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Have you heard the word manga or Anime or are you completely confused after hearing these names.

They are one of the best medium of entertainment available which you should definitely know about.

So if you wanna know what is anime and Manga then keep reading below to know about this and the Japanese animation industry.

Both of them have their origin from Japan and we will now look at their definition.

What is anime?

Anime is the word used for ‘animation ‘ in short but in the recent time it’s interpreted as animation with origin from Japan. In Japan it means any drawn medium of animation but only outside it’s made in Japan animation.

Anime which is pronounced as aahe -ni-me.

English-language dictionaries typically define anime (US: /ˈænəmeɪ/) as “a style of Japanese animation” or as “a style of animation originating in Japan”

It seem to have started in 1917 but became commercial and popular in the style by the cartoonist Osamu Tezuka.

The anime series are broadcasted in the television, in home media in form of OVA and over the internet. Since they are produced in Japan  they are made in Japanese.

After that they get subbed in English and other languages.

The first ever made anime of Japan could be said to be made by Junichi Kouchi’s Namakura Gatana ( sabse purana anime of Japan ).

And the first anime movie is Momotaro : Sacred Tailors which was made from sponsorship from Japanese imperial army.

They are also available in Dubbed in many other language and even in Indian languages from hindi, tamil and telugu by big animation houses or by fan.

The popular modern art style of anime was inspired from Disney which was one of its major competitor.

They are nowadays very much inspired or based on manga, manhwa, video games and light novel.

Some of the most popular anime from the old time were Akira (1988), neon Genesis: Evangelion(1995), ghost in the shell (1995 ) , Cowboy Bebop (1998), etc.

Anime started to gain popularity among the Western audience through Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. 

There are a hell lot of genre and subgenre in anime ranging from Fantasy, action, adventure to the fast gaining popularity genre like Isekai.

And out of all these animation shows and movies about 70% of anime is made completely in Japan.

Top 10 Places to watch anime online

Now since we have talked about what is anime you may be interested in knowing where you could watch them online.

So firstly there are many paid streaming websites and apps where you can watch anime with subtitles, in English or dubbed in hindi anime which are completely legal.

Here you can watch anime from 240p quality to high 4k resolution.

And there are also many sited which stream anime without the permission of the animation studio so which is illegal.

I don’t support them but I will just let you know about them.

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Amazon anime
  3. Netflix
  4. Hulu
  5. 9anime
  6. Gogoanime
  7. Kissanime
  8. Anime planet
  9. My anime list
  10. Anime frenzy
  11. Soul anime
  12. Animelab
  13. Anime heaven
  14. Animefreak
  15. CONtv
  16. Youtube

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the biggest anime streaming site with a very wide variety of anime from all genre , the classic to the modern anime you can find all of them on crunchyroll and in very high quality.

You can find both subbed and dubbed anime here both in English as well in many different even in hindi.

Free, paid

2. Amazon Anime

On Amazon anime you can buy the CD of all your favourite anime series. Here you can find the animation in even 4k in subtitles from English, German, French, Japanese and more.

You can easily find English dubb also which you can watch anytime you want and even OVA of many anime.


3. Netflix

Netflix is very famous for its Hollywood films , tv dramas and even anime.

On Netflix you can find content for all age group from kids to adult and it also has many kinds of animd in many genre without the disturbance of ad if you have a subscription.


4. Hulu

If you want to watch anime in your mobile device then hulu is an anime streaming app with a high quality anime collection of the classics tv shows and anime movies.


5. 9Anime

9anime is a website that allows you to watch the animation. It offers numerous categories, including action, comedy, drama, game, and more.

Here you can find great anime movies, tv shows and anime Ova .


6. Gogoanime

Gogoanime is one of those anime sites which is updated very often to provide you with the latest released anime shows.

It has a wide range of anime from the one released just an hour ago to the new anime movies in the theatre.

You can find raw anime which are in Japanese and don’t have subtitles to anime being dubbed in hindi.


7. Kissanime is where you will go to watch the completed and ongoning anime shows in high quality.

It gives you the ability to keep the show you had watched in the history so after you come back after a long time you can resume from where you left the show.


8. Anime planet

Anime planet is a platform that allows you to watch anime online for free. This website offers 45,000 animation episodes. It helps you to create your own anime list.

