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One piece Chapter 1016 : The fight between Father and Daughter commence

One piece chapter 1016

One piece chapter 1016 starts off with Nami and Usopp going for saving other where they meet Ulti one the flying six who is very angry with the overturning of big mom against them.

She uses her head butt to knock down Usopp and captures Ottama thinking killing her will release the members under her control.

But we see that the soul of zeus is still alive in the climatact of Nami and now has acquired even more strength as he can now be part of climatact who can modify and enhance its attack .

With the help of Usopp shot Nami is able to defeat Ulti with help of Zeus who is now going to be named as Cotton who is now free from big moms control.

In this chapter we see that the fight is turning in the favour of straw hats once again with turning of beast pirates against Queen with now 7000 straw hats against 20000.

Which was previously 3000 vs 24000 and with the news of defeat of another flying six which is Ulti the confidence of beast pirates now go even down.

And at last we see Yamato the daughter of Kaido against her father telling him that he is going to be defeated by Luffy.

And she also claims that she is going to get with the straw hats pirates and going to sail the whole sail and the world free from his fathers chains.

This chapter was full of fights and the outcome is soon coming forward with Momonosukes location and condition unknown and Luffy in the submarines in an injured state.

So tell what you all think will happen in the coming chapter down below in comments guys and one more thing one piece will be on break again next week.

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