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How Marvel Superheroes Got their powers In MCU

We friends marvel has been known for changing the stories and background of many characters from the comics to make them suitable and relatable for the audience. Stan Lee was behind many of these characters and now they have been given life by marvel.

And for the purpose of making their story set with the movie their origin story may or may not have been changed and today, we will distinguish all the Marvel Cinematic Universe superheroes on how they got their powers.

They will be classified in the categories given below

Superheroes Who Got Their Power From Technology

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, many superheroes get their superpower through some kind of technology the suit of iron man, the PIM particles of ant-man, the wings of a falcon and even captain America who became a hero with the super-serum. Now let’s look at them in more detail.


The source of Tony Starks power comes from mostly his brain but how more from how he had used his brain to build the iron man suit and in upgrading it again and again by learning from his mistakes. Without his suit, Tony would just be your everyday billionaire and nothing else.

His being son of Harvard Stark gave him the fortune to be a billionaire, philanthropist, playboy, and inventor who invent things. And he created the suit for the very first time when his life was in danger but that made him start to value his and others’ life.

He made upgraded the iron man suit many times and the strongest of his suit was the iron man mark 85 which was based on nanotechnology and was always attached to his core whenever it was needed.


The story of Spiderman’s origin in the MCU is nearly the same where he got powers from a mutated radioactive spider just that spider was a result of Tony Stark’s experiment rather than Oscorb because we haven’t seen it Oscorb in the MCU till now.

Spiderman also got his iron spider suit from Tony. Even though he will still have his spider-sense and superhuman strength but without it, his life will be in much more danger. And finally, Peter’s superpower is also a result of science and technology.

Up till now, we have seen three characters in the MCU playing the role of spiders man and they got connected through the multiverse and they are Tobey Mcguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.



In the MCU Vision was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in order to create an army of humanoid robots who will always be ready to fight for the safety of Earth in case the avengers were not available. And for it, the first version was the Ultron but when Ultron wanted a human body he tried to transfer his brain into a body made of Vibranium, human tissue and power from Loki’s sceptre and when the avengers stopped him and that body got his mind stone from it was born as Vision.

His power includes matter phasing, flight and energy-based beam attacks which all come from the mind stone but I had put him in this technology part as his creation involves technology.

His role in MCU is played by Paul Bettany.



Falcon was a trained military personal who had been in a program on which he was selected as the flacon his story from the comics has somewhat been altered but one thing remain same that he gets his ability to fly using a jet pack with articulate wings on it.

In comic he had an eagle with name of Redwing who he controlled telepathically but in the mcu he has a drone name redwing.

After avengers infinity war he also got captain America shield and his title.

Hank Pym Ant-Man


In the mcu Hank Pym was a great scientist who was behind the discovery and research on pym particles using which he had created the ant man suit . In the comics he had used that suit to become the giant man and save the day many times along with the avengers.

But in the mcu he had turned old had decided to not become a hero and gave his suit and it’s tech to Scott Lang to use and made him the ant man. His power also comes from pym technology and ant control ability from pheromones.

Wakanda As a country

I have not included Black Panther in this part here cause his power source comes from a egyptian god but his his country Wakanda is rich in vibranium from which his suit is made up and this material also made it very advanced in weapons and technology.

Even though wakandans are not a part of avengers but they had fought in avengers Infinity War was because of this technology therefore I have to add Wakanda here. RIP Chaddwick Boseman you will always be remembered. Wakanda forever.

Dr Octopus


In no way home we saw Dr octopus turn into a hero from his villian form which was the result of his machine arm. In reality doctor Oc was a good guy who wanted to create a source of power which will power earth without pollution but after his technology took over his body he became evil.

But atleast in no way home we get to see him cured from that control and did not have to sacrifice himself. And I would really love to see him into a super hero rather than a villian.

