Lady loki Nexus event

Loki Season 1 : Why was Sylvie or Lady Loki got arrested by TVA | What caused Lady Loki nexus event

Lady Loki played by Sophia Di Martino’s is the only Loki completely uniques from all the other Loki variant. In the episode 5 of the series we got to see that when she was just a kid she got arrested by the time variant authority while playing with valkyrie toys and a dragon and saying this caused a nexus event.

Lady loki nexus event

It was said by Mobius that no two Loki are same but even then in case of Sylie she is not like any Loki , she can’t be called your God of Mischief she didn’t caused any harm to as hard, didn’t bring shame to Odin, was never meant to be the king of asgard as she was a girl and only boys sit on the throne, and cause of this never felt jealous of Thor.

But the thing which caused her nexus event was of her wishing to be a valkyrie, and if you don’t know valkyrie are the elite group of woman warriors directly under Odin who bring worthy people to asgard after their death.

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And they are the heroes of Asgard and Lady Loki wish to turn into a hero rather that a villian or the God of mischief was so big a thing that TVA had to interviene and prune her entire timeline.

And this caused Sylvie to hate TVA but even then there was another time where we see how she was different than other Loki. Here she didn’t wanted to take over TVA but to destroy it and it’s creator.

We know the only thing that a Loki wants is glory a purpose to be regarded as great and respected just like his brother Thor and father Odin and when Sylvie got it in form of Valkyrie caused the nexus event.

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What would have happened if Lady Loki  Aka Sylie was not kidnapped by TVA

Now since we have discussed about the reason which cause Sylvie’s nexus event let’s talk about what would have happened if TVA didn’t prune her timeline and kidnapped her and how it could have changed everything in MCU as we know it.

And since after Sylie finally kills He Who Remain who we see as the variant of Kang the Conqueror the villian to be in the doctor Strange multiverse of madness we also see all the pruned timeline getting revived again.


Which could be said to have brought back Sylvie’s timeline. And also because MCU’s What if is also starting then let’s think what if sylvie lady loki was a hero.

So if Sylvie had grown out be a young beautiful woman she would have joined the Valkyrie and then would had fought against her sister Hella as we know from thor ragnarok movie but since in the fight there would have been use of Magic and swords the result would have been different and Hella would be defeated without the annihilation of Valkyrie.

Sylie would have gotten glory which all Loki wished and had a friendly brother sister relationship with Thor. And since she didn’t wanted the throne Thor would never had to leave Asgard and join the avengers and if he didn’t come to earth Nick Fury would have not started the Avengers Mission and there would have been no Avengers.

The tesseract would always stay in the safety of Valkyrie , the asgardians and Odin and Thanos could never got his hands on the soul stone with Odin and his army all alive and in their own realm.

Iron man wouldn’t have to die, gamora would be alive and Jane would never become the lady Thor .

And many more thing could have been different and this would have had a huge impact on the sacred timeline.

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