Marvel MCU Characters Who Died Too Early In The Movies

Marvel Characters Who Died Too Early

In the MCU marvel Cinematic universe there have been many characters who had died and until the multiverse concept opened there was nearly no possibility of them coming back.

But still there are many characters whose power and story could have expanded further and made more impact in the movies which will no longer happen.

So today we will list down all those characters whose death could have been postponed in the movies.

  • Kurse
  • The Ancient One
  • Killmonger
  • Quicksilver
  • The Warrior Three
  • Ultron
  • Hela
  • Surtr
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America


Kurse was the second hand man of the dark elf Malekith who was a very powerful characters. His strength could have played more to become a very big obstacle in Thor’s path.

Kurse was someone who had survived being thrown in hot boiling magma and someone of that much strength die in hands of Loki was not satisfied.

And also in comic he was also poweref up by Beyonder and even killed Thor and later he became an Asgardian which no longer happen after his death.

The Ancient One

Now we have The Ancient One, the sorceror supreme before Dr. Strange.

She was a master of the eldrith magic along with her being able to use dark magic from dark dimension without being in control of Dormammu.

And her name Ancient one who has been for a long time dieing just in the film she was introduced was not satisfied.

And since sorceror supreme has a vast knowledge of the world like Wong knew the position of Dark Hold Palace in Dr. Strange 2 and all about multiverse she needs to return in future movies.


I lived my entire life waitin’ for this moment. I trained, I lied, I killed… just to get here. I killed in AmericaAfghanistanIraq. I took life from my own brothers and sisters right here on this continent! And all this death… just so I could kill you.


Even when the reason behind killmomger trying to kill t’challa was because his uncle killing his father in order to open Wakanda to the world especially the sub African and stop their oppression by American.

His objective was not wrong but he was consumed by his power.

He is someone whose death was necessary in respect he was very dangerous with his mind and skill.

And this we can see in What If episode 6 where he kills Tony Stark, took over Wakanda and bring a war between Wakanda and America.


Quicksilver was the only family that Wanda had left after their parent die.

They both were very young at the time the Avdngers age of Ultron took place and quicksilver die.

Which causes the trauma in Wanda and after Vision death it increased.

If he was alive there is a chance that the event of Wanda controlling dark hold would not have happened.

And also Quicksilver is a key characters among X- men and if they are coming in MCU it would have been better he was alive.

The warrior three

The warrior three did not appear in norse they were created to bring life to the marvel Thor character and they are not even in comics.

They were like a family to him who he spent most of his time.

They died by the hands of Hela.

If they did not died they would have been someone who had helped Thor recover from his trauma of his family death much faster.


How powerful and dangerous Ultron could be we get to see in the what if series were he got his hands on the infinity stones snd nearly destroyed the multiverse.

Well that is to the extremes but even without that Ultron as a villian is very exciting.

Which could have played many more parts in the MCU not only for a single film.

Maybe destroy his body but his AI survived which we may see in future films.


The reason behind Wanda losing her brain and logic was because of his brother and Vision’s death.

He had power to phase through things, had power of mind stone which makes him as powerful as Captain Marvel.

And i can’t understand why can’t he survive without the infinity stone like in the comics.

This was for the plot of Wanda story but Vision also died very early in Marvel.


Loki from the official marvel 616 had died and even when he had turned a hero in his last breath.

Yeah he is alive but not of 616 so we will see him in Loki season 2 and MCU with it multiversal variant and in multiverse war.

But if it was the 616 Loki who experienced everything himself his father during, him sacrifing himself it would be better than changing after watching it on TV.


Odin was a very powerful character in Marvel who had the power of Odin force.

He had to die in order to introduce Hela in movies but Odin of comic is a being you will not want to mess with.

Odin in the comic was someone who had fought with pheonix force a primordial entity a God in marvel comics.

So he could have played a great role in the fight against Gorr in the coming Thor love and Thunder movie.


Hela had appeared many times in the comic of Thor she is like one of the main villains of Thor in the comics.

But in the movies she only got to play one movie not happy with it.

Hela had the necro sword with her and was the ruler of the hell and was a charactwrs who has power level similar to Oden.

And I still think that she will come back as she was strong enough to destroy Thor mjornir with her hands on earth.

So her dying after the ragnarok on Asgard also don’t make much sense.


Surtr is a character whose main purpose of living is to bring ragnarok the destruction of God’s.

And he is more than 5 million year old and a character like that dying just because a place don’t exist anymore is not correct.

His character can be used in many events in the MCU to bring a sense of hopelessness to our heroes.

So in that sense he also died very early.

Iron Man

Tony had survived many events in the MCU from nearly going to the other life.

Him dieing in desert, the his arc reactor dieing, radiation poisoning, lack of oxygen in space but at last he died sacrifing himself in infinity war.

We have seen him evolving his suits in every movie and had became very strong but still thee is a long distance to his ultimate suit in movie and comic.

So there still was a huge potential for him to evolve and was a main hero of the first 3phases.

Captain America

The last person who I did not think will leave the MCU was captain America.

Well he actually did not die but left his hero work by staying in the past to live a happy life.

And well many people also think that he was the marvel version of Stan Lee so after Lee leaving this world maybe it’s was to show him respect for rest for now.

Who is your favorite marvel character