MCU Thor Love And Thunder Movie 2022 What Is Gonna Happen

The new movie in the marvel cinematic universe is soon going to release in july of 2022 and that is thor love and thunder which is the fourth solo film of Chris hemsworth as Thor and in it he is going to play the role of Rune king thor.

In the last Thor fil of Ragnarok we saw how Thor lost his brother Loki and his mjornir got broken into pieces by hella and after that during infinity war he became chubby fat and also got his new weapon stormbreaker and after the war him joining his valkaryie friend to bring change in his life.


Thor Love And Thunder Plot

Thor love and thunder is going to be revolving around the story of rune king thor as we can see from the poster release in which chris is in costume of the rune king thor as was shown in the mighty thor comic.

This film is going to be showning us the strongest version of the hero thor in the previous segment film of MCU we have already seen the strobngest doctor Strange the evil Dr. Strange and now with spiderman no way home giving us the chance to meet all the spider mans from the strongest universes Thor will also get his strongest form.

And we also saw that the mjornir which was previously broken was being held by Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster who is wearing the suit of the lady thor so we can assume that here we will see Jane in action and since the two previous films were based on multiverse it may have to be linked with it or the level of threat here has to be on the level of gods to keep the audiences attention.

and here why Jane has mjornir and how come it is in a complete form and not a rubbish is maybe because of the boon of Odin of whoever is worthy will get the powers of Thor and maybe Natalie was worthy and when she touched maybe a fragmentof the hammer it reformed back in in hammer form just with some cracks.

and from somes leaks it is also coming to be known that there is going to a Zeus character in the norse mythology of Thor in Marvel.

In the Marvel comics, Jane is diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time Thor is off battling Gorr the God Butcher — a character that will be played by Christian Bale in Love and Thunder. But after hearing Mjolnir’s telepathic call, Jane eventually finds the hammer and, upon lifting it, transforms into The Mighty Thor. 

Who Is Rune King Thor

In the comic there have been a lot of versions of Thor in Marvel Comics Universe. For example, Phoenix king Thor, Ultimate Thor, Unworthy Thor, Thor Odinson. But most notably two of the strongest versions of Thor are Old king Thor and Rune king Thor.

The story of rune king thor is inspired a lot from the norse mythology of Odin the all father. When Odin wished to know the knowledge of all the world and magics he had sacrificed many things in which he had hanged from the world tree yggdrasil from many days and nights and also he sacrificed one of his eye fot the knowledge of runes.

and as a boon for his sacrifice he got the power of runes the strongest magic in norse mythology and just like Odin in the marvel comics Thor also sacrificed both of his eyes and in turn he got the complete power of runes even greater than Odin ,he acquired his odin force and rune magic.

Thor love and thunder release Date

the movie is going to release in the US on july 8th 2022 and will be the fourth film in the thor series and the 28th film in marvel cinematic universe.

How can you look like Rune King Thor

Rune KIng Thor is the strongest characters in the avengers who is a god and even top of that this version of thor is one of his most powerful form and if you iwsh to look just like thor you can click on the link from down below which will take you to amazon where you could buy the cosplay of thor rune king and also gets his toy figurines and also of other marvel characters .

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