Rocket Raccoon


Our favourite Raccoon rocket from the Guardian of the Galaxy is among the strongest GOG in terms of his destructive ability he can create a nuclear bomb with the least amount of materials.

At a time in past he was experimented on so he has a fear in his heart, his own companion in the beginning was Groot but he opened up to others with time . He a great tactician and the main strategist on the crew after star Lord.

War Machine


War machine suit was also created by Tony for his friend James Rhodes who was a commander in military and his suit was upgraded by hammer inc.

He got it after iron man 2 after iron man neglect for company and alcoholism resulted in the government to took his suit in custody for this Rhodes took his mark 2 and this was upgraded by hammer and after all the events even with rejection from Tony James kept the cat machine. As the name is this is suit specifically made to fight war and has heavy weaponry installed in it.

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Superheroes who get their powers from mutation or cosmic Radiation

X- men


In marvel Universe x-men are human just like you and me who had evolve in the line of evolution following Darwin theory. And in that evolution they gain many incredible powers from the power to control weather, gravity and life.

Many superheroes are X – men like professor X, wolverine, Jean Grey, Man beast, etc and I have added them because with multiverse of madness path for their entry into mcu has already been opened.

Fantastic Four


Fantastic four all have gotten their powers from cosmic radiation. In the comic this radiation came from body of Galactus but in the movies it is simply the radiation in space.

Mr. Fantastic gain the ability to become Monkey D luffy, Mrs. Fantastic gains power to control force field and become invisible, thing turns into a powerful rock and human torch gain the power of fire.

Black Bolt


Black bolt belongs to a race known as inhumans but in actual they are human who are in continuos effect of radiation and on whom many experimentation were done.

On black bolt mother these experiment were done when he was in her stomach and as a result he got his power from birth and kept increasing as he grew older and in turn became king of the inhumans. He can create sonic waves from his mouth capable of destroying planets.

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Black Panther


Black Panthers got their powers from the heart shaped herb which is a flower which grows only in Wakanda and was exposed to the radiation of it for many times and once the egyptian Panther goddess Bast told a priest to consume it he became the first black Panther.

And our black Panther Chadwick Boseman (RIP) also gets his power from it. The heart-shaped herb granted enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, agility, and instincts to those who consume it. 

I can’t say if there is any role of Bast in here but the main source is the radiation that the flower absorbed over time.

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Superheroes Who Got Their Power From Godly Origin


Thor is son of Odin the all father and the king of Asgard and person capable of using Odin force and being his son Thor got his powers from him just to use them he needed his weapon Mjornir until Thor :ragnarok but after that he was able to use the power inside him without the need of his hammer mjornir.

And we will see in Thor love and thunder how he progress more.



Loki was his blood is not an asgardian but the son of Logi and a giant. The source of his power actually comes from his adoptive mother Frigga who taught him magic and he was able to use that magic cause of his blood.

Because in the horse mythology it was said that giants were a race who was masters of magic and strength.

Moon Night


Moon night was given power by the god of the night and guide of night travelers Khonsu . Moon night had faced trauma from his childhood cause of which he mad multiple identity disorder resulting in his powers from Khonsu also to be divide among his three identity and coming out in different forms.

We have seen the powers and their use of 2 of his identity but his third identity only revealed himself on seasons end so we will get to see how his power form only in season 2 of moon night.

Lady Thor

We still have not seen lady Thor in action nor do we actually saw how she will get her power which we will soon see in Thor love and thunder but we do know that it comes from the magic of Odin which he put on hammer of Thor that whoever lift it gets the power of Thor.

And if she is getting her power from Thor or judy his electricity controlling power the source is actually godly.

Star Lords


In the mcu the celestial are beings who could be said to be the creator of universe or in another words god so if a superheroes gets his power from them then it is a godly power.

And our star Lord Peter Quill is such a characters whose father Ego was a living planet a celestial . Peter has all of his father’s power and ability but it only works on him or when he is in his planet. Otherwise star Lord is a great shooter only.