Free ,paid

9. My Anime List

My anime list unique then the other streaming site as it provide you the ability to review your favourite anime and here you can check other anime with the highest recommendation by other fans.

Here you can find the current most popular seasonal anime from here .


10. Anime frenzy

Another website which gives you the ability to stream your favourite anime shows on your mobile.


Is it legal to watch anime online ?

Friends there is nothing wrong in watching anime online if you are watching from a site which have the official or legit permission from the creator of the show.

So is it illegal to watch anime on YouTube? The simple answer is no .

Because in YouTube there are many channel like anitube which stream anime with full consent from the owner but if you use anime without the permission of the copyright owner then it is illegal.

So now you will ask what are the legal streaming site then they are down below

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Netflix
  3. Hulu
  4. Amazon anime
  5. Amazon planet
  6. Contv
  7. Tubi tv
  8. Some YouTube channel (anitube)

Is it illegal to post anime video on YouTube

Yes, it’s illegal to post anime video on YouTube without the permission of the copyright owner which is the company which created that anime.

But there are many anime studio which allows there anime to be uploaded by another creator but they can change it anytime on their own accord.

But since there is fair use if you only use 1-2sec clips from shows for a creative purpose then it become completely legal.

There are also some which allows you to upload anime upto 1min and give you copyright claim not copyright strike.

Mean you can’t earn from that video but it can stay on your channel without making it illegal.

There are some YouTube channel like muse-asia and anitube which buts right of anime so they are completely allowed to post video of complete anime on YouTube legally.

And you can also watch anime for legally and free from these channels.

Best anime to watch on Crunchyroll and Netflix

So since we have talked about anime and understood where you can watch them then you will surely wanna know which are the  top 5 anime you should start watching right now then they are down below.

  • My Hero Academia
  • Naruto
  • Konosuba
  • Death Note
  • One punch man

What is Manga ?

Manga are just simple the Japanese word used for ‘ comics ‘. But they are very much different from there western counterpart.

In American comic like marvel and DC which are dynamic in style and colour manga are written and illustrated only using black and white ink.

And where the Western comic are mostly over-crowded with superheroes comic this is not the case with manga.

They are full of many kinds of story genre, subgenre and age.

There are different manga made specifically for male , for female and even for adults and kids.

Different Types Of Anime And Manga

In anime and manga there are is a wide variety of genre and subgenre. They are different for different age group and for different gender and we will look at those difference.

Kodomo – children anime

Manga and anime whose main audience are kids and have very light humour and cartoony style are Kodomo manga and anime.

There audience is children below 10 . They are moralistic in story educating children to follow the right path .

These story don’t have a story each episode and chapter is independent from the previous chapter.

Some of the most popular kodomo anime are Shinchan, doraemon, kiteretsu and hello kitty.

Shonen – Teenage boys

Shonen anime are made for the teenage boys between the age of 12- 18.The word shonen literally mean comic for the young boys.

Shonen are the most famous, popular and best selling form of anime.

They are mostly full of action with humour focusing on a male protagonist striving to achieve a goal in life.

One piece, naruto, bleach, fairy tail all comes under this form of anime.

Shojo – Teenage Girls

Anime and manga with the intended audience demographics of the girls of age between 12 and 18 years of age.

Shojo manga are most of the time romantic in nature showing the relationship between a boy and a girl.

Some popular shojo manga are Lala Dx and cookie box.

Seinen – Adult men

Having somewhat similarity to shonen, seinen are made for adult audience but on the the age group of 18-45.

The focus on topics like politics, drama, action , relationship, sports and science fiction.

There is only one way of differentiating them and that is what is publisher wishes it to be for whom they have targeted as a consumer.

Berserk, jojo bizarre Adventure, hellsing and attack on Titan comes under this category.

Josei – Adult women

Josei is the counterpart of seinen focused on 18-45 age adult women.

They are much more focused towards some adult romance where there maybe much more explicit adult scenes.

Some of the example of josei manga are paradise kiss, princess jellyfish .

5 Manga everyone Should Read

Now since we have talked about what is manga then you would surely wanna know which manga you should read.

So I’m gonna recommend you my favourite top 5 manga which everyone should read atleast once.

Dragon ball

Hunter x hunter




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