15 Strongest Marvel Gods From The Comics

In Marvel there are so many powerful characters and many of these characters are inspired from Gods or the character are made into a God of The Marvel Comics .

So today we are going to list down all the strongest Marvel gods characters which we see in the Marvel Comics.

  1. Odin
  2. The pheonix force
  3. The God tempest
  4. Khonshu
  5. Knull
  6. Chthon
  7. Kronos
  8. Captain universe
  9. Lady Death
  10. Oblivion
  11. Infinity
  12. Eternity
  13. First Firmament
  14. The living Tribunal
  15. The one above all

Strongest Marvel gods

Strongest Marvel gods in comics


Odin borson king of asgard God of wisdom

Odin the all father and the king of Asgard father of Thor and the person who has the power of Odin force.

In earth viking culture Odin is worshipped as the God of wisdom and king of God’s from norse mythology.

His Odin force is so powerful that with it he had defeated Thanos, silver surfer, Galactus with it.

In comics he once combined with infinity which increased his odinforce power so much he destroyed many universes.

Odin force also gives him ability to stop and control time. Using it he once bring back Thor from his death in comics.

The Pheonix Force


I am fire! And life incarnate! Now and forever — I am PHOENIX!

Pheonix force

The Phoenix Force is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe, possessing the unlimited power to create and destroy anything and everything. It has been stated to be an Extinction-Level Threat by Quicksilver.

Since the Phoenix Force is the embodiment of one of the primal forces, if the Phoenix ceases to exist, the cosmos would be condemned to “ultimate extinction” in which there would be zero possibility of new life.

The God Tempest

 “its winds blew comets off course, ripped worlds from their orbit, and snuffed out stars like flickering candles.” 

Halls of All knowing

The God temples is a cosmic Storm from the primordial time from the beginning of the world .

Once it had tried to destroy the ancient city of Asgard and was sealed by Odin after a very intense fight into the Uru metal.

It took Odin all of his forces and days to contain it.

And from that Uru metal containing Tempest , an elder God the hammer of Thor which we all knows as Mjornir was formed in the comics.

In the comics he had appeared in his primordial form about 12 times and after thor got the Odin force he destroyed him only leaving his power in his hammer and getting rid of God tempest consiousness.



You still don’t get it…The more you push me down, the bigger I grow. I gave you everything and now you think you can ignore me? Don’t forget…I know who you really are.


Khonshu is the god of Moon and the Protector of the people travelling in the night sky in egyptian mythology. He is also the god of vengeance and therefore his Avatar moon night is more of a anti-hero kind.

 It was later revealed that Khonshu is the God of Time as well as Vengeance in the comics.

He is someone who loves to kill whenever his Avatar Moonlight didn’t kill his Enemies he was always annoyed.

But being the avatar of Khonsu comes with many great abilities the first one is immortality the avatar of Khonshu cannot die and even if they somehow die they get resurrected.

Other than that moon night get all of the powers which Khonshu has being a God.



Child… I am Knull. Lord of the Abyss. God of the SymbiotesThe darkness inside of you? That darkness bows to me. I am the Void.


Knull is the avatar of Oblivion which is a primordial entity representing chaos and the Creator and king of symbiotes .

He is a primordial God who existed before the universe existed.

He had created the hive mind which which is the kind of connection which connects the mind of all the symbiots like Venom, Carnage, etc to transfer knowledge with knull.

When he first created the first symbiot it was in the form of a sword using which he had kill a celestial and absorbing that celestail head into his sword he created the all black necro sword.

Which later gets in hand of Gorr the God butcher and using which he had killed many Gods of in Marvel Universe whom we will soon see in thor 4.



Weak souls taste lovely.  


Billions of years ago, shortly after the formation of the Earth, the Demiurge, the sentient life force of Earth’s biosphere, seeded the young planet with its essence, creating a race of Elder Gods, one of which was Chthon.

He had written the Darkhold, an indestructible collection of evil mystical knowledge and spells that he intended to serve as the medium through which he could return to Earth when demogorge was trying to kill him.

And with events made Wanda into a vessels by which he can come to the earth when she uses the darkhold.


Kronos was among the ruling class of eternals in the beginning of the life millions of years ago and after a war between the eternals he won and became the sole ruler of eternals of earth.

About 500,000 years ago he was working on an experimenting on eternals and cosmic energy which caused a explosion and destroyed his home titanos and his physical body.

