Incursions MCU | Dr Strange Multiverse Of Madness open path for Secret War With Incursion

In the movie Dr strange multiverse of madness we get to the see the fight between multiple Dr strange and Wanda along with many new entry to the mcu and with a hint of X men and fantastic four to appear in the coming marvel movies but that was not the only thing in the film there was many time focus on the word incursion. So what is incursion in mcu and how will it affect the marvel Cinematic Universe.

cropped doctor strange in the multiverse of madness
Image Credit @marvel

What are incursion ?

So in the marvel comic incursion has happened many times . This happens when when two earths or two universes collides with one another and causes one of the world or both of them to destroy from existence.

Most of the times they are doned by comsmics being who are known as beyonders as a timepass Or it may happen when a contraction happening in the realities and them contracting to go toward a collision.

But we can’t say for sure that the incursions in the marvel Cinematic Universe is happening what is the reason behind it but mostly it was the universe travelling which caused the two version of same person meeting where the reality of one universe meets the reality of other.

It happen with strange meeting sinister strange and wanda meeting with version of wanda who had her kids.

Where does incursion was introduced in MCU?

Well the reference of incursion was coming to mcu from a long time just the word was not used directly.

When we came to knew of the multiversal nature of mcu there was a probability that marvel will bring the new content from its current comic also in its films.

We came to knew of earth- 616 from Thor dark world and spiderman 3 with its mysterio saying he came from earth-816 which was a lie all pointing towards a multiversal event.

And with multiverse of madness, far from home and the loki series the concept of multiverse was worked even more. And now for the coming next big film in the mcu to go as good as avengers the next big thing will include a multiversal threat which can actually go towards secret wars.

So what next after Incursions?

We saw Dr. Strange to go in the dark dimension along with Clea who was the wife of strange and the sorceror supreme in the dark dimensions saying she need help of him in stopping an incursion caused by him which he was ready to accept.

So now the next Dr strange 3 will for sure going to be trying to solve the incursion from happening but with that some path for other universes will be open to enter our universe.

And in the phase 5-6 of mcu the secret war will also surely happen.