How To Draw A Cute Anime Boy Character | Full Anime Drawing Guide With Tutorials

Have You been a fan of anime and manga then definitely in your life you would have tried to draw those anime characters? I remember I have gotten into anime art through watching dragon ball Z and many people know this how exciting it is to make that anime character maybe you had first drawn Ben 10 or maybe tom and jerry or Spongebob but yeah I have to say it’s not easy to make anime art.

So today we gonna learn how you could start with drawing an easy and cute anime boy character to get into the hang of anime character art so in time you could make your own Naruto or a completely new anime character.

Start With The Basics

Well in order to speak a language should know about its alphabet and just like that if you wanna learn to draw you should have a good grasp at the basics so we are gonna look step by step what are all the necessary things which are needed to draw.

How To Draw Anime Eye

The thing which makes anime character different and unique from other kinds of animation around the world is their round and beautiful looking eyes. They may be simple-looking but drawing them is not so easy and one of the most importing thing if you want your character to have that anime look.

In the video tutorial down below you could learn about the basic to draw an anime characters eye

How To Draw Anime Face

After Eyes come to face of your character and this may start getting tricky as when we draw face we should always understand that the angle at which we draw our face can change alot of the features of character it shows the direction in which it is looking, a different angle of the causes change in the places your eyes nose ears are gonna be placed so it’s also very necessary to first draw the outline of the then start.

Now again you can check the video down below to understand the basic of anime face.

How To Draw Anime Hair

Now the easiest thing in the anime character if I have to say is his hair.    Anime hair of most of the character is easy they are simple with a single hair or with shading of gradient of the colour of the hair with mostly geometrical shapes.
One of the most known example of this is hair of Goku from dragon ball with his spiky hair and only drawing those spiky hair will make you remember goku.

Now with the video tutorial; down below you will understand about the basic of anime hair.

How To Draw Anime Body 

Its time for the body of our character which you should start with from the neck now if your head has been drawn by now then as coming down from the neck draw the shoulders then chest and then legs and make them lighter so you can erase if you make a mistake or if it’s not looking as you wanted, then, at last, comes the shading part and you are finished with you anime character.

Learn About Anatomy

Now if you wanna take your anime drawing or your basic drawing skill to the next level then you should definitely learn about anatomy like I have said earlier without alphabet you cant learn a language and with learning about words of that language you can’t understand others or convey your own thoughts.

And just like that without anatomy you cant draw anything on the level of professionalism. 

Here is a playlist made by Proko who tells everything about drawing from shading, figures, anatomy in a very easy way.