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Naruto Ranking All The Tailed Beast | Jinchuriki and The Tailed Beasts

In the world of Naruto the tailed beast are were the strongest creatures alive until the topic of otsutsuki came into existence but even still they are monsters who can solo destroy a nation.

So today were are gonna rank down all those tailed beast in terms of their power, strength, chakra reserve and nature of their chakra that is if they use kekkei genkei.

So let’s start our list of the top 10 tailed beast ranked according to their powers along with all their jinchuriki or their seal vassels.

All about Tailed beasts

Tailed beasts came into existence where Hagoromo the six paths or the creator of ninjutsu divided the Ten tailed which was the divine tree into 9 souls so as to prevent the infinite tsukoyomi from ever happening.

And those 9 beads took on the form of 9 monsters resembing many different animal like monkey, fox, raccon, butterfly, snail, etc.

In tailed beast the number of tails they had is a representation of the chakra reserve they have in their body.

Since their body is made out of natural chakra even if they die they will get ressurected in time.

When the 1st ninja war ended Hashirama Senju had captured the tailed beast to prevent destruction and had given them among other nations to form friendly relations and each nation put them inside the body of a jinchuriki.

The jinchuriki is just a normal human whose body acts as a seal to keep these monsters at bay when they can use the beasts chakra acting as a nuclear bomb for the country.

And when all these tailed beast are putted back in the Gedo statue the shell of the ten tails the ten tails get ressurected.

All the tailed beast are listed down below.

  • One tails – shukaku
  • Two tails – Matatabi
  • Three tails – Isobu
  • Four tails – Son Goku
  • Five tails – Kokuo
  • Six tails – Saiken
  • Seven tails – Chomei
  • Eight tails – Gyuki
  • Nine tails – Kurama

Now let’s list all of the jinchuriki of the tailed beast.

  • Shukaku – Bunpuku, unknown ninja, Gaara
  • Matatabi – Yugito Nii
  • Isobu – Rin Nohara, Yagura Karatachi
  • Son Goku – Roshi
  • Kokuo – Han
  • Saiken – Utakata
  • Chomei – Fu
  • Gyuki – Blue B  , Killer bee
  • Kurama – Mito Uzumaki, Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto Uzumaki

So up until now there have been 15 jinchuriki out of which 14 are known from the time of Hashirama Senju capturing  the tailed beasts.

Weakest to strongest tailed beasts

Now let us start with ranking the tailed beast. I have ranked them based on my opinion your may defer you may tell what you think in the comments.

  1. Saiken
  2. Kokuo
  3. Chomei
  4. Isobu
  5. Matatabi
  6. Son Goku
  7. Shukaku
  8. Kurama
  9. Gyuki
  10. Juubi

10. Saiken

Saiken, the six tails is a slug like beast who is able to use bubble in his kekkei genkai which is a combination of water and wind style.

His jinchuriki was Utakata who we have seen in a filler episode with Naruto saving the secret technique of Hotaru.

Saiken being a tailed beast has a lot of chakra but in actual terms of battle we haven’t seen it do much.

It has the property of snail to be able to turn body malleable to deflect attack and has acidic bubble but not much useful in actual fights.

9. Kokuo


Kokuo the five tails was sealed in the body of Han who was a very powerful ninja of the hidden rock.

Kokuo was able to release the steam release which is a blend of fire and water  but this is a tailed beast who prefer to stay out of people view.

And live lonely in the forest . Kokuo is not based on a single animal but is a combination of horse and a dolphin as told to us by Kishimoto.

8. Chomei


Chomei the seven tail is based on a rhinoceros bettle and was shown to be a larvae when the sage of six path divided it from the ten tail.

And in the series it’s wings were used as it’s tail.

Chomei is able to use insect based attack like biting, sting or using a Caccoon to protect itself from attack. His jinchuriki was Fu from the hidden waterfall village.

Now comes the tailed beast who we have actually seen in fights.

7. Isobu


Isobu or the three tail is a tortoise like beast whose shell help him to be able to take a lot of attack he was able to deflect the nine tails beast bomb .

Isobu when we seen him being captured was out in the water showing he didn’t had a jinchuriki that time but wished to stay in hiding for some peace.

He uses water style and is able to create a hallucinations mist which confuses his opponent.

He was easily able to defeat the combined power of Orochimaru, Kabuto and Guren’s team and was only captured after two more akatsuki members Interfeared.

6. Matatabi


Matatabi was the first tailed beast we saw which was in alliance or a friendly relationship with their jinchuriki.

Matatabi is a cat like tail beast who is completely engulfed in blue and black flames and uses fire release ninjutsu.

He characteristics are his fast speed , agility and secrets attack. His raw power is also very much high compared to the the one tail.

5. Son Goku


Now the reason I have put Son Goku on the fifth place even though he is the four tails is because of his kekkei genkai to be able to use the lava release which is a very destructive ability.

And we have seen him fighting both kurama and gyuki at a time and was able to keep Gyuki the 8 tails one of the strongest at bay for a long time.

He is able to use the tailed beast bomb and is one of the tailed beast with the muscle who is powerful both in chakra and physically and is the only tail beast to be a master at taijutsu.

And based on his strength and feat I had to put him on 5th place.

4. Shukaku


Shukaku is the second most shown tailed beast after kurama in the series because of him being the beast of Gaara who turned out to became one of the starting villian to one of the favourite Naruto character.

Shukaku is able to use many released from sand, wind, earth and even magnet release.

In terms of power Shukaku always compares himself with Kurama the most chakra abundant tailed beast.

Shukaku is affiliated with hidden sand and is a beast based on an raccoon.

3. Kurama


One of my favorite tailed beast and the strongest in terms of his chakra reserves and his brain.

Kurama was the brain behind Naruto in the fourth ninja war and the one who was making live strategy in the fight which resulted in Naruto winning.

Kurama and Naruto’s relationship started as of rivalry and animosity where Kurama hating all his jinchuriki for keeping him sealed away and Naruto for making him an outcast.

But as time passed and Naruto using his talk no jutsu turned him into his friend he became his biggest help.

I didn’t put him in 2nd place because of him not having any different nature to his chakra.

Kurama is based on a kitsune which is a nine tailed fox who eats human hearts and is a yokai or ghost in the Japanese mythology.

2. Gyuki


Now the 8th tail Gyuki whose jinchuriki is the rapper the famous Killer B.

The person who helped Naruto to become friends with the nine tails and person who had amplified the power of Gyuki with his fighting skills and experience in life.

Gyuki is very much skilled in fighting and using all his tentacle can overpower many of the other tail beasts.

1. Juubi


The proginator or the mother of all the tail beast the ten tails Juubi had to be on the first place.

A being from outer space who is the source of all the mana and chakra on the earth and weapon used by otsutsuki clan to eat the life force of a planet.

Since Juubi is the combination of all the nine tail beasts his chakra reserves are immeasurable and is a beast not even the combined strength of all nine tail is able to defeat.

And when he turned into the divine tree nearly the world was controlled by him with the use of the infinite tsukoyomi.

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