Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Charlize Theron Clea Marvel Sorceror supreme

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Charlize Theron Clea Marvel Sorceror supreme

In the marvel Charlize Theron took her debut with the character of Clea in Dr strange in the multiverse of madness post credit scene and with this her entry into the MCU happen her time on the screen even though was very small but she will be one of the main character in the next Dr strange movie.

Charlize Theron role in the MCU is of Clea Dormammu you heard the last name right she is related to Dormammu the most powerful being and the rule of the dark dimension. And we will see about her character his origin powers and abilities down below.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: Charlize Theron Clea Marvel Sorceror supreme

Clea Marvel Comic Origin

Created by the legendary Stan Lee in the year in 1964’s Strange Tales #126, Clea started out as the prerequisite comic book damsel in distress of the era. She is the daughter of the previous sorceror supreme of the dark world and her mother is the sister of thethe king of the dark dimension Dormmamu. In her childhood she didn’t knew her mother’s identity as Dormmamu had banished his other in another dimension.

For most of the time she worshipped Dormmamu as the God without knowing he was her uncle. But once Dr strange came to dark dimension to stop the attack of him on earth he met Dr Strange for the first time. And once Clea knew about what her uncle do to her mother she left the dark dimension and came to Earth with him.

Clea stayed with him for some time and they even married and became Mrs. Strange .She even joined him in many fughs on earth but since her power came from dark dimension she left. There she fought with her uncle and mother for the rule of dark dimension and won became the sorceror supreme. After Dr strange died she returned to earth and became earth’s sorceror supreme and is in search of a way to resurrect him.

Clea Marvel Comic power

Clea just like doctor strange has power over all kinds of magic and since she is magic being from dark dimension her power over dark magic is very immense and since we know that Dr strange can use all kind of magic from rune magic to time reality she can do it all too.

However, as the ruler of the Dark Dimension, Clea has been often adorned with “The Flames of Regency” around her head, which is a corona of mystic flame not unlike Ghost Rider but without the skeleton thing.

And like most superheroes in the Marvel Universe, she’s also a trained hand-to-hand combatant and since he’s an extra-dimensional being has greater strength, endurance, and resilience than a human being.“””

Clea Marvel Movie Role

In the movie we didn’t get to see much of her as she was shown only during a mid credit scene in Dr strange multiverse of madness and she only asked for his help to stop the incursion but she had said this herself in a interview that there is good chance of them getting in a relationship just as in comic.

And maybe it will happen in the next movie as both of them enter dark world and will most likely turn Clea into its Sorcerer supreme.

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