Best Reincarnation Manga and Manhwa with OP MC | Reincarnated In Another World Isekai Manhwa

Best Reincarnation Manga and Manhwa with OP MC | Reincarnated In Other World Isekai

Reincarnation is a world that is full of mystery. Is their life after death or is it just plain silence, this question has made us confused for a really long time and many mangakas have tried to use this exciting topic and gave us life after death and came up with the idea of isekai .so here are some reincarnation manga and manhwa with op mc but before that what is isekai? Isekai means being reincarnated in another world it may be the same as our own dear earth or it may be a fantasy world with magic, beasts and monsters of all kinds. you may be reincarnated as a human, a devil, an animal or even as a beast. And if you are someone who loves this kind of genre then you will need a list to know which one you should definitely read.

Which are the best isekai reincarnation manga and manhwa? What is the best reincarnation manhwa? What is the best isekai manga? So this one depends on your cause this genre has also had many sub-genres inside from action to romance, from the main character as op mc to being the strongest villain, He may be isekaied as an angel to a monster spider. So let us start our list.

Top reincarnation Manga manhwa with op mc
  1. Omniscient readers viewpoint
  2. That time I got reincarnated as a slime
  3. Returner’s magic should be special
  4. Solo Levelling
  5. Jaryuu Tensei
  6. Skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon
  7. Re zero
  8. The beginning after the end
  9. Dungeon eater
  10. So I’m a spider so what?
  11. Rising of the shield hero
  12. Overlord
  13. Re monster
  14. Wrong way to use healing magic
  15. How not to summon a demon lord
  16. Chronicles of heavenly demon
  17. Saga of Tanya the Evil
  18. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest
  19. Sayounara Ryuusei, Konnichiwa Jinsei
  20. The Scholars reincarnation
  21. Tales of demon and Gods

21.Tales of demon and Gods

In the world of this manga, our Mc was a boy from a village in the mountains which was completely sealed away from the outside world whose village was destroyed from monsters invasion and how he survived and travelled the world after that destruction.A manga where mc is reincarnated as a child

But now he has gotten the chance to get his future memory in his young self when he was just studying and use the knowledge from his future to save his village and loved ones from the destruction which is gonna happen using the advanced knowledge he acquired from the outside world.

20. The Scholars reincarnation

This takes place in the martial world where our mc was a great martial artist who no one could defeat in a battle but he dies while being attacked by a monk who makes his soul leave his body so he can have a peaceful life.

but even in that new life, our mc remembers everything which in turn make him many times ahead of his peers both in terms of power and brain.

19. Sayounara Ryuusei ,Konnichiwa Jinsei

Here the main character was not actually a human in his previous life but actually the strongest dragon in that world who had fought with the gods taking the side of the humans but after many years when man betrayed him, he dies and was reincarnated as a human.

Here the story has not actually been worked that much it could have been better but what you will love in this manga is the art.

18. Arifureta :From Commonplace to Worlds Strongest

High-schooler Hajime Nagumo is bullied by his classmate for his relationship with the class idol, Kaori. When he and the rest of his class are transported to a fantasy world, all of his classmates get powerful magical abilities, while Hajime only gains the basic alchemical magic to transmute solid materials, a common ability usually found in craftsmen and smiths. During a dungeon raid, he is betrayed by one of his classmates and dropped to the bottom of the dungeon.

17. Saga of Tanya the evil

A villain was reincarnated from a salaryman just because he had fired a co-worker without having faith in him which made the god angry towards him and after being murdered by his colleague who he fired was confronted with god to be punished for his sins and was given another chance at life.In this reincarnation manga our protagonist is a female.

But what he do afterwards was to kill many people and not even thinking about people under him just to climb the ranks so she doesn’t have to fight now let’s see in the manga how God see this action as Good Or Evil.

16. Chronicles of heavenly demon

Our hero here Hyuk Woon Seong is the successor of the spear master sect after he and his master are betrayed and attacked by the other sects dies he gets reincarnated in the same martial arts world in the body of a heavenly demon art student.

