Animeman is all about anime manga and manhwa .my name is vivek and guys I’m a huge manga lover and I’m on my mission to help you find your favourite manga.

Friends my name is vivek jain and I’m the creator of animeman.xyz  and I am the one who write all the post in here. I am from India. I choose the name of my blog animeman as it was something which came in my mind while searching for domain and it don’t have to do with the youtuber animeman or Joe Bazinger. 

I love to talk about anime and making list of my favourite anime and manga . I also have a YouTube channel where I post video of anime and many a times of anime art that I create.

I also most my anime art on my Instagram I’d @anime_vivek .

My all time favourite anime is One piece and Naruto. I love manga more than anime and I always prefer sub over dubb.

Talk About your favourite anime

We all have some anime and manga which we all love and i would love to know your opinion and if you wish to write an article regarding your favourite top 10 tell me down below .

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