Strongest zoldyck family members

9 Strongest Members Of The Zoldyck Family Ranked 2022 Hunter X Hunter

The Zoldyck family is the most famous and strongest family of legendary assassins who are regarded as one of the best people to use to assassinate people with power in the Hunter Hunter Universe.

But even within the Zoldyck family some members are more gifted than the others.

All members get trained in martial arts and fighting from birth and they are given the liberty to learn skill which they prefer.

Today we will rank these all family members based on their skills power and talent which we have seen in the Anime.

The all are resistant to pain poison and electricity.

All of them are able to open the 16 ton Gate in front of their estate.

Strongest zoldyck family members

So they all are physically very strong.

  • Kikio
  • Milluki
  • Kalluto
  • Killua
  • Illumi
  • Alluka
  • Zeno Zoldyck
  • Maha Zoldyck
  • Silva Zoldyck

Kikio Zoldyck ( Untrained Bossy mother)

Kikio is the wife of Silva the head of the Zoldyck family and the mother of Killua and his siblings.

She belongs to an assassin family so she has the skills and power to kill someone.

But is not as skilled as the other members and we have seen many a times that she is scared of Killua when he had claim to kill her and she was really scared of him.

She wants to keep Killua under her eyes and tries to decide the friends Killua make.

Milluki Zoldyck ( Nerdy Geeky Hacker)

Even though blue ki is elder brother to kilwa and would have been trained in the Assassin and in martial art but seeing him we don’t get feeling of an skilled assassin.

He is someone who is an otaku who loves figurines and keeps himself sticked always to his computer.

He completely satifies the Styerotype nerd who always stays in his room rarely gets out and can hack nearly anything.

But he is not someone who can kill someone directly so physically he is the weakest in the Zoldyck family.

Kalluto Zoldyck ( Inexperienced Assassin )

Kalluto is the younger sister of Killua who had recently joined the phantom troupe who we all knows is the highly skilled group of thief.

So she does have some skill and talent but not in par to Killua or Illumi and also she is not experienced in assassin work.

Which we can see in her fights.

But other than that her nen ability which is based on paper using which she can kill and also spy gives her the potential to improve as an spy not an assassin.

Killua Zoldyck ( With most Potential)

Killua is the one with the most potential in the Zoldyck family which was seen by Silva and his brother Illumi.

He was able to remove the needle put into him by Illumi, had fought along side Gon against Chimera ants and is the only person who can command Alluka without completing her wishes.

Killua is just a child but even at this age has defeated many strong nen users.

And his nen ability to use lightning to increase his speed, agility to God level makes him very suitable for assassin work.

But currently he has a limitation of how much electricity he can store in his body.

Illumi Zoldyck ( Willing To Kill Anyone)

Illumi is the eldest among the Zoldyck siblings and is compared in skill and talents to Hisoka.

On many occasions we can even say that he had surpassed his father and grandfather especially his strategy.

His nen ability involves needles using which he can change his faces muscle, kill his opponent or even control them using those needles.

His target will follow every single command of his.

Illumi was the one who planted a needle in mind of Killua to make him unable to fight opponent who he knew was stronger than him.

Illumi is very close to Hisoka from the phantom Troupe.

Alluka Zoldyck ( Get powers from Dark Continent)

Now in terms of physical strength Alluka is the weakest in the Zoldyck family.

But in terms of Nen powers of the being living inside of her who came from Dark Continent makes her very powerful.

When she was very small, a being which the Zoldyck named Nanika took over the body of Alluka and when someone grants three of her wishes she can grant any kind of wishes.

Most of the Zoldyck fear her as she can annihilate whole of the Zoldyck family if someone made a wish for it.

Zeno Zoldyck

Zeno is the grandfather of Killua and father of Silva.

He is a transmutter who uses his nen to form dragon kind energy waves which he uses to travel, to attack and also to fire thousand of small missile from it.

Silva prefer to only fight when his win can be guaranteed and higher chances are that he learned this from Zeno.

Even though he is from Zoldyck family of assassin he only kills those who he was assigned to kill and dont prefer innocent bloodshed.

Maha Zoldyck ( Not Much is Known)

Maha is currently the oldest Zoldyck alive that we have seen and the only Zoldyck who had fought with Netero head on.

It was said that Netero the chairman of hunter association was the only person who survived a fight with Maha.

This shows how powerful Maha was in his prime days.

Currently not much is know about his nen ability just that he is an transmutter.

Silva Zoldyck ( Assassin with Ideals)

The current head of the Zoldyck family and the strongest Zoldyck as it was said by Zeno himself that if Silva uses his nen bombs from both hand on him he will not survive that attack.

He had fought with the head of the phantom troupe twice and both time he had made him see death.

In the past he had killed a member of the phantom troupe.

He has a philosophy to not fight until winning id guaranted.

He also allows his children to develop as they want and to kill anyone who comes in the path of there ideals which Killua had learnt from him.