And maybe in future he could also awaken that power on his own even without his father’s help.


As I already discussed above that all being who get their power from eternals has his power source from a god and since they were created by Arishem the judge an eternals they all get their power from a godly origin.

And in mcu many human consider them as the avatar of Greek gods.

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Superheroes Who Got Their Power From Infinity Stones

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers was the very first avenger who got her power from an infinity stone, the space stone when she was a pilot of a plane whose energy source was the space stone. When they ship crased and destroyed she took the stone power on her body and in turn she acquired power from it but forgot her memories.

And in turn she met Nick Fury came to help earth in infinity war and became a superhero who saves not only earth but the whole universe.



Ultron was formed when Tony and Banner studied the mind stone and copying it’s neural structure told Jarvis to copy it and make a digital brain of it. But when jarvis did this Ultron brain was formed which was able to deduce that the biggest threat to earth was nothing else but human themselves.

And in turn he got a body and tried to create even strong body in form of vision. So the existence of Ultron could not have happened without the mind stone.

Jane Foster

Jane Foster was also a character who got in direct contact to an infinity stone in Thor ragnarok we are discussed her power comes from Thor’s hammer but maybe in the love and thunder we will also see if she also got some power from the tether or reality stone and there is some rumors that it did give her some power or her cancer.

Quick Silver & Scarlet Witch


The powers inside of the brothers and sister was came into existence when both of them was experimented with the mind stone.

And mind stone radiation gave both of them different powers Quicksilver got the power of speeed with which he can run at near the speed of sound and to wanda it helped as a catalyst to bring her hidden abilities out of her to control mind with telepathy and to control object with telekinesis.

Wanda power was only initiated by the mind stone but with time she increased it with magic you will read below.

Superheroes Who Got Their Power From Magic

Dr Strange

dr strange 900x900 1

Dr strange learned his magic on Kamar Taaj from magicians residing there and from the ancient one and that time sorceror supreme.

From here he learned to use eldritch magic which is in a way mathematics of magic. Same vein as scientific formulas or mathematical equations, achieving specific magical effects can require certain words, gesture, or rituals of some sort, while others may require the use of relics and other items imbued with supernatural power.

But with time Steven strange has also learned to channel magic from dark dimension, has knowledge of book of dark art of Wanda and many more kinds of magic.

Ancient One

Ancient one the previous sorceror supreme wad also a master of mystic arts who had also at first learned and mastered the Eldritch magic just like strange but she had also used the power from the dark dimensions in order to gain immortality and power to have some control over time. She had all the resources that strange had like eye of Agamotto , all the spells but she had not became as strong as him without the dark magic.



Wong has also been a student and a learned master of the mystics arts and by the time of doctor strange multiverse of madness he had become the sorceror supreme in place of Strange because of his lack of time because of the hero activity.

Scarlet Witch


Scarlet witch or Wanda other than getting her initial power of telepathy and telekinesis from mind stone later in MCU she got control over Chaos magic which is an extremely powerful and rare form of magic, as its wielder, Wanda Maximoff, was deemed to be a mythical being known as the “Scarlet Witch” by Agatha Harkness.

She was also able to learn darkhold magic and rune magic when she got her hand on the book of darkhold. She is still evolving in MCU so maybe she still will get more powers.


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Clea was introduced to us in MCU doctor strange multiverse of madness post credit scene ans she is the sorceror supreme of the dark dimension and love & wife of strange in the comics. So she can use all kinds of magic as strange. She gets her power from the dark dimensions.


Wiccan is the hero name of Wanda son Billy who was created by Wands in Wanda vision with her chaos magic and we do now know that he exists in other realities universe so he is also a superhero magician we may see in the future of MCU.

Wiccan just like Wanda can use all her mothers power and magic. He has control over chaos magic, ability to telepathy and telekinesis and can travel in time from comics.

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