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8 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Wanda Scarlet Witch

In marvel Universe there are many versions of hero we see in there. Some are created to bring fun to the story, some for excitement and some of these versions are to be there strongest form.

Like some strong versions are like rune king Thor, worldbreaker hulk, cosmic spiderman, omnipool, god emperor doom, etc the strongest version of them.

And just like them the strongest version of Wanda Maximoff is the scarlet witch with powers to warp reality, very powerful telekinesis power and many more but still there are many anime who can beat her.

So let’s see all of them and guys its my own opinion so if you differ please comment down below.

  • Mob
  • Tornado of Terror
  • Anti spiral
  • Rimuru Tempest
  • Kami tenchi
  • Zeno
  • Saitama
  • Truth
Anime characters who can beat scarlet witch wanda

Mob from mob pshycho 100

Mob most of the time in his normal form is very average person with very basic pshychic abilities.

But after he loses his cool and goes completely mad 100% his real powers are seen.

In that form he creates an nearly unpenetrable barrier from his pshychic energy which are a full proof defense against Wanda.

And he also has the ability to steal and transfer the ability of his opponent which makes him deadly for Wanda.

Truth from Fullmetal Alchemist

Truth is the God of the fullmetal alchemist world and the person who looks on everything and punishes those who break the rules of magic or alchemy on his wish.

He is the universe himself like eternity of marvel and a being who does not have a body of his own but appears to the person involved to be his blank silhouette.

Wanda power are useless against him a being who don’t need any book Or a source to use magic and he could cut all his connection to the outside world in his white room.

Where Wanda connection to dark hold or Chthulu gets broken down and she then become a normal magician.

Tornado of Terror Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki don’t come anywhere near Wanda in terms of her reality warping skills but if she don’t use it and fights only with her telekinesis skills.

Then in a fight of Pshychic abilities Tatsumaki is very powerful than her.

She boast the greatest pshychic powers in her world and she is the only person who will give toe to toe fight against Wanda and in my opinion is very much likely to win.

She is not a person who never back down from a fight and unlike Wanda who without the motivation of getting her sons she was someone who stays away from fight.

Anti Spiral from Gurren Lagan

Anti-spiral is both the leader of and the physical manifestation of the Anti-Spiral tribe’s consciousnesses after they sealed themselves away to purge their race of Spiral Power

He is like the watcher and living tribunal of gurren lagann. He is a being of multiversal power.

He is someone who do not likes changes and if he ever meets Wanda whose power is to change the universe than surely will we see a great fight.

They also have the same powers as wands to warp reality along with probability manipulation means even living tribunal is no problem to him.

Kami Techi from Techi Muyo

The God, creator and the embodiment of the universe Kami Tenchi may seem like a kid to you but this being is on omniversal level.

If we compare him to marvel then Kami Techi is the one above all.

He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. And in his manga three sisters created there multiverse but they did so only to impress the God who was above them.

And that one person is kami tenchi in anime he don’t have a name but was given this by the fans.

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru Tempest here is from the comic because if we are taking on Wanda’s strongest version than Rimuru’s strongest form should be used.

Rimuru is able to create millions of universes whenever and anyway he wants.

Wanda can warp reality but no where near Rimuru.

He can absorb skills, powers and abilities and even absorbing soul is not a big thing for hum.

Physicals skills are useless against him and he don’t have a body which can be damaged.

Nor could Wands control his mind because of his God Of Wisdom skill which is like a millions of Rimuru inside his brain.

And I had compared him against Rune king Thor which is very powerful than Scarlet Witch and he also gets defeated by Rimuru Tempest.


Now the being who has already destroyed 6 universes and a being who is able to do that with seconds and just on a whim.

His powers are very above Wanda reality warping because even when he destroyed the whole universe in the black goku he was still alive in the nothingness left.

Like he is a being who could still be present in chaos which in marvel is the being Oblivion who is among the cosmic being like eternity and infinity who are like the fathers of Chthulu from who Wanda gets her power.

So if Zeno is over the power level of Chthulu then very easily he can beat Wanda by erasing her along with her universe.


Saitama has just recently shown his real powers in the manga which had gave us proof that he is universal level.

He was easily able to survive the blast from a multiversal evil Garou who can now travel between dimension and was said by Blast to be near his powers and in my opinion even more powerful than him.

Blast whose powers are to create dimensional portal and use them and the reason why he don’t stay on earth is to fight much more powerful threat which are multiversal level.

The reason why I think Saitama can beat her is because of his immense speed and since his simplicity her controlling his mind will be impossible. A

And the biggest reason he has the power of plot armor.

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