But he became a cosmic entity as a cause of it and living embodiment of time.

And a special fact is that he is also grandfather of Thanos and he had created Drax the destroyer body after damage from guardians of Galaxy.

Kronos has also become one of the embodiments of time, and as such can exert an unknown degree of control over its flow, which he does in very subtle ways when required. Thanos classified him at the same power level of GalactusZeus, and Odin.

Up till now all the above character were not the main gods they became gods or had God like power but now we will look at the bring who created the marvel Universe Or the universe embodiment.

Captain Universe

He is not a person but the concept of the enigma force the being which represent the energy of universe all known as uni power.

He is a sentient symbiotic energy field that seeks out people in great peril and bonds with them.

In another sense, it is every person–it is the potential for heroism that lives in each of us. 

Once in a event when mistress death was captured by infinity and Thanos got death power and was killing the infinity.

Uni power combined with deadpool to made him unipool to destroy Thanos.

Uni-power is like a guardian who protects infinity and all life inside of it.

Lady Death


Lady death is among the four abstract entity which are the embodiment of some aspect of universe and without which universe will cease to exist.

Death was “born” along with the universe itself and the other cosmic entities associated with it.

Death embodies decay and destruction . As she is a fundamental force, she has no true physical form, but can manifest in such a form as to interact with physical entities. 

She lived in the realm of death which is outside of not the universe but multiverse.

She has the complete control on death so all dead people whether they go to Hela, Valkyrie or Doorman all dead belongs to her. She can even give them life back on a whim.



Now don’t think badly of me: I can’t help but wish for the end of all things. It’s in my nature, my very identity, for my name… to some, at least — is Oblivion. Before creation was… I was. Where creation ends… I wait. I am the void.


Oblivion predates the multiverse cause he existed before the multiverse came into being.

Oblivion is a cosmic abstract entity and the progenitor of Death. He represents non-existence and is a counter-force to the expanding universe.

He only wishes for the destruction of the multiverse and it returning back to the void for that he had given his powers to his avatars to do his work.

Just like the rivalry between death and eternity there is a rivalry between Oblivion and infinity both representing opposite aespects of multiverse.



When the first firnament left the first cosmos and left to Far Shore the 2nd cosmos and the first multiverse started to form and so came the cyle of it’s creation and destruction.

Each time a multiverse is destroyed and a new created cosmic being infinity is replaced by a new newer infinity.

Inside of him for each universe form there is a universal infinity.

Infinty in the sixth cosmos represented the space.



As I mentioned above each time a new multiverse is formed a new infinity comes into existence but on the sixth multiverse unlike all previous renewal 2 entity came into existence infinity and eternity.

And in time in place of infinity Eternity became the embodiment of the multiverse .

First Firmament

The first firmament is the embodiment of the first universe before him there was nothing and also when he came into existence there was nothing other than him.

He created the Aspirants and Celeastials to decrease his loneliness.

But a war between them resulted in the first firmament breaking down and formation of the second cosmos and first multiverse.

At that time he left to the Far Shore but came back at the renewal cycle of sixth cosmos to bring everything back into himself.

But lost because of combined effort of all the cosmos and eternity and infinity.

The Living Tribunal

With great power comes great responsibility and little happiness.

Living tribunal

The living tribunal is the creator of the laws of the cosmos. All the four cosmic entity infinity, eternity, death and oblivion are under him.

He don’t interfere with the universe unless they are related to the multiversal collapse.

He is the representative of the multiversal law and was created by the one above all to caretaking of the multiverse.

There is only one Living Tribunal in the Multiverse. However, he does or can exist simultaneously in multiple planes of reality, giving the appearance of multiple variations to the human perception.

He had three faces each represent a  different emotion. They are equity , necessity and revenge.

The One Above All

  I am the One Above All. I see through many eyes. I build with many hands. They are themselves, but they are also me. I am all-powerful. My only weapon is love. The mystery intrigues me.

One above all

The One Above All is the ultimate source of life and creation and the architect/creator of the Multiverse and everything that exists. The One Above All has stated that its “only weapon is love”, which was further stated by the Watcher.

In the fantastic four comic we also comes to know that the one above all embodies the creator or the writer of the comic.

So you can also call Stan Lee and all those creator of the marvel comics are the one above all.

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