Character who can beat celestials marvel

Who Can Beat The Celestials Marvel MCU | Thanos, Gnull and More

Celestials are cosmic beings of Marvel Comics who are responsible for the creation of solar systems planets and even uses.

They were created by infinity and eternity ( first firmament) to further expand the multiverse and bring it to life.

The celestials created eternals and deviants for the purpose of helping being of multiverse to expand life on their planets.

And their are not many who can even fight them on equal footing and even more difficult to defeat them.

But there are some characters who had defeated one or more of the celestial race.

And here in today’s list we are going to see all those characters who have defeated a celestial here I am not including those who can defeat but only those who we have prove that they defeated them.

Character who can beat celestials marvel
  • Thanos
  • Apocalypse Twins
  • Galactus
  • Aspirants
  • Thor
  • Stone Age Avengers
  • Black Bolt
  • Final Host
  • Ghost Rider
  • Knull


Thanos the big purple bad guy of Marvel. Who on many occasions has been a trade to the multiverse.

Thanos is an eternal whose parent work related by the celestial.

But their head been to occasion when he had defeated as celestial.

First was when he had all the Infinity Stones in his gauntlet and the other occasion was in an alternate reality.

Where he got his hand on the Astral regulator using which he had not only defeated the celestial but even the one above all the creator of the Marvel Universe.

Apocalypse twins

Apocalypse twins have not been introduced in the MCU but in the comics they are mutants who were kidnapped and trained by Kang the Conqueror.

Kang kidnapped them from present timeline and took them to the future where he provided with the technology and weapons to make them strong.

Later they defeated Apocalypse and acquired all of his powers.

Using that power they defeated two celestials and gained the death seed which was later taken by Kang.


Galactus or galan is the only being whose had survived the destruction of the previous multivers and stayed to become the devourer of universe.

His purpose of life is completely opposite of celestials who creates the universe and because of which they had fought with each other on many occasions.

Fully fed Galactus is a characters who could easily defeat many celestial and even to defeat normal galactus Celestials had to combine their powers in the comics.


When the first firnament felt lonely he created the celestial and aspirant to help him maintain the universe in the state it was in the beginning.

But the Celestial did not like the still state and wanted to create new planets, solar systems and life.

First firnament did not like it and he ordered the aspirants to annhilate the celestial and they nearly destroyed them using the god armour.

But a error in the armour saved them and as a result the first multivers came into existence from first firnament.


In Marvel Comics Thor had always been the strongest Avenger.

And on many times he was made even more overpowered in his various forms.

He had defeated Galactus a characters stronger than many celestials in his cosmic harold Thor form, his Phoenix king form had the power to defeat many celestials when they had attacked Asgard.

He had killed Exitar the executioner who was celestial by getting inside his body.

And his Rune King Thor form can easily annihilate the celestial race.

Stone age Avengers

The first Avengers team was not formed in the modern world but actually about 1 million years ago as the stone age Avengers.

It included thenyoung Odin the king of Asgard, Mammoth riding Ghost Rider , Iron Fist, black panther, the Phoenix and Agamotto.

They had defeated the celestial the first time they came to earth and even killed one of them whose remain on earth resulted in birth of super humans in the present time.

Black Bolt

Black Bolt is a very powerful character who can go even against the godly celestial but he is not as weak as was sown in multiverse of Madness.

In comics he had erased a celestial body to dust with his screen by accident!

The thing is in ” thanos wins ” arc when the celestial come to judge Thanos after he had decimated the universe.

Thanos stabs Black Bolt which result in him screaming from pain.

And his scream contain so much power that erased a celestial from existence within minutes.


Knull the king and the creator of the symbiot is a being who existed before the creation of multiverse who stayed in the darkness or the space outside of multiverse the void.

And when the celestial started creating light and planets he hated them for destroying his darkness.

And when the celestial came to defeat him to completely extinguish the darkness Knull created the All black or the necrosword the first symbiote to decimate a celestials head.

Ghost Rider

The most famous Ghost Rider of Marvel has always been Johnny Blaze.

But in the recent comics Robbie Reyes got the powers of Ghost Rider, the Angel of death and he had used those powers to put the carcass of a dead celestial to become his ride.

Since a celestial is both a machine and organic matter which came him the power of a celestial using which he could kill other celestial.

And when his power gets inside that celestial carcass the powers gets amplified and it makes him stronger than normal celestial.

Final Host

Final host has been introduced to us in the recent Avengers comic.

His arrival was bound to happen because of the stone age Avengers defeating the celestial host million of years ago.

But the final host is formed from Dark celestial the counterparts to the celestial.

Rather than creation of solar systems and planets they destroy solar system and planets. And before arriving on earth they rained down the bodies of celestial on earth which they killed to display there power.