In the beginning, that body was not actually suited for martial arts but with his knowledge of the breathing techniques, he increases his stamina and power and made himself one of the strongest martial artists in the heavenly demon cult and all of this to take revenge when the times come from who had betrayed him in his previous life.

15. How not to summon a demon lord

Here this one is a light read as this is something which you will love for the somewhat average story here you will not see that much of action and it has troupe from many isekai here mc got summoned, he gets inside the virtual world of the game he place, he is a demon lord and was summoned by two cute chicks.

But it is also interesting as he was not summoned here to defeat the demon lord as he himself was him but to become the slave of the elf woman who summoned him but because of his equipment, the magic returned and made the girls into his slave.

14. Wrong way to use healing magic

What will happen if the isekaied hero is good at nothing other than using healing magic and his goal is to defeat the demon lord he will keep attacking the demon lord and keep using healing magic on himself until the demon lord gets annoyed and put his sword in his own heart this is what the story of the wrong way to use healing magic is.

13. Re Monster

In re monster, our hero is reincarnated as a goblin which is a very common take in many isekai but here the thing which is different than most is that it has taken a darker turn and is mostly based for the older audience it has many scenes of ecchi and also has many fights and RPG game like the story to attract the teenage audience as well. this is a manga where mc is reincarnated as a different species

Our mc has a rowdy nature who is completely unafraid of everything and who had turned into the king of goblin from a low-class monster and what made it happen is his knowledge of RPG the previous life and over an average IQ than other goblins.

12. Overlord

Our hero wakes up inside of the game he once played and was about to be taken down from the server and also had acquired the body of his avatar with all the progress he had achieved in that game.

He was a villain in that game and as the name suggest an overlord. This is a really great manga that I had read and loved.

11. Rising of the Shield Hero

The rising of the shield hero is about the story of who was just a normal teenage boy who by magic got reincarnated in a magical world as the hero of the shield. But he didn’t know how people hated the shield hero resulting in him being stabbed in the back.

He became an enemy of the empire and wanted to take revenge against the other heroes but while achieving this goal he made some trustworthy friends which changes everything.

This is not just your average isekai manga unlike the classic plot of turning the mc op here he was very weak in the starts and only after many hard battles do he actually acquire powers to stand on the ground against strong opponents.

This one I will recommend if you already have read any classic isekai then you will definitely love this.

10. So I’m a spider so what

Now we are gonna talk about this manga with a unique way of showing the Isekai genre where you are a spider, a monster and your enemy are the humans who come to hunt you.

So I'm a spider so what isekai manga

Here we get our see our heroine who got reincarnated as a spider but keeping her intelligence from past life how she evolves from one of the easiest prey of the monster kingdom to becoming a spider queen who made even demon Lord amazed.

Here you see how the monsters live in their own jungles and that’s what makes this manga a must-read in the reincarnation genre.

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9. Dungeon Eater

Dungeon eater as the name suggests the hero starts as an eater in a completely new world but what kind of eater you may ask. He is not a chef nor a food critique and what he actually eat is dirt and stone after that they poop bricks from their as*.

Assume if this is the intro of the story how funny this story could get but that doesn’t mean the protagonist is weak he is an op character with the best brick poop.

Sorry for a bad joke but yeah in this world soul is in form of crystals inside a body and in the story his soul crystals get inside a beast which actually makes our mc overpowered.

It’s season 2 of manhwa has just started about a month ago so the story has all possibilities to evolve even further.

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8. The beginning after the end

The beginning after the end isekai manhwa

As the name of the manhwa suggests a new beginning after an unsuccessful end. Here in this manga our mc is reincarnated as a child.

The story is like king grey was a martial artist who had all things power, name, fame and wealth who was on the top but one thing that he didn’t have was a reason to live and friends or family to spend his time.

His wish was fulfilled and he got reincarnated in a magical world full of warrior mage elf and all fantasy being and the thing that he desired the most was a family.

A mother, a father and a cute little sister but all his not so cute as it seems will he be able to protect all that is precious to him in this life.

Here our king grey combining all his understanding of martial arts and the magic of this world becomes one of the strongest magicians of all time which only appears once every thousand years.

