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Is Naruto Weaker Now As He Has Lost Kurama

Is Naruto Weak Without Kurama?

In the Boruto manga, we got to see the baryon mode came at the cost and the price that has to be paid was the life of the ten tails Kurama which resulted in Naruto no longer being the jinchuriki. It didn’t kill him but without Kurama, Naruto is bound to be weaker than his God-like forms.
But even without his huge chakra from Kurama, there is no human character in the series other than Sasuke who is as strong as him even now. I know all of this is happening in order to make Boruto and the new generation to take place of him and could never be done without making Naruto weaker but still, it’s not enough to make him weak.
Now we will list all the things which will be affected by the loss of Kurama which makes Naruto weak and what makes him strong.

Naruto Sage Mode

Naruto is among the very few characters in the series who can use sage mode namely Hashirama Senju, six paths Hagoromo, Jiraiya, kabuto and naruto’s father Minato that in itself shows how powerful he is and that is without the need of Kurama. Naruto’s sage mode is also different from other sage modes as he has six sage chakra inside his body which when mixed with sage chakra makes a stronger version of sage mode namely six paths sage mode only six paths Hagoromo was able to use.
In sage mode, the user absorbs natural energy and mix it with his her own chakra which gives immense physical strength, speed and healing power but it has to be done in a balanced quantity and needs a lot of concentration And Kurama helped Naruto in this regards as he was the one concentrating inside Naruto to collect nature energy while Naruto fought. Naruto now has to work on his sage mode and the place of Kurama could be taken by his shadow clone and maybe now his sage chakra may reach new heights than before.

Chakra Reserves

Many people believe that Naruto chakra came mostly from nine tails, yes in a way he got most of his chakra from the tailed beast but that doesn’t mean his chakra reserves are lower than any other ninja in Naruto universe among the living ninjas, cause Hashirama was the shinobi with the most chakra reserves.
Losing Kurama chakra is going to affect him and if I say how it will affect so take this example if before Naruto was able to make 1000 shadow clones so now he will still be able to create 200-300 shadow clones and it’s also a fact that with a lot of training chakra reserves could be increased so if Naruto go on training with all his shadow clone like when he did for wind style rasenshurriken he can still increase his chakra.

Losing the Kurama Beast Mode

The biggest loss that Naruto will have to face is the Kurama tailed beast mode where just like Susanoo of Itachi and Sasuke Naruto could also turn into a large humongous ten tails and having that mode doesn’t only mean having a large size but in actual it’s having control over all the chakra of Kurama at once which makes it a very overpowered move but since Kurama is no longer with Naruto this mode will also be removed from his arsenal. He could use giant kekkei Genkai Rasengan in this mode like the magnet release Rasengan, lava release and so much more where he could still have those different releases but I don’t think he will see those giant Rasengan anymore.
But still, naruto has the chakra of the remaining chakra beast inside him which may be the best for him to use all those different chakra nature jutsu in the future fights of Naruto and some of those are OP like the lava release, mist and magnet releases.

Lose his most experienced ally and Friend a mentor

Kurama after Naruto turned him into his friend who suffered just like him was a great ally and a mentor to Naruto. He was as old as 1000 years he was the strongest tailed beast and had immense fighting experience which came in handy in the fourth ninja war where Kurama was able to give Naruto strategy which made a big difference in the war. Well, it something that naruto has overcome with growing up as he has become a Hokage he knows how to take care of a village and with his life experience now he could come up with good strategies but still this is a big loss for Naruto.

Guys what are your opinion about all this. Do you think Naruto is weaker now will he lose now if he fights with an Otsutsuki or is Naruto still OP.

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