The Strongest Dr. Strange Variant Ranked From Marvel Comics

We have seen many versions of Dr. Strange in the MCU we have seen the strange of 616 universes, Supreme strange from the What if… series, and defender strange but there are many more versions of him in the marvel comics.

So today we are going to rank the different versions of dr. strange and will see who is the strongest version of dr strange in the marvel universe. It will include strange from comics as well as the MCU.

And now since the door of the multiverse has been opened by Loki and now they are connected because of the multiverse of madness we will soon see them also in the movies.

Doctor Strange’s Different Versions

  • Ultimate Dr. Strange
  • Zombie Dr. Strange
  • Sorcerer Supreme Bruce
  • The Ancient one
  • Dr. Strange Disciple Of Dormammu
  • MCU Dr. Strange
  • Evil Dr. Strange
  • Dr. Strange Fate
  • Classic Dr. Strange
  • Black Priest DR. Strange
  • Dr. Strange 2099
  • Iron Strange

Ultimate Dr. Strange

This doctor Strange is actually not not Doctor strange but his own son whose mother is Clea the sorceror suupreme of the dark dimension. This version of Dr. Strange is from the Ultimate Universe, where he is an incredibly powerful sorcerer. He has the ability to manipulate reality, creating anything he desires from thin air. His magic is so potent that he can even defeat cosmic entities such as Galactus and the Celestials.

Zombie Dr. Strange

In the Marvel Zombies comics, Dr. Strange is infected with the zombie virus and becomes a zombie himself. However, he still retains his magical abilities and can use them to devastating effect, even as a zombie. He uses his powers to maintain control over his own mind and prevent himself from fully succumbing to the zombie virus.

Sorcerer Supreme Bruce

In the “What If?” comics, Dr. Strange’s ally Bruce Banner becomes the Sorcerer Supreme instead of Strange. He gains access to powerful magical abilities and uses them to fight off threats to the world. He retains his intellect and scientific knowledge, combining them with his new magical skills to become a formidable hero.

The Ancient one

The Ancient One was the mentor and teacher of Dr. Strange in the comics. He is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Marvel Universe and has access to the powerful mystical energies of the universe. He possesses vast knowledge of magic and can use it to manipulate time, space, and reality.

Dr. Strange Disciple Of Dormammu

In this alternate reality, Dr. Strange becomes the disciple of the demon Dormammu instead of the Sorcerer Supreme. He gains immense dark powers from Dormammu and becomes a powerful villain who seeks to rule the world.

MCU Dr. Strange

The Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a skilled surgeon who becomes a powerful sorcerer after a car accident. He has the ability to manipulate time and space, and his magic is crucial in fighting off threats such as Thanos.

This is the current version of Dr. Strange in the Marvel Comics universe is also called as Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616.

Evil Dr. Strange

In the “What If?” comics, Dr. Strange turns to dark magic to try to save his love Doctor Christine Palmer cause in this story line rather than losing his arms he loses her which make him go towards magic to save her but it didnt work so he take the help of dark magic, ultimately becoming an evil version of himself.

He gains immense powers but since Christine death was bound to happen in that reality and strange was trying to stop it he started to break the fabric of reality and causing destruction of that universe.

He gains immense power but becomes a dangerous threat to the world.

Dr. Strange Fate

In the “Amalgam Comics” universe, Dr. Strange and DC Comics’ Doctor Fate are merged into one character. He possesses the magical abilities of both characters, making him one of the most powerful sorcerers in the combined universe.

Classic Dr. Strange

This is the original version of Dr. Strange from the comics, who remains one of the most potent and skilled sorcerers in the Marvel Universe. He can manipulate mystical energy to create powerful spells that can do almost anything, from teleportation to healing to reality-warping.

Black Priest Dr. Strange

In the “Secret Wars” event, Dr. Strange becomes the Black Priest, the enforcer of the will of the mysterious entity known as the Beyonders. He gains immense power and uses it to enforce the will of his masters, becoming a feared and ruthless figure in the process.

Dr. Strange 2099

In the year 2099, Dr. Strange is a powerful sorcerer who uses his magic to protect the future. This version of Dr. Strange has access to highly advanced technology, allowing him to enhance his magical abilities beyond what is possible in the present day. He can manipulate time and space to travel through different eras and dimensions, and his knowledge of magic has allowed him to create powerful spells and wards to defend against threats. As a defender of the future, Dr. Strange 2099 is an important figure in the Marvel Universe’s “2099” timeline.

Iron Strange

In the “Iron Man: Hypervelocity” comic, Tony Stark and Dr. Strange merge their powers and become Iron Strange. This powerful version of Dr. Strange has access to both his own magical abilities and the technological prowess of Iron Man. Iron Strange is equipped with advanced armor and weapons that give him enhanced physical abilities, while also retaining his mastery of magic. He can use his armor to fly and create powerful energy blasts, as well as manipulate reality and summon mystical creatures. Iron Strange is a formidable hero, combining the best of both Tony Stark and Dr. Strange to become a true force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, Dr. Strange has a rich history in Marvel Comics, and his strength and power vary depending on the version and alternate reality. These are some of the strongest Dr. Strange variants from the comics, but there are many more out there for fans to discover and enjoy.