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Mihawk is Stronger Than Shanks Really ? | Shanks Vs Mihawk who is stronger

Is mihawk stronger than shanks
Is shank stronger than mihawk

From the time we get to see one piece we all have came to love shanks for the sole reason that he was the reason why Luffy started his journey to become the pirate King.

Shanks is the someone in Luffy heart who always give him courage to keep moving forward to return his cap to him.

Mihawk is known as the ‘ strongest swordsman ‘ in the new world and someone who has been a long time rival of Shanks.

And many people many a time are confused among the two of who is stronger amongst them.

So today’s we will see all the reason in which regards Shanks is stronger and those which make Mihawk stronger.

Why Shanks is  stronger than Mihawk

Mihawk the strongest swordsman

Mihawk is regarded as a character who is the strongest swordsman in the whole entire one piece universe but he is never said to be the strongest man.

He hasn’t got the rank of a Yonko nor is he a character who we have seen fighting against any yonko other than Shanks.

We have heard from Whitebeard that the fight between both Shank and Mihawk is something legendary but still in terms of pure power Shank is stronger.

  • Shanks is a yonko having a crew behind him and in his crew there are so many people with different kinds of skill and abilities and in terms of team power Shank is always stronger than Mihawk.
  • Shank is a master of armament and Emperor haki which were in par with Whitebeard haki the strongest pirate so in my opinion Shank haki is more powerful.
  • We have heard that Shank and Mihawk had fought many times but we don’t know who of them came out victorious so I am assuming that all the time those fight had resulted as a tie.
  • They have not fought for the time since Shank lost his arm but even then Shank has always been fighting more powerful opponent so in these 12 years Shanks has become more powerful while Mihawk was sitting on the throne of  the warlord and being protected by the world government so i think he hasn’t improved.
  • Even after losing his arm Shank has shared a blow with Whitebeard on the Moby dick before the the war at marinefold. Where Whitebeard was using both his arm and Shanks with his single hand. Which shows he has not become any weak.
  • He had became a yonko after losing his arm 12years ago, so he has improved a lot he may not be the strongest sword now but he is the strongest pirate compare to Mihawk.

Why Mihawk is Stronger than Shanks

Shanks with the yonko crew mate

In terms of  swordsmanship there is no person who is powerful than Mihawl it has been proven by the author himself that  he is the strongest swordsman.

Mihawk on his Vivre Card is stated that :

“He sits atop as the strongest, gazing down at his prey. The World’s Strongest Swordsman!


He rose to renown even before the Great Age of Piracy. Even now he reigns supreme as the World’s Best in name and actuality, an exceptional master swordsman.”


Which shows us that there is no hidden swordman not even Rayleigh,Shank,Akainu, no character can defeat him in the way of the sword.

  • Mihawk  is among the only 2 characters who has a black sword ,a sword which has been put with armament haki for a very long amount of time gets turned into a darker shade and with time getting  turning into a black sword. There has been only two characters who has a black Sword and that is Mihawk and the other is the sword God whose sword is being used by Zoro.
  • Zoru the Sword of Mihawk is among the 12 Supreme grade sword which is regarded as the strongest and well crafted swords where as the sword used by Shanks is among a great grade sword not the supreme grade.
  • Mihawk is much more level-headed and knows where he has to use energy and where not .In the fight between him and whitebeard he wanted to test his power but he knew that in that environment where there were so many people fightinhg it would be a waste of his energy whereas Shank is completely like Luffy where he don’t know where he should fight and where he shouldn’t which may come as disadvantage.

Conclusion : Shanks Vs. Mihawk

So all in all there is not enough proof in the manga or the anime for us to say that which among them is stronger.

But we all knew very well in terms of swordsmanship and in way of sword Mihawk always wins the battle as he is the strongest swordsman

But in terms of a fight where Shanks as a Yonko fight there will be his crew having some of the strongest pirates so Mihawk can’t defeat him.

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