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Today we are talking about the main hero behind the protagonist in anime – their sensei, the person who guide our heroes, provide them support in times of need and help them to reach their full potential.

On many a times the person behind an op hero is an op sensei and this list is full of those beast teachers whom you don’t wanna mess with.

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And before that I had also made a list on the best anime sensei teachers and not all times they are the strongest so you may not find all of them here so also check it out.

  • Jiraiyaa
  • Rayleigh
  • Satoru Gojo
  • Saitama
  • All might
  • Koro Sensei
  • Whis
  • Chandler


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Jiraiyaa was the meant to be the teacher, a mentor a guide to the child of the prophecy who will bring peace Or destruction to the world.

Jiraiya had taught Minato, Pain, Nagato and Naruto who all came to become a legend but he just didn’t made them strong he himself was a master of many powerful jutsu genjutsus and sage mode and therefore he is on our this list of strongest sensei.



Rayleigh was the teacher of Luffy and taught him to control and use his haki and also was the reason behind the growth of luffy during the timeskip.

But Rayleigh himself was the second in command of the pirate crew of the pirate King Gol D Roger and is a fierce swordsman who can fight against Kizaru head on.

Satoru Gojo


The most trending teacher right now among the anime community is Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen. He is among the teaching faculty of Tokyo jujutsu High and a special tier Jujutsu sorceror.

Satoru has the ability of nine eye and the power of infinity and was the one who defeated Sukuna. Satoru may be clumsy but is a person who wish to train students who could take his place.

Satoru has said that he even has the power to destroy the jujutsu council and has declared himself the strongest which he actually is.



Saitama may not be the best teacher to our human cyborg genos but in terms of power their is not a single person who is stronger than him cause he only needs to use a single punch to defeats even universe level threat.

Saitama had only taught genos his single mantra to become strong which he used himself and that is 100 push up, 100 sit ups and 10kms run daily and this is the easiest and the only thing he could ever teach to Genos.

All Might


All might is in actual a really good mentor he is a teacher in the hero association and is a person who not only teaches his student but also inspires them to become a hero a person who saves the lives of others and who had empathy for all and at the same time was the strongest hero when he had the one for all power.

He had taught and trained Midoriya before giving him his power and all keeps guiding him in how to channelize his power for the better good of the society.

Koro Sensei

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The best anime and the best teacher ever we have seen in anime is Koro Sensei. He is the top mentor in my top teachers list and there is a reason behind it.

He focuses on every single of his students knows their weaknesses and strength and guide every single student differently in a way which is best for each and everyone of them.

And he is also the greates assassin of his time and which his mutation which gives his the power to destroy our solar system if he explodes also makes him a person to be feared.



The teacher of the God of destruction is easily the strongest teacher we have seen in anime, the person who had taught everything from power control ,martial arts and skills of fighting to the person who can destroy planets with snaps of his fingers is out of league from many of the teacher in this list.

Whis has been shown many times in dragon ball to be easily able to defeat Beerus if he becomes angry, who can control ultra instinct and who will stay alive even when our universe is destroy he had to be on this list.

And his father the grand priest is also much stronger than him but I can’t say if he actually teach anything to Zeno.



Chandler was the teacher of Meliodas when he was living in the demon realm as the son of the demon king and had not fallen in love to Elizabeth. He had been the one who taught meliodas Full counter and who always kept meliodas close to his heart even after he betrayed the demon clan.

Chandler was born out of the ultimate demon created by demon king to serve him but betrayed him and was ripped apart into Chandle and Cusack.

Both of them are very high tier demon and can be compared with the demon king.

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