7. Re: zero

One of the classics of the reincarnation genre is where we meet Subaru Natsuki who worked in a fast food joint and when he was leaving he found himself in a fantasy world. He has one of the strongest power in existence the power of time.

When Subaru got reincarnated in that fantasy world with a useless cell phone within a few hours he dies while saving an elf girl but by luck when he opens his eyes he found himself back in time and this happened each time even after changing the course of time.

Subaru understands he got the ability to get back in time when he dies. He then with some considerate events help the princess of the nation where he resides in ruling the kingdom and using his power change the thing which is bad for her.

6.Skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon

Skeleton soldier couldn't protect the dungeon manhwa

Skeleton soldier couldn’t protect the dungeon has a very similar plot to re-zero like our hero gets reincarnated each time back in time whenever he dies and if the things changes in time, his place of resurrection changes.

But what is different here is that our mc is not a human but a skeleton and the plot is focused alot on the fights.

You will definitely want to check it out for the fight, it has RPG features of levelling up, skill and status windows but the story of this manhwa is awesome.

The excitement only increases with each chapter you read, it has horror, fun, love and action and that is also the reason why it is also in my top 10 best manhwa list you can check that here

5. Jaryuu Tensei


The story is about a guy who died due to a car crash because of a young couple making out (what bad luck!) And he was reincarnated into a fantasy world—but as a dragon! An extremely funny and powerful one! Let’s see how our unlucky main character lives as a badass dragon!?

The starting of the manhwa starts with mc being the most overpowered character, the silver dragon and you can easily understand his power level knowing even the demon Lord feared him.

But the story as it progress become dull cause the author decided to turn the mc into a human from the all-powerful dragon. He had slime as minion and was into human girls just for fan service.

I would not say that it’s bad but it could have been better if the author didn’t make him human and didn’t put harem in there just for fanfiction but if you only looking for op mc this is a great manga for you.

3. Returners Magic Should Be Special

Returners magic should be special manhwa

Now we are on our top 3 manhwas and all are my favourite which was very difficult for me to rank they all are best in terms of plot, power, skills, character development and art.

Still, I had ranked them and have put returners magic should be here it is also on my various manga list you can check down below.

Desir Arman was among the last human survivors who were fighting against the shadow labyrinth to save the world from evil dragons. And when they thought they defeated him his heart explodes and Desir finds himself back in time before the shadow labyrinth destroyed the world.

In this extra life, he will save the life who died and make the world a safe place. It has some elements of discrimination among normal people and magicians, it has elements of fun and romance.

And the thing which you will love the most in the manhwa is the cool attitude of Desir and his power he actually is a very well done op overpowered mc.

2. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Rimuru tempest from that time I got reincarnated as a slime

This was the manhwa which made me want to know the meaning of isekai as its Japanese name has isekai in it and it was the best thing that I did.

I had first watched the anime after then I had read the manhwa and it is very good in both mediums.

That time I got reincarnated as a slime that has the basic plot of a corporate man who does in a road accident God had pity on him and gave him the great sage skill and gave him another life.

In this life, he became a slime which is called the weakest monster in any RPG game. He meets the dragon Valdora who tells him to absorb him which gave Rimuru an insane amount of magic power.

Using this he builds up his own kingdom. You should definitely check this manga and also watch its anime.

1. Omniscient Reader Viewpoint

Omniscient reader's viewpoint Kim dokja manhwa

Only I know the end of this world. What will you do when this came to the truth and that is what happens to our mc.This is my favourite reincarnation manga with op mc

Suddenly the world has turned into a post-apocalyptic place where monsters started to appear and the strange thing is this all is the same as the novel our mc read ways of survival.

He was the only person who has completed the novel and knows everything that is going to happen.

Here he is not the strongest but is the most overpowered, this is the most different in terms of story to any other isekai.

So if you love isekai and manhwa like solo levelling and overgeared then you will definitely love omniscient readers’ viewpoint.

So guys if you liked this best reincarnation manga and manhwa with op mc then considered joining my subscriber list and also check out my other manga manhwa list.

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