne.

His mother got assassinated and just before he himself being killed his descendant from the future comes to help him.

Who plants a machine in his body from there he did not get over powered but using it now he decides to train his body to become the strongest in demonic cult.

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