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OVA is a short name used for original video animation or sometimes OVA original animation video.

But what is the difference between an OVA and an anime normal episode you may ask?

So the only basic difference is that OVA are made in mind to be released as DVD, not to be released over television.

There are many anime which were released as OVA but because of their popularity got turned into an TV version for example Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter X Hunter ova was released about 20years ago with the story following from the manga with a really great animation .

And after sometime it got turned into an anime version which was released on Television.

Differences in Ova and Normal Anime

They both are anime one was made to be sold as DVD version other to be broadcasted on TV.

Ova may sometimes be released as a special episode which shows the background story of a character after the anime series has ended.

Ova since are made on DVD and has most of the time a higher budget and longer time duration to work they are of higher quality.

They may be 20min to long as some hour not bounded in time.

But Anime for TV has to be made within 22-25min so there are many a time where they are not able to tell the complete story with depth and has lower animation quality.

OVA maybe canon or not , like for example the whole hunter x hunter ova was canon but many a time they are not.

And since ova are made available through DVD and not on TV there is no censorship on them.

They may have explicity scene of gore or blood with intense fight and strong language used.

OVA used to be less popular among people than the anime series as they had to bought the physical copy.

But in recent years because of their decent quality animation they are getting popular and many time has started to be runned on TV. Which is making the main difference being diminised.

And are the OVA worth to be watched then yes they are as they are those episode in series which are made to increase the value of series Or tell certain backstory we didn’t get to know in anime version.

Anime having a OVA – original video animation

Hunter x hunter has a ova. Noblesse a very popular manhwa also has a ova which I have put on my list of manhwa into anime list.

Attack on Titan has ova as special episode which are not mostly canon, mha and ancient magus bride both have OVA which are special episode not filler not completely canon.

Best Top 10 anime OVA you should watch

So as we have already talked about that OVA are anime which have been given more freedom of time and better quality to make, they may be canon or just some special but even then there are many anime whose OVA you will definitely love   if you had loved the normal version or manga.

  • Hunter x hunter
  • Hellsing ultimate
  • Shingeki no kyojin : No regrets ova
  • Kamishama hajimemashita ova
  • One punch man : Road to hero
  • Jojo bizarre Adventure part 3
  • Bardock : Father of Goku
  • Pokemon Origins Ova
  • Noragami Aragato
  • Legend of the galactic heroes
  • Magi : Sinbad No Bouken
  • Golden Boy
  • Rurouni Kensin : trust and betrayal

Hunter x Hunter : Greed island


Hunter x hunter is one of my favorite anime series with so many characters whom I love a lot.

And when I came to know that hxh has an OVA version I just wanted to watch it that moment and guys what good thing I did at that time.

The ova of hxh is completely similar to the anime just the animation has been refined a lot. The major difference that you will see is in the character.

Hisoka in the ova is very different from the anime and same with killua.

The ova is available for the first season to greed island arc.

Hellsing Ultimate OVA


There are many OVA who had been made which completely overshadow the anime version and helling ultimate is one of them.

It’s completely canon and if you wanna see this great anime then I would say you should directly see the ova rather than the anime.

There is complete creative independence to the creator and nearly no censorship so there is blood, head bursting scene and many more which will make you love with it.

Hellsing is about the story of Alucard who is a vampire (count Dracula) who works with the hellsing organisation to destroys the being of the night who are vampires, ghouls, etc.

He did so because he is someone who loves killing just for the hang of it and he tortures and humilites hisvenenies before killing.

If you love dracula and vampire you will definitely love this anime.

Shingeki No kyojin : No Regrets OVA

Shingeki no kyojin or popular known among the Western audience as attack on Titan also has ova of it.

It has 3 OVA and all of them are specials which are watched to know some backstory and of them attack on Titan no regrets OVA has the back story of Levi Ackerman.

Guys Levi is a complete badass character and who would not love to see his story before he had joined the survey corp.

In it we get to know that Levi was a criminal before and how he joined it cause of Erwin.

Kamishama Hajimemashita Ova

Kamisha kiss is the story of Nagami and Tomoe a familiar of the Mitsuki shrine.

But the OVA doesn’t take in the time of the anime but actually in the past.

The story takes place with tomorrow getting very sick because of a curse and in order to cure and know the reason behind the curse Nagami goes back in past.

In the past Nanami gets to knew so many thing about Tomoe, the curse and even why she met Tomoe on that day.

It has action, love, romance and mystery which is a special 4 episode OVA which you will definitely love.

One punch Man: Road to Hero Ova

One punch man has been a very successful anime in the year 2020 and because of its popularity it’s OVA has also been made.

It has 2 OVA having 6episodes each . One punch man road to hero is the OVA based on opm season 1.

This has special episodes which takes turn to show us the life happening during the time when they are free.

On the first episode Geno’s tries to find out the reason of Saitama power, on other some funny moment with Bang and Tatsumaki .

