thor love and thunder How Marvel's Story Aesir Is Different Than Norse Mythology

How Marvel’s Story Aesir Is Different Than Norse Mythology

Marvel has been great in creating a universe of its own and is now a multiverse and on many occasions, its many stories and character are inspired by the real world.

Marvel has taken many of its heroes from different mythology around the world, it has god-like Thor, Zeus, Hercules, the Egyptian gods, and many more and today we are going to look at all the differences that Marvel has made differently from the Norse mythology or if you don’t know the Vikings mythology or the one from which Thor, Odin, and Loki belong.

First, let’s see all the things from which the marvel has done differently then we will talk about each topic in detail down below.

How Marvel’s Story Is Different Than Norse Mythology

  • Anyone Could Lift the Hammer Of Thor
  • Loki was the Brother of Odin Not Thor
  • Thor of Norse Mythology had a Rough and Tough appearance
  • Norse Thor cant Fly
  • MCU Thor DO Not Have A belt of power and gloves
  • Loki’s All relations are completely messed up
  • Thor does not need his hammer to use lightning
  • Sif is not a warrior in Norse mythology
  • Loki was not a villain in Norse mythology

Anyone Could Lift the Hammer Of Thor

In the MCU Odin, the father of Thor has put a spell on Mjolnir thor’s hammer that whoever is worthy can lift Thor’s hammer and he will get all of his power and no unworthy person can lift his hammer.

But this is not so in the nose mythology. There is no spell or anything in the nose story rather anyone can lift his hammer just he should have the strength to be able to do so and there is no human who has that much strength. Thor is one of the strongest in terms of power in Norse gods and there are also many instances when his hammer was stolen by giants.

And one more thing in Norse Mythos Thor got his hammer because of Loki. And it was made by two dwarves brothers as a bet against Loki and it was not made from dying star materials.

Nor did this hammer have any special power other than being very heavy and always returning to Thor’s hand. So sorry Jane Foster you will never become Thor in Norse mythology.

Loki was the Brother of Odin Not Thor

Loki was never adopted by Odin in the nose mythos but he does live with Asgardians. In the Norse myths, there is one instance when the other Asgardian gods reject Loki he tells Odin to remember the oath he gave to Loki that he will never drink without his blood-brother Loki by his side.

Well, we also did not get to know how he is his blood relative maybe that part of the myths is forever erased from the history just in a time they called each other brother maybe he had helped Odin in a war and at ha time their blood mixed.

Just one thing for sure he is no brother of Thor in any way in Norse myths.

Thor of Norse Mythology had a Rough and Tough appearance

In MCU marvel has cast Chris Hemsworth to play the character of Thor and it is a very good choice in terms of popularity and increases the films selling potential because no one will be willing to see a big fat tummy guy acting the role of Thor in movies where he continuously has to fight while jiggling his round belly.

But in Mythology Thor is a fat guy with red hairs not blond and who has a bulky body, not full ab, it was more similar to what Thor had in Avengers infinity war.

Cause in Norse mythos the things which matter the most were to be powerful the body mass did not matter.

Norse Thor cant Fly

Thor could not fly using his hammer, in fact, his hammer was so heavy that its weight could not be handled by the rainbow bridge Bifrost therefore another god could use the Bifrost but for Thor, he had to climb down mountains just to travel from one part of Asgard to another.

He had to use his goat Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder whom he used to travel and fly in space and to other realms. He could not fly on his own in any way.

MCU Thor DO Not Have A belt of power and gloves

In the Norse history, Thor needed his belt of endurance which increased his already giant like strength 10 times, and his gloves of power to hold and control his hammer Mjolnir because he could lift his hammer without them but since it was astronomically heavy these too were needed to use his hammer in fights.

All in the Norse mythos there is no reference to Thor wearing a cape but we saw him in a cape-attached attire which was done to make him a superman rip-off.

Loki’s All relations are completely messed up

In the MCU all of Loki’s relation has been messed up he was not the adopted son of Odin nor is he the adopted brother of Thor. His father is also not Laufey but he is actually his mother you heard right Laufey is Loki’s mother and his father’s name is Farbauti.

Loki had two wives one of Aesir Sigyn ( Asgard ) and one a giant named Angarboda and from the Aesir wife, he had two sons Narfi and Nari . From his giant wife, Loki became the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr.

In MCU Hela became his sister from his daughter, Fenrir Hela’s pet and up until now, Jormundandr did not appear in MCU.

He was also the Mother of 8 legged horse Sleipner who became Odin’s horse.HIs this polygamy gender did appear in the Loki series.

Thor does not need his hammer to use lightning

Thor from his birth could use lightning and control weather even before he was gifted with His hammer by MJornir by the dwarves. But in MCU if Thor do not have his hammer he was not able to use any of his powers. As we also read above that his power was not in his hammer so his power can not be given to anyone.

Sif is not a warrior in Norse mythology

In Thor Ragnarok and Thor 1 movie, we have seen Sif . she was among the warrior who was always with the Thor group and the only lady in there. But in Norse mythology Sif is actually not a warrior but the goddesses of Earth and is related to fertility and she is also among the two wives of Norse Thor.

Neither did we see Sif inMCU having any romantic relation with Thor nor did Thor himself has any attraction towards her. And in Norse she had a love affair with Loki this also we did not see in MCU.

Loki was not a villain in Norse mythology

Loki even if not the good guy was not on the side of evil in Norse. He was the god of mischief and his act towards god or any being was to take the fun from pranking them but never did he do anything to harm them other than his animosity Toward Baldr for which he killed him.

He was always a great help to Odin and a great strategist who always helped the gods by suggesting things to do to get out of problems.

He was loved and hated by Thor who always took him with him on his journeys.

Thor Is not only the god of lightning

In MCU Thor is the son of Odin and the god of Thunder but other than this he did not get any other power in the nose mythology, hor had much other power than just to control lightning.

In Norse Myths, he is the god of lightning, thunder, storms, sacred groves, and trees, strength, the protection of mankind, hallowing, and fertility. and because of these weather-related power, he is also associated with fertility and agriculture, and therefore the husband of Sif.

Ragnarok is Much Larger even than Surtr Waking From Sleep

In Thor, MCU happens when Surtr wakes up from his slumber and he destroys Asgard the kingdom but in actual Norse, Ragnarok is a event which represents the end of the world and after it, a new world emerges like after the big bang and with he Ragnarok all the Aesir gods, giants, and all things.

And in Norse, it happens when Loki along with his children, army of undead,giants,and all his supporters attack the Aesir to take revenge against all the things they had done towards him.

There Is No warrior Three in Norse

Thor is someone who loves to fight alone and is constantly drunk. But in MCU to create him some supporting characters like The Warriors Three, Enchantress, and Skurge The Executioner were all original creations for Marvel Comics and which we saw in film.

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