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Best 12 Friendships In Anime | Anime Friendships

In anime we see many friendships between the characters which may have started with an animosity, feeling of rivalry or with a sense of respect.

There are many anime which are watched by many fans just to see their sour and sweet friendship.

One of the most loved of this friendship is among Gon and Killua which is formed like any of our where they met on the hunter exam and became life long friends.

Or the friendship of Naruto and Sasuke which started from jealousy, turned into rivalry and respect.

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And today we are going to rank these 10 best friendships we see in animes.

Top 12 best anime friendships

  1. Ash and Pikachu
  2. Yusuke and Kuwabara
  3. Takeo and Sunakawa
  4. Mamoru and Shuuya
  5. Edward and Alphonse
  6. Yato and Yukine
  7. Kaneki and Hide
  8. Goku and Krillin
  9. Naruto and Shikamaru
  10. Natsu and Happy
  11. Meliodas and Ban
  12. Gon And Killua

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu ( pokemon)

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The duo of the pokemon franchise starts with the friendship between Ash Ketchum and Pikachu .

This is a friendship between a human and a pokemon but it doesn’t mean there is no mutual understanding. Ash has never forced to put Pikachu inside the pokeball.

And whenever Ash do something which Pikachu don’t like he gives him a good beating in form of thundershock to Ash which he don’t mind as his friend’s advice.

This is one of the longest running friendship still being broadcasted on the televisions.

Yusuke and Kuwabara ( Yu yu hakusho)

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This friendship started as rivallry among two rowdy’s gang leaders of high school which turned into respect for each other to becoming friends who will die for each other.

When Yusuke dies among the people who cried were his mother, his close relatives and his girlfriend and a man who even Yusuke was surprised to see was Kuwabara who respected him as a brother .

Later Yusuke and Kuwabara became patterns in fighting against the villians and goons of the underworld.

Takeo and Sunakawa

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Takeo and Sunakawa have been friends from childhood who will do anything for each other and each is willing to sacrifice his own happiness for his friend.

Sunakawa is somewhat of an introvert guys who always stays calm and composed and is only seen to be laughing when Takeo do something funny or he remembers his funny moments with Takeo and laughs.

And you could easily understand how deep their friendship is when they were willing to kiss each other so the other don’t feel awkward when he had his first kiss with a girl.

Mamoru and Shuuya ( Inazuma Eleven)

I’m not a very big fan of sports anime but  Inazuma eleven is among the very few sports anime based on football that I loved.

And in this anime we have two childhood friends Mamoru and Shuuya who had their game the link between their friendship.

Shuuya was a genius in football but had to leave it after his mother death and sister illness but it was Mamoru who got him back for his passion.

Their relationship is like brother where Shuuya acts as a big brother giving advice to Mamoru and Mamoru being the idiotic little brother.

Edward and Alphonse ( fullmetal alchemist brotherhood)

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Now who says your brother can’t be your friend cause as a example we have Edward and Alphonse from FMA who were firstly friends before brother who understood each other like brain and heart.

One don’t have a few limbs and the other don’t even have any but still the connection they have is more than anything, they may argue, fight and even hate each other for some time.

But they can never be seperated .

Yato and Yukine

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Yato and Yukine both in terms of relation can be said to be master and slave but in actual life they are like brothers where yato is the bigger brother and yukine the smart but overhyped little brother.

Yato was the one who helped Yukine when he was a lost soul and turned him into his regalia so don’t turn into a ghoul.

In the beginning Yukine hated Yato and everyone knowing he died but seeing the love from him his heart changed and it turned into a friendship which even death can’t seperate.

Kaneki and Hide ( Tokyo Ghoul)

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Everyone should have a friend like Hide who don’t care if his friend has turned into a ghost or a monster he will do his best to save you.

Hide was someone who never abandoned Kaneki even when he got turned into a ghoul nor when he killed human nor when his own life was in danger because of Kaneki.

Kaneki felt the same towards Hide he had him leave him stayed all alone even when he suffered from loss of contact from him , he did so to protect his life.

Goku and Krillin ( Dragon ball Z)

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From the dragon ball , the original dragon ball where we see the friendship of Goku and Krillin who became firstly disciples under the same teacher master Roshi to being life long friends who fought side by side many times against villians of earth.

Many will say that Goku is also friend with Vegeat and it’s very true they are very good friends but even today to Goku his closest friend will always be Krillin.

Now Krillin has left fighting and has became a family man even then he will remain a companion to Son Goku.

Naruto and Shikamaru ( Naruto)

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What? Why not Naruto and Sasuke? So the answer here is because he was not the best friend of Naruto he is just a friend. To Naruto was someone he felt a connection because both having same kind of history.

But in case of Shikamaru the friendship happened because both of them wanted to become friend. It was only Shikamaru other than Hinata who was not scared nor hated Naruto for being the jinchuriki.

Even till this day Shikamaru is always by his side as his assistant in taking important decision of village as the hokage.

Natsu and Happy ( Fairy Tail)

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Happy are Natsu has been friends from the time they both were born . When Natsu was sent to the future at the same time Happy also came to earth from another world and being both alone became like a family.

Happy is always with Natsu in his fights, in moment of his fun and happiness and in times of his sadness. He is not a pet to him but a family member to him and his guild.

Their friendship is not based on someone personal benefit but for the goodwill of another.

Meliodas and Ban ( Seven Deadly sins)

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In the dark and horrifying world of seven deadly sins where there are monsters riping apart human bodies and devouring them the friendship of Ban and Meliodas gives a sense of happiness and light heartedness to the show.

There friendships started as the search of the members of seven deadly sin when meliodas for trying to finds members and he heard about his abilities and immortality.

And starting a fight to force ban to become a part of the gangs. When there was no result they kept on fighting which finally turned into the best of friendships we see in anime.

It’s rightly said when two warriors punch there attack convey their hearts feeling which made them feel happy in company of each other.

Gon and Killua ( Hunter x Hunter)


If you ask me which is the beast even written friendship in anime then the answer is always going to be the friendship between Gon and Killua.

This friendship is one with which all of us can very easily connect. I could call them soulmates as they were meant to meet and change each other’s life for good.

Gon turned Killua from being a deadly emotionless assassin to a kind hearted gentleman and Killua helped Gon understand the meaning to life.

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