Is Wanda Scarlet Witch Dead in Dr. Strange 2

Dr Strange multiverse of madness was full of twists and turns in this our favourite Wanda had become a villian.

And our Doctor Strange fought her in the multiverse of Madness in this we get to see two new characters America Chavez and Clea.

And also by the end of the movie we also saw that Scarlet witch destroys the multiversal dark hold by destroying the tower of Wandagor which was the place from where Chthon left to the other realm.

But what came to wonder did she die or is still alive we will look at this in this post.

Where is Wanda after Dr. Strange 2 and What happened?

Dr strange multiverse of madness revolves around Wanda who wants to meet his kids even if she had to go to another universe for them and if she had to kill another one then it doesn’t matter she will do so.


For this she needed America Chavez by killing her and absorbing her she wants to become able to travel multiverse anytime.

Dr Strange tries to stop her by protecting America Chavez who she needs for her powers to open doors to another universe.

And in the end America Chavez understanding that the only way to stop Wanda us to give her what she wants.

Opens a portal to Wanda of 838 universe where Billy and Tommy are alive.

But after seeing her kids scared of her and understanding how the dark hold has changed who she is into a monster she makes up her mind to destroy the dark hold from the multiverse.

And destroy the tower of Wandagor which she assumes to be the source of Darkhold.

But we never see her actual body dieing only a red colour beam of light appear from Wandagor ruins.

Which we always see when she uses her powers.

So I think that Wanda is not dead but alive just her consiousness no longer belong to her but to the creator of darkhold Chthon.

Yes you heard it right Chthon has taken over Wanda’s body to come back to earth in her body.

Chthon takes over Wanda’s Body

Chthon is the creator of the darkhold and created it at the time of him leaving our world and going into other realm.

He created it a way for his return to the human world.

And as the time passed many people used his darkhold and copied it and wrote books with some of the powerful spells it had.

But the real darkhold were written on Scrolls of indestructible parchment which could not be destroyed.

And in order to prevent Chthon return Morgan Le Fay created a tower to trap him in it and to decrease his power influence to spread to other part of world.

And this tower was what Wanda had destroyed allowing Chthon to influence earth agains and increase his link with darkhold users.

And what I think the moment Wanda had destroyed the tower Chthon took over his body and used her chaos magic to transport her in his other realm.

There is also a phophecy of red slayer in the comics which states “When the Red Slayer spills blood on sacred stone, he who sleeps shale wake and what walked once will walk again.”

And i think that red slayer is scarlet which whose blood was spilled on the stone on which Wanda was last seen standing in the movie.

Chthon and Wanda Relation in comic

In the comics Chthon has used Wanda to come into this world many times but it was finally Wanda who had killed on his very own other world realm.

Chthon had used his magic on kid Wanda which put a tiny fraction of chaos magic innher body which made her attracted towards the dark hold.

First time Chthon used her body she was just used as a vessel but each time his connection increased he open a gate between other ream and earth.

To come to earth in the original body.

When Wanda got hold of the true dark hold with the help of Doom she goes into the Chthon real to finally end him.

And she did it. She fused with the true Darkhold which granted her the power to defeat Chthon and absorb the Elder God entirely. 

Although she absorbed him but since he is immortal if Wanda were to ever die he will be freed from her magic .