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Demon Slayer KImetsu No Yaiba Manga Anime Review | Why This Anime Is only Average


kimetsu no yaiba demon slayer anime review

 Demon Slayer was an anime I had heard I lot about in this year and I decided to watch this anime before the start of the new year so I gave it a try and watched every single episode and after the anime I came to watch the manga and had completed it within a week so while Im writing this review the manga and anime are freshly in mind but I know that some of you will agree with my opinion and some may not but its my personal view so just read it.


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Demon Slayer comes in the horror dark fantasy genre which has been adapted in the anime by Anime studio Ufotable which has done a pretty good job in the animation and CGI and in reality made the action scenes even better than it could have been in the manga . I cant say anything about animation it was the best as it could have been and the first season of the anime was all great with a great story great characters and those awesome fights.


But after watching the anime when I had changed to manga I got to see some problem with the series and that came with the pacing of the story after Tanjiro gets to know about demons and demon slayer there was a really fast paced of him becoming a demon slayer and why does most of the demon slayers are below the age of 20 and some were even of the age of 10 at the age when the children are busy deciding the sweets to eats out Tanjiro started killing demons and Why were there no demon slayer above 20 other than the rock pillar. 


The story is that Tanjiro who was the eldest son in a family of 5 siblings and a mother after losing his father goes down to market from mountain to sell coal so that his family could have a full stomach but when he returns he sees his family in blood killed by demons and only his sister Nezuko who has been turned into a demon remains. Tanjiro made up his mind that he will save his sister by turning her back to human.  Here him not trying to take revenge for his family but focusing on her sister shows that he has matured makes the story serious and the author has done a great work in this. But in many points of the story he tried to add non needed humour in story in form of Zenitsu which I really didnt like.In a dark humour story those make it seem really silly But he has done the humour of Inosuke really well.


There is a lack of character development in the manga ,we get to see the back story of the demons which make us feel sympathy for them but those backstories are missing or lacking in regards to the heroes both in case of zenitsu and inosuke or even when we talk about any Hashira the story seems lacking so cant connect with all the characters that much.


The pacing of the story is also very fast .The author did had done a great job in creating a new power system based on breath but each time of hero Tanjiro power ups he is directly confronted with the twelve demon moon one after another ,only after defeating a normal demon from when he became a demon slayer.


demon slayer tanjiro kamado god of sun breath user

There are many plot holes in the manga which also make me really irritated like how we also feels regarding the missing pieces in anime one piece. For example the demon slayer corp was looking for Muzan for thousand of years but didnt find him or didnt saty alive to tell the tale but Tanjiro meets him in his very first task given to him and also even staying alive and that even within chapter 14 in the very beginning of the manga.


I had loved the anime alot but when I completed the manga I came to think that the hype for demon slayer was just really overrated and very short lived and as the new season of the anime comes it is going to become lost among many animes.

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