Overgeared Manhwa chapter 126 Prediction Release Date | Overgeared Chapter 124-125 review

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 126 Prediction Release Date | Overgeared Chapter 124-125 review

Disclaimer : This may contain spoiler for non reader of light novel of overgeared.

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 126 Prediction Release Date | Overgeared Chapter 124-125 review

This week out of the blue directly 2 chapters are released after chapter 123 in which we came to know about the story of the doppelganger Randy and Wendy and how come Pagma gave him his appearance and from that how greed ( grid ) learned to use repair on the doppelganger.

Overgeared Chapter 124 -125 review

Overgeared Chapter 124 starts with greed and Laurel in the lord’s chamber talking about making the monopoly on the yellow mithril which will help them in progressing the alchemy in Reidan the Euphemina comes and grid gives him the invisibility cloak.

After the grid repairs, Randy decides to at last go for the quest to kill Asmoppel given to him by Piaro.

At the end of the chapter we see Verdin and his guildmates on a mission to assassinate the Ul clan but greed then interrupts and helps the Ul clan. and in Reidan we see that Kraguel gets stopped by Piaro seeing his footwork and we will see a fight between them real soon.

From there chapter 125 starts which starts with greed beating all of the Veradins guildmates to a pulp and seeing himself in a corner Veradin using Dantalian’s bone summons the 25th demon of hell Dantalian’s incomplete body but since now greed gets serious using Transcend link he defeats Veradin and Dantalian.

And the chapter ends with the fight between Piaro and Kraguel about to start.

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 126 Prediction

The next chapter is going to start with using actually going to see the duel between Piaro and Kraugel with Piaro going to show him his supreme swordsmanship and at last, Kraugel is going to face defeat with humility and after that Kragel is going to train with Piaro in farming for a whole month.

Along with it we will see greed actually now in the empire and challenging the slaughter and finally defeating the undefeated slaughterer. Earl Zebra is introduced who is socked with slaughterer defeat and orders his assassins under him to kill grid but grids orders Noe to kill Earl Zebra and his end is here. And I assume the chapter will end here.

And really soon in the coming chapters, a big secret is going to be revealed about the great demons so be alert to check it out here when it happens.

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 126 Release date

The new chapter of overgeared Manhwa is going to be released by the next week maybe Tuesday and near to 10 May.

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