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Top 10 Action Fantasy Manhwa You should Definitely Read If You LOve Manhwa

One of the most exciting genre and with the most of the viewers love is the action genre and the second most loved genre where we find a place to get out of our worries and forget about our work and responsibility and live the life of a hero is a genre of fantasy.

When these two genres combine we get some of the best anime and manga out there like naruto and one piece they both are famous and loved among the anime community as both have the features of both these genre the world of naruto and one-piece gives us a completely new world where we are the main character and the action and both these series make us stick to them.

But it’s not seen only in manga and anime but many Korean manhua or manhwa also has the feature of both these genre and we get some really great gems manhwa out from there.

So today we will list down the top 10 action fantasy manhwas which you should definitely read if you love manga and is a fan of naruto.

  1. Overgeared
  2. Solo Leveling
  3. Omniscient Readers Viewpoint
  4. Returners Magic Should Be Special
  5. Skeleton Soldier Couldnt Protect The Dungeon
  6. The Beginning After The End
  7. Second Life Ranker
  8. Promised Orchid
  9. Hardcore Leveling
  10. Noblesse

10. Noblesse

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa noblesse
noblesse manhwa anime

It was my first manhwa that I had read and it’s was a really great experience which opened me to the world of the manhwa.

At first, I thought of noblesses as a comic because of me not knowing about what man was was but when I came to watch this one I came to really love it the story is of a Vampire Lord who has fallen asleep and the one who is the hero and the Saviour of mankind and we also see some friendship and animosity between the ruler of the werewolf and Vampire Lord.

The fight happening in this manhwa is so powerful that you are going to think that the earth will be destroyed and it is not actually forced and that makes all those action scenes so fascinating.
It has a unique storyline having vampires and werewolf both but there is not only animosity but the friendship between the two and that is what makes this man different and where we see the join and friends this man was completed so if you got to read that you can actually complete this one. Having only about 1,000 chapters.

9.Hardcore Levelling Hero

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

HARDCORE levelling Warrior has been in my top 10 manual list many times it deserves the place because it has a really great storyline with the given character that I love in most of the men were and that this was in a sense my first Sky men were that had I have read the story is like our Hero has lost all his powers who was from the level 999 to level 1 and now he has to start from scratch and now he has to do all this with his friends and we see how he changes from being that arrogant idiot to a loving friend.

8. Promised Orchid


This is a new manhwa it comes under the horror-action genre which revolves around spectre ghosts and our protagonist who can see them with his specs at the start of the manhwa we see him re

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

nting a new haunted-looking house in a haunted neighbourhood and at night he meets some spectre and then this beautiful princess and that’s how the story starts processing in terms of art it’s really great and also in terms of action but in terms of the story its very mediocre.

The story progression in the start may seem very confusing but give it a try you will like this one.

7.Second Life Ranker

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

This is one of those manhwas on my list which I will say is better than solo levelling. Its story has the elements of revenge and action is one of the key features of this manhwa. The story starts with us meeting the MC who gets to know about his twin brothers death inside a game which he plays in the dreams inside the tower. The story follows our Mc who’s the main objective is revenge, the mc is so interesting that it makes you want to keep reading his story. The story is more focused on the Mc then the world around him or other characters.
He knows all about that world beforehand with his brother’s knowledge resulting in him getting all the legendary weapons and beasts under his control.
Like a cheat game character, he has all the codes to getting all best things for himself the story is still not well developed but there is a certain attraction to this manhwa and one of its cause is the art.

6.The Beginning After The End

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

Again we have a manhwa with the isekai features but here the MC is happy leaving his world and getting born in this world keeping all the memories of his old life. He was the powerful martial king who has everything power, fame, money, women and anything what you wished for but no one to care and protect. And getting born in a magical world he gets a father, mother and a cute little sister who he pledges to his life.
Combining the knowledge of his previous life and magic of this world he finds a way to become very powerful and overpowered. He is skilled in magic and swordsmanship and his fights with those legendary beasts make it a must-watch manhwa.

5. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa skeleton soldier

If you love isekai like that time I got reincarnated as a slime and I’m a spider so what where the MC is born not as a human but a monster then you are gonna love this manhwa the art is the very first reason why you should read this manhwa the comes the place of all the RPG features.
Here our MC is a skeleton who was under the command of a female necromancer lord whom when dies his control over him ends and whenever he dies he gets revived in a particular place back in time and each time he tries to save the life of his master but he fails each time.
In the manhwa, we are gonna see how he is going to save all the girls in his life and what is the story behind him that he doesn’t remember.

4. Returners Magic Should Be Special

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa returners magiv

This story takes place in a completely destroyed earth where the shadow labyrinth has taken over and has destroyed everything except the remaining forces who are going to face the evil dragon so that the can bring the world back to normal and start over. Our Mc is one of those remaining force and at last when they thought they succeeded in defeating him his heart explode and our MC finds himself back in his school first day 13 years ago back in time and 3 years before the appearing of the first shadow labyrinth outbreak.
Now he is going to change that awful future from happening with his friends and protect his loved ones.

3. Omniscient Readers Viewpoint

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint novel’s setting is far unique from any of the other manhwas on the same genre as solo levelling and returners magic where the world is on the brink of destruction. Though it has a levelling system, the premise is completely unique from the ones you’ve witnessed so far.

Instead of surviving in a world of monsters, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint depicts in the form of scenarios where people had to survive by clearing each of the scenarios presented by the star stream. So, in terms of plot and world-building, it surpasses beyond a fantasy one. This also has a twist where our MC even though knowing all the twists and powers of the world are not the strongest and that’s what will make you connected to the story where you are reading a manhwa read by the MC himself.

2.Solo Leveling

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

Now what to say about solo levelling since its already on most of the top 10 manhwas list all among the anime community and most of the time the top spot but here I didn’t put it in the first place because even though it is really the best in terms of its art and story but on the climax of the story it completely reach out of the world which made me very confused and that was something that I didn’t like in the manhwa.
Solo Leveling takes place in a world where dungeons and monsters suddenly appeared, awakening people as hunters with magical powers to defeat those monsters. The story centres around Jinwoo Sung, who is known as “the weakest hunter in the world” until one day, an unfortunate incident in a mysterious double dungeon gives Jinwoo an opportunity to level-up just like a player in a video game. This begins Jinwoo’s journey to turning his fate around — becoming the strongest hunter in the world.

1. Overgeared

Top 10 action fantasy manhwa

The manhwa which has taken my hearts in terms of the best manhwa with the best world-building characters development and great storyline and has taken the place of the top manhwa in most of my list from now on. The story revolves around a young male character known as Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo was an unlucky loser in life, who entered into debt to buy the gaming capsule needed to play the game Satisfy. He is a person whose family think of him as a person who could not achieve anything in his life but by lucky, he founds the legendary item, Pagma’s book in satisfying which completely changes his life.
What’s unique about this manhwa is the fact, unlike other RPG manhwa which takes place inside the games, these take place both in-game and in the real world and how the MC changes because of influence of the world. How he turns from being an Idiot jealous to a kind and intelligent person who becomes the most famous person in the whole of Korea and in the world.

So this was my list of the top action fantasy manhwa that all manhwa fans should read at least once if I had missed any please tell me down below in the comments.

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