One Piece Anime : Top 5 Teachers of Luffy

Luffy had many teachers in his journey which formed him into becoming the 5th emperor of the sea. He learned haki from rayleigh, compassion from his brothers, strength from Shanks and many others who taught him and today we are going to discuss on his top teachers who formed him.

  • Rayleigh
  • Ace And Sabo
  • Shanks
  • Hyogoro
  • Katakuri
  • Garp


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First teacher of Luffy from the time of him be coming a pirate. Rayleigh was the one who introduced Luffy to the concept of haki and who helped him also to control and awaken his emperor haki.

Rayleigh was the second in command of the ship of the pirate King Gol D Roger and is a master swordsman but since Luffy uses his body as a weapon he only taught him armornement haki, emperor haki and also the skills to actually fight cause before this Luffy was one who just started hitting his enemy without any tactics or strategy.

And only after staying with Rayleigh for 2 years he had somewhat had matured.

Ace and Sabo

Luffy ace and sabo

We were introduced to the backstory of Ace and Sabo after we knew Rayleigh but when we saw the childhood story of Luffy, Ace and Sabo we come to know from where Luffy developed his companionship quality and also his will to face difficult situations.

Both Ace and Sabo had to face problems in there childhood, for Ace it was in terms of hatred and critisicsm he had to face because of his relation to Gol D Roger and for Sabo it was in terms of his blood from the nobles and his parents abuse.

They also taught him that not all relations are made from blood but many long lasting relations are also formed in form of friendship and kinship.


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There are times when we don’t remember all of our teachers for their teaching but for the values we learn from them and to Luffy Shanks was one such teacher.

For a child Luffy Shank was a symbol of freedom and fun and he inspired him to become the king of the pirates he lost his arm for him showing him to put life of other above your own and also lit up the flamed of his soul but giving him the task to return his straw cap when he reached his goal.



Hyogoro the flower was once a yazuka boss of the flower capital and one of the most popular of wano country when he met Luffy inside the Wano prison he taught Luffy to cover his body or his attacks to haki working as a invisible shield which he called as Ryou which he could emit from his palms.

He is the most current person who had taught him and without this Luffy wouldn’t have been able to fight with Kaido, life while emitting his haki was able to create the same effect of sky splitting which was shown in showdown between shank and whitebeard.


It is said that experience is thousand times more valuable than bookish knowledge and this was true for our hero Luffy because what he learned from Rayleigh was just the usage of haki and how to control it but in order for it to be refined in his skill Luffy needed some real life and death battle which he got from Katakuri.

During his fight with Katakuri Luffy was able to get more powerful in using his instinct haki which made him see some seconds into the future which made him go up in terms of power by leaps and bounds and that is why Katakuri in a way was a teacherto him.



Garp the fist is Luffy’s grandfather and the father of the revolutionary leader Dragon and also the marine vice admiral who was with Luffy during his childhood his treatment towards him, letting him and Ace out in the forest alone, leaving both of them with a bandit.

To him making the boys in harsh conditions teaches them to co-op up with tough situations and they actually made him strong both physically and mentally from a very young age.

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Top Anime Teachers of Luffy One Piece