Best Manhwa Where The MC Is Reborn As Monster|Reincarnation Manhwa

Isekai is one of the most versatile genre of manga and anime where there is a huge scope of changes to happen from having a magical world, scientific civilisation Or going to the stone age.

This verstality give the mangaka or the creator of the manga the ability to create a world where the main character can be like Superman to the demon Lord, he can be a male, female or a monster and today we are gonna look at the best reincarnation manhwa where the mc is reborn Or reincarnated as a monster.

  • That time i got reincarnated as a slime
  • Re:monster
  • Skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon
  • Jaryuu tensei
  • Is there a problem if the demon Lord is a goblin
  • Overlord
  • Reincarnated as a demon egg
  • So I’m a spider so what?
  • Reborn as a Polar Bear: The Legend of How I Became a Forest Guardian
  • Dragon life

That Time I got Reincarnated As A Slime

This became one of the most popular isekai manga where just like the basic isekai our hero was a Japanese office worker who was returning home and got hit by a car and in his next life the God gave him a wish to choose a ability.

He got the ability of wise sage and was reborn as a slime where in turn of events he absorbed the strongest being of that universe the dragon Veldora Tempest and with time became one of the demon Lord.


Re:monster has our hero reincarnated as a goblin monster, other than a slime goblin are the most common and lowly monster in any random RPC game but with the brain and determination of our hero he didn’t wished to die a goblin death and wished to fight for power.

He fought his way fought tougher opponent and evolved from a goblin to a hob-goblin then an ogre and with his genes of a goblin to reproduce with any species made a kingdom of his own blood.

Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect The Dungeon

This one is currently on my most loved isekai manhwa . Here our hero do not have a name he is just a skeleton from the time he was reincarnated or summoned . He don’t have any memory of his precious life just a wish to save the life of his master.

As the story progress it is coming that the skeleton was not actually from this world but he came their from another universe maybe earth and was reincarnated there and until he complete his purpose their will keep getting reincarnated.

Jaryuu Tensei

Hero dies and gets reincarnated or forcefully putted inside the body of a dragon, here he is not born as a dragon but his soul cones in the body of an dragon whose soul was at the brink of its end.

He is the strongest being there who fears the silver dragon whose body he is in but with time getting bored to death, he turns into an human ( human turn dragon, turns back human and has to turn back again in dragon with each body part) and this is how the story here progress.

But in the story name of many mythological gods name is used so don’t be offended from this story.

Is there a problem if the demon Lord is a goblin

In order to destroy the world, Alex the elf resurrects the ancient demon king but he ends up being a goblin! With a demon king goblin, an elf and a pacifist orc can they really destroy the world and defeat the powerful warriors?

Once again we have another manga which is much way similar to re monster but rather than just a evolution he stays an goblin but keeps on leveling up and becoming the demon king.


This has been a very famous fan favourite among manga fans when the isekai genre started to become famous among the community.

Here our main character is a lonely guy who only stayed in his room for his whole life playing a video game and after that he got reincarnated as the avatar which he created in the game. He is the demon king there and already has a demon slave for all his dirty desire.

This is mediocre as in the sense it has both action, adventure with the pinch amount of ecchi.

Reincarnated as a demon egg

I know this is not a manga but this is a really good and unique manga in isekai genre where the mc is reincarnated as a monster and here as a dragon.

But rather than the common isekai trope of the op mc who can defeats anyone from the time being reincarnated the mc here is born the natural way as an egg who is weak against many threats and always in danger and he has to grow from there as a dragon.

So I’m a Spider So what?

So I’m a spider so what? This name already tells you what our mc got reincarnated as in this manga as a spider. But in this universe spider are not some cute looking finger size creature but they can grow as big and enormous as your school building.

Because of our mc knowledge of her past life she was a spider but had the brain of human and combining it with her game addict skills she was able to become a op humanoid of a spider with leveling up.

Reborn as a Polar Bear: The Legend of How I Became a Forest Guardian

After dying in a mountain climbing accident, a 28-year-old man finds that he is reincarnated in an alternate world… AS A POLAR BEAR. After taking a PAWS to get acquainted with his new body, the MC soon learns that he can fight better than aKUMA from Street Fighter after he BEARs witness to a beast girl being hunted by the army and gets ARCTICked off. The question is: is this new life a blessing, or a cURSUS MARITIMUS?

This one is more of an ecchi manga rather than an action adventure where the main character is in a sexy relationship with two werewolf sisters , I will not say it the best but if you into ecchi can check this isekai manga.

Dragon Life

Here the topic is reversed rather than being reincarnated as a monster the mc here is reborn isekaied in an rpg world as a human from a dragon. Here he was a monster before he was reincarnated.

Because of this unique twist it is somewhat refreshing from all these other following the same story.

So this was all the manga which I had read and listed them here if I have missed any other manga than pls tell it down in the comment. Thank you friends for reading the list till the end.

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