Hela Vs Thanos | Why I think Hela Will Always Win

Hela and Thanos both are characters which are very powerful in the Marvel cinematic Universe and comics.

One of them is the mad Titan and the other is the Goddess of death in Asgard.

Thanos commands the chittauri army we are commands the Army of death.

Both of them had fought many powerful opponents and had most of the time won. So today we are going to see among them who will win –  Hela or Thanos.

And from all the strength that hela has I will say she will win fight against Thanos. So without any more words lets see.

And from all the strength that hela has I will say she will win fight against Thanos. So without any more words lets see.

Hela’s Powers and Feats

  • Hela gets her power from Asgard.
  • Superhuman Strength being Asgardian
  • Killed the Valkyries and Asgard army alone
  • Defeated thor and broke Mjornir with her hands
  • Can heal within minutes
  • Her stamina is immense can fight for hours and days before feeling tired
  • Possesses the necrosword which gives the user power of person they defeat
  • Possesses magic using which can resurrect her army

Hela is the first born of Odin the king of Asgard and being an asgardien Hela has immense strength and it gets amplified when she is in Asgard.

As her power source is the city of Asgard.

She was able to kill all of valkyrie army which is an elite group of female warriors directly under Odin and acts as his special forces.

Very easily had destroyed or annihilated the Asgard army alone and brought many soldiers down to their knees.

She had defeated Thor very easily and had broken down his Hammer Mjornir which had a cosmic entity trapped inside known as the God Tempest which Odin had fought and had very difficultly captured.

She has a great durability and is very Agile because of which she is very difficult to attack and even if she get any injuries she can heal all of them within minutes.

She has a huge amount of stamina she was able to fight the whole Asgard army and didn’t even feel tired after defeating it.

She has the necrosword which is made by the god of symbiotes Knull and this sword is able to turn into anything or take any shape which the user want .

It can turn into sword, daggers, spears, hammer Or anything.

And it can also transfer the power of the person the user defeat into her.

She can also use Asgardian magic using which she had resurrected her Army of the Dead.

Thanos’s Powers and Feats

  • Has immense strength
  • Defeated hulk
  • Can handle the power of infinity stones
  • Uses a double edged sword
  • Is a strategist and a great leader
  • Has the infinity gauntlet

Thanos belongs to titan species because of which he has immense student and even in his own species he is the strongest so thanos has immense amount of strength he has the blood of celestial flowing inside of him which also makes him special.

Thanos was Evil to defeat Hulk very easily and we all know how powerful in crazy Hulk can be and if someone can defeat him this easily then his strength is on an another labour.

Thanos was able to handle the strength of infinity stones twice first when he did the snap and second to destroy all the Infinity stones.

Not many character had used the Infinity stone and we have seen that even using once by Hulk and Iron man what happened.

Hulk arm became unusable and Tony had to sacrifice his life.

He uses are double as short to fight and with his sword he was able to fight against Iron Man Captain America and Thor defeated them solo.

Which shows that he is a master in swordmanship.

He has a huge body but that doesn’t mean he is slow he was able to fight agilitably with all the heroes.

And he not only uses his body but also uses his brain .

He is a master of strategies and before doing anything he always has a plan how he will win and is also a very great leader because he was able to lead all the chitauri army which is very huge, very effectively.

Hela vs Thanos : Who Wins

Thanos has many great feat on his name but even then he is no competition for Hela I think if Hela and Thanos ever fought Hela will surely win and now I will tell you the reason why.

In term of strength Hela is more powerful as she can defeat Thor very easily and Thor was able to defeat Hulk and in terms of strength Hulk and Thor are nearly on same level so in that matter HeLa can defeat Thanos.

Thanos is powerful but it doesn’t mean that he cannot be injured for that reason he wears and Arma but HeLa do not because of her unique healing abilities.

Thanos was not able to take on the thunder of Thor it injured him but Hela was able to take on his powerful attacks very easily like they were nothing.

Thanos could not broke Captain America shield which was made of vibranium but HeLa was able to break Thor’s Mjornir which was made of  Uru metal the hardest metal of the universe with just with her bare hands with tells about her immense strength.

So these were the reason why I think Hela will win a fight against Thanos what do you guys think tell me down in the comments.

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