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One Piece | Top 10 Strongest Non DEVIL Fruit user In One Piece Anime | Strongest Anime Characters

                       Non-Devil Fruit User One Piece

In the World of One piece devil fruits are the source of power for many people a person who eats a devil fruit gets many different kinds of power from turning into an animal or getting the ability to change the shape of your body or to fire cannon from your arms .In a fight a pirates Devil fruit could decide his chance of winning or losing.

However there are many people in one piece who dont need These devil Fruits cause they on themself are a huge power-house and today we gonna list down all those non devil fruit users in the list.So lets start our top 10 strongest non devil fruit in one piece list.

Strongest Non Devil Fruit User One Piece

10. Shirahoshi Poseidon

Shirahoshi the mermaid princess ancient weapon poseidon

Princess Shirahoshi or better known as mermaid princess of the Ryugu Kingdom or fishman kingdom and the daughter of the king Neptune . She by her nature is a very coward and kind girl but the reason why she is on this list is because of her special skill that she has which makes her feared by the whole world goverment.And that is her being 1 of the Three ancient weapon Poseidon She has the ability to talk and control Sea Kings which are huge sea monsters capable enough to sink down an Island And her power are gonna prove to be very useful in the future.

9.  Ashura Doji

Ashura doji one piece retainer og shogun and one of nine scabbards

Ashura Doji is one of the retainer of the Kozuki Family and also one of the red scabbards led By Kozuki Oden .Once Kozuki Oden had defeated him and with time he became one of his trusted person .
Ashura is a great swordsman who once was a gangster and was also someone who had fought with Jack One of the commandder of the beast Pirates of Kaido and in that match had nearly defeated Jack and that is one of the reason why Kaido wants Ashura to join his beast pirates . But he has sworn his lopyalty to Oden and therefore even after his death rather than serving Kaido he chose to became a criminal.
He is also regareded as the “strongest Monster Of Kuri. “

8. Don Chinjao

don chinjao one piece

Don Chinjao was a former pirate The leader of chinjao family And the 12th commander of Happo Navy . He was a master of hasshoken when he was in his prime he was someone who had fought with many pirates in his prime when he was young he had fought with Monkey D garp ,the grandfather of Luffy and he was the person who made his head distorted . 
But Don Chinjao is an extremely skilled fighter he was able to defeat many pirates very easily on the colosseum in dressrosa arc and Came to give up on fight with Luffy because his punch made his head recover Again .
He is one of the very few people in one piece who could use all three kinds of Haki. He use armament haki on his head to harden it and use it as a cannon ball and was able to destroy the whole dressrosa colosseum with his head and even in this old age so he defenitely was much stronger in his prime.

7.  Roronoa Zoro

roronoa zoro one piece

Roronoa Zoro is the student of the strongest swordsman Mihawk ,the second in command of straw hat pirates and the master of devil fruit Badass Badass fruit .He is always seen to to training his body he uses 3 swords all simultaneously to fight his opponent .Zoro is someone who has taken more hits and attack all on his body even more than Luffy and never stopped.
He want to become the strongest swordsman of the whole world and thats why his effort and courage is also on another level .
Zoro never ate a devil fruit above was just a humor but he doesnt actually need one he is a master of Haki with which he covers his swords with which he cuts down they courage with there body.

6. Inuarashi  Nekomamushi

Inuarashi  Nekomamushi one piece

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi both are the leaders of the mink tribe and Both has been part of the pirate kings and whitebeard pirate crew both being regarded as the devils among the pirates and world government of one piece . They both were able to fight Jack of the beast pirates and gave him a real fight but got defeated when Jack used unfair means by poisoning the area around mink town and cutting their arms and legs .
But even without their arms and legs they are actually really great at fighting and they even didnt use their trump card The ” sulong ” form which make their power increase by ten folds during full moon .So they are someone who dont need a devil fruit to make there opponent come to their knees.

5. Benn Beckman

benn beckman one piece red hair pirates

The First mate and one of the commanders of Red hair pirates of yonko shanks Shank,Benn beckman is also a monster assuming to have immense power as being the first mate of a yonko.During the marinefold arc he was someone who had pointed his gun at Kizaru and warned him to not lay a finger on Luffy .
He is always seen when we see shanks as being a key member of red hair pirates .His favourite choice of weapon is his rifle and is always seen with a cigaratte in his mouth.

4. Mihawk

dracule mihawk one of the warlords in one piece

Now one of the 7 warlords of the sea and the greatest swordsman Dracule Mihawk He is the only shichibukai whose power is completely from his skill and physical abilities .He is a master of the swords and can understand his opponent strength in mere second as he was able to calculate Zoro strength first time they meet but also understood that he will become more powerful cause of his determination and selflessness .
We have seen his defeat the entire fleet of Don Krieg of 50 ships and 5000 piates alone .He uses 2 swords Kogatana which is in form of a pendant shape small sword which he wore on his neck which he uses to fight weak opponent and his main sword Yoru which he only use against worthy opponents .
He had fought with many pirates in the marioneford arc but didnt got even hurt a little.He had fought with shanks many time and took him as his rival until he lost one of his arm.

3. Shanks

red hair shanks one piece anime

The captain of the red hair pirates and one of the four emperor of the sea .Up until now in the series we have not seen him using any devil fruit ability and we saw him swim in ocean when he was in luffy town in past thats why im taking his as someone who doesnt have a devil fruit . Shank is one of the most important character in the series he is the reason why Luffy started his pirate journey and one of the most strongest pirates of the sea.
He has shared blows with whitebeard ,Mihawk, Kizaru ,Akainu ,Kaido and so many powerful characters in the series He was a crewmate in the pirate king Gol D Rogers ship .He is among the people who can use all 3 kinds of Haki.

2. Silver Rayleigh

silver rayleigh dark king one piece

Silver Rayleigh The second hand man of Gol D Roger and among the very few peoples in the world who knew the secret of the hidden treasure one piece .
Rayleigh is someone who is feared by the world government and a master of haki.He was the person who taught Luffy about haki in the timeskip and because of that Luffy power has taken a huge leap formard.
He is someone who is able to keep up with kizaru ,Akainu and many marine admirals at the same time.One of the most strongest pirate in the history of one piece could be easily given to the dark king of one piece.He is a master swordsmen ,a master of haki and a complete devil .He had swam a part of the ocean and had killed sea kings in mere seconds.

1. Monkey D Garp

monkey D garp one piece

Grandfather of Luffy ,father of the world most wanted the leader of revolutionaries Dragon and a former rival of the pirate king Roger .Garp will be regarded as the strongest in the series rightnow as I dont think even any emperor is as powerful as Garp .In my opinion neither Kaido  ,Big mom nor teach could fight against Garp .
He was offered the post of marine admiral several times but he refused it each time which is a post which resembles the strongest position in the world goverment this also shows us the power Monkey D Garp.

Honourable Mentions

Some Honourable Mentions here even though I dont respect all of them they are Edward weevil, Lao G ,Kyros ,Sai, Momonga,Vergo,Pedro,Vista and Jinbe

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