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9+ Most Hated Stranger Things Characters Up Till Season 4

Stranger Things is a show which has been loved by the fans for its story, its characters, and for the world that it has created.

But just like any show or movie if there is a character you like then there sure will be a character that you do not like and in today’s post we are going to list down the most hated characters that we have seen in the series.

They are hated for the character’s personality, for something that they have done, or for how dangerous they are to the main characters.

So here is the list of the most hated Stranger Things character we have seen UP until season 4.

  • Tommy and Carol
  • Billy Dad
  • Lonnie Byers
  • Bruce And Tom
  • Grigori
  • Jason
  • Angela
  • Dr. Brenner
  • Vecna One Henry😭
Hated stranger Things characters

Tommy and Carol

In the first season of stranger Things, the bully was shown to be Steve Harrington who was the bad arrogant guy in the first part but as the season came to its end.

We get to know that Steve’s personality was because of the evil influence of his friends Tommy and Carol.

Both of their personality was very bad and only think about putting down others, fighting, and having sex.

And with Steve leaving their group after a good fight he became one of my favorite characters.

Billy’s Dad

Billy was an arrogant b**stard who became the bad guy of seasons 2 and 3.

In season 2 the only role that he played was of a big bad stepbrother who only thought of keeping his sister under his control and hates her mother for marrying his father.

And in that season we also come to know the only person he feared was his father because of his bossy nature who only saw his son as his servant soldier.

Then in season 3 in his old memories as seen by eleven if he had not left his mother then the story would be much different.

So he became a father who we came to hate because turning a hero who sacrificed his life in the bully of season 2.

Lonnie Byers

Lonnie Byers is a complete garbage character for a dad and a husband. He was the father of Will and Jonathan but when he heard about the disappearance of Will he was not worried at all and the only reason he came to the house was to get the money from the bank.

He is a character who no matter what happens could never be made into someone who even we don’t think of killing.

And for the bad condition of Byer,s he is the most responsible one if Will’s mother had not married him the could had a much better life.

Bruce and Tom

The corporate boss who nearly everyone hates and on top of that a person who discriminates between a man and woman which we see from how he behaved with Nancy and did not give her a chance to rise, Tom, has always thought himself to be always right.

He met his end from the hands of her own daughter and finally turned into the mindflayer-controlled minion.

Bruce on the other hand was Boss pet who always tried to be on his good side and other than that he did not think about anyone else. He did not consider anyone feeling from how he treated Nancy by putting her down when she did her best.

He also had the same fate as his boss Tom.


The villain or the Russian agent who was behind the murder and death of two most loved characters one of who was Hopper who later came back alive in Russia but later came back alive and the second was the fan favorite Alexei.

Alexei was just a kid from the heart who wanted to eat ice cream and watch looney toons and to kill someone like him you have to be the son of Vecna.


Jason was the captain of the basketball club who wanted to become a hero and thought what he was doing was right and for that he could easily hurt anyone.

He thought that killing Eddie was correct just cause he thought that he killed his girlfriend without actually knowing the truth.

He even tried to Kill Lucas cause if he kills someone it’s justifiable but no one else. He met his end when the portal upside down opened and was burned and ripped into two parts.


Angela’s role was not that much big for the story of stranger things but was the antagonist in the life of Eleven when he moved with Byers to another town.

She always bullies El and she did not even in the slightest feel sad she jokes about his father Hopper and even complains to her to the police by lying about the reason why El hit her.

Dr. Brenner

Dr. Brenner’s role is very large and has stayed a major Antagonist for most of the stranger things behind the camera and was the one who had started all these events by his experiments on Vecna.

He only wished to acquire power and fame. BUt he finally dies at the end of season 4 and I wish that he should not come back alive now.

But I have to say the hate for him has somewhat decreased after he helped El to regain her powers because if she didn’t there would not have been any way to stop Vecna now.

Henry / One / Vecna

Vecna or Henry is the main antagonist of the whole stranger thing franchise and has always been the one controlling all other monsters and attacking Hawkins and Eleven from the upside down.

He has no regard for his family nor his father or mother as he killed both his mother and sister by his own hand and send his father to a mental asylum.

He is the worst villain because he doesn’t have any motive whatsoever he just kills humans cause he doesn’t blend along with them.

He was sent to upside down by El but before that, he massacred a dozen children and many scientists from the Hawkins lab.

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