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One Punch Man Chapter 164 Review | What Gonna Happen Next

One punch man chapter 164 has come out and as we have seen from the appearance of blast in the manga one punch man by Yusuke Murata is going to be different from the one punch man of One and we saw this in this chapter how it will change from its timeline from the original.

One Punch Man Chapter 164

One Punch Man Chapter 164 starts with us going back to the fight between Garou’s monsterised form and Saitama and as we had seen in the previous chapter that Saitama as being him was far ahead of Garou in terms of strength and speed and now today Garou had tried all of his cards in his hands and finally agreed that no matter what he will not be able to defeat Saitama no matter what and he decided to die by his hand but when he also surrendered as we all know our Saitama he took him to his room and made his mind to lecture him.

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In the same chapter, we saw that during Garou’s attack he throws Saitama on top of a mountain and using all his power, punch him with a powerful force which results in the tectonic plates inside the Earth’s surface dispaces which make the earth distorted and in turn causes the dimensional seal on brink of breaking down which we came to know from Blast in another dimension.

Unlike the original manga where there is no other dimension here the biggest monster which we had heard from the prophecy is going to come from there who maybe right now is in a fight against the Blast’s team. In that team, we saw four people out of them the figure two of them resemble the monster whom Saitama had already defeated. Firstly one of them looked like Boros who was killed by Saitama in the manga and anime and also one who looked like The Beast King from the house of evolution.

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