This has all the humour of one punch man and is great for a break from those fight and action but in no way should you miss it.

If you love opm you should definitely check it out.

JoJo’s Bizarre adventure Part 3 Ova

Jojo having it’s popularity has many OVA but today we will look at the part 3

Bardock : Father Of Goku

In the dragon ball Z anime when I got to knew about Goku being a super saiyan, an alien species from outer space and his dad being an hero of their planet I wanted to know more about him.

And if you also wanna know than this OVA has done just that.

In bardock father of Goku we got to see the story behind how Goku came to earth, why bardock became a hero .

And we also got to see the great ape transformation which in the recent dragon ball series the author has completely forgotten.

We got to see how frieza betrays the people of planet vegetables and how bardock sacrifice himself in the failed try of saving his home planet.

So if you want to see something different than the God version of Goku and have a fresh air breath you can check this OVA out.

Pokemon Origins Ova

Pokemon origins as the name in itself suggest it is the story of the origin of the Pokemon series.

If you don’t know that Pokemon anime is based on a game whose main protagonist name was red and Ash ketchum is not the actually hero of the game then you are mistakened for a long time.

Pokemon origins follows the story of Red whose wish is to become the greatest Pokemon master there ever was and not to catch them all which in turn he actually do other than some red cap guy.

Since Red was portrayed as a pokemon master most of his fights are victorious and his pokemon team includes the final evolution of them.

The OVA is completely true to the game and follows it as we have played the game from oak calling red and blue to get pokemon to red finally defeating Blue to became the champiom of elite Four.

Noragami Aragato OVA

If you have watched noragami and had felt pity for Hiyato and Yato and wished them to have atleast some peace in their life then you should watch this ova.

Noragami is the story of a world where God exist and these gods needs OVA people belief in order to stay in existence and these gods protect the human from the dark spirits.

Yato is one such God but nearly no one remember him and is on brink of his existence so he help people just for 5€ yen.

But this ova has tried to give him some peace with him going on a vacation with Hiyori.

This is a light hearted anime which you will love but in order to understand you need to have watched the anime or manga.

Legend Of  The Galactic Heroes

One of the longest runned OVA up till now is none other than legend of the galactic heroes with a total of 110 Episodes .

Mostly a certain part of anime or special are made on OVA but on this anime complete series was made into an ova.

It’s story is similar to star Wars where there is an intergalactic war happening but in no way is it degradable than the former and in my opinion there are many thing which star Wars can learn from it.

Magi : Sindbad No Bouken OVA

Magi Sinbad no bouken is a 5 episode ova based on the manga keeping some thing leaving out others.

In the ova we see the story of sinbad how he starts his journey to search the dungeon and find it’s secret rather than joining the military.

Yunan helps him made his mind to become the king of the land to bring prosperity and wealth to the people.

I came to watch it hearing the name of the characters from the arabian nights and boys I did love it . It has many character from it from Sinbad, Aladdin but with there own twist from the original.

Golden Boy OVA

Golden Boy is a Japanese comedy manga series about a 25-year-old freeter, pervert, and “travelling student” named Kintaro Oe.

A part of the manga has been adapted into a 12episode ova. But before you watch it you should know it has some mature content having female masturbation, orgasm and so on so not for kids.

Kintaro, despite having met the requirements for a law degree, left Tokyo University without graduating. Golden Boy depicts his living the life of a free spirit, roaming Japan from town to town, job to job.

During his travels, Kintaro meets several women whose lives he dramatically changes, despite poor first impressions. He constantly observes and studies the people and events around him, recording his findings in a notebook he carries on his belt.

Rurouni Kensin : Trust and Betrayal OVA

Rurouni kensin has been a very successful anime having many ova made on the series.

Trust and betrayal the the 3rd season ova .

Trust & Betrayal chronicles the story of Himura Kenshin as the Hitokiri Battōsai during the final years of the Bakumatsu era while also revealing the origins of his cross-shaped scar and exploring his relationship with a woman named Yukishiro Tomoe.

While a raid of bandits slay a group of travelers, a young boy named Shinta is saved from death by a passing swordsman.

The swordsman, known as Hiko Seijūrō, is a master of the Hiten Mitsurugi, the strongest of all sword forms.

After seeing the boy bury the bodies of not only the travelers but also the bandits, Hiko is impressed and takes Shinta as an apprentice, renaming him “Kenshin”, a name which he felt was more appropriate for a swordsman.

Should you watch an ova before anime

So it’s not really necessary as I had already said they may be special or canon just they were made in DVD version.

If it’s canon then watch it as it will be better in term of animation and has complete story covered but if it’s just a special you can neglect it but if you have time can watch them.

And yeah friends OVA are not trailers of anime. But they may help as a way to promote the manga or anime.

Which OVA you should not watch

Well many ova are actually the cherry on the top of cake for an anime but there are many ova whose story and animation quality is worse compared to the anime.

And these ova didn’t did justice to those anime and they are the one you should not watch as they not worth it.

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