Overgeared Manhwa chapter 127 Prediction Release Date | Overgeared Chapter 126 review

Disclaimer: This may contain spoilers for the non-readers of the light novel overgeared.

As we had already seen in the previous chapter that Piaro and Kraugel had met for the very first time outside Reidan fields and Piaro had stopped him from entering Reidan this chapter was the aftermath of that meeting and it was full of action and fight.

Overgeared Chapter 126 review

Overgeared Chapter 126 was full of action and fight between Piaro and Kraugel and the chapter is titled the Sky above the sky the title by which Kraugel is known throughout the gaming community as the person who can’t be reached by anyone but it was first for him to face an opponent who was able to give him a tough fight even in terms of swordsmanship and even while being not worried and without a change in facial expression.

For the most part, Piaro was easily able to push him back with his peerless swordsmanship and even while using just his hoe but as he understood that Kraugel cant is defeated with just that and when Kraugel said that he is lacking Piaro had taken his sword out of his scabbard and then the real fight started.

and at last when Kraugel was being pushed back using the ability of the Drasion sword he had been able to stab Piaro in the stomach and the chapter ended there. This chapter was based on the light novel overgeared chapters 240-242 you can read it by clicking the link.

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 127 Prediction

We will be seeing what is going to happen next in the fight between both sword saint candidates and what we surprise you is that Kraugel at the end of the fight is going to become a farmer in Reidan for a whole month. And in the next chapter of overgeared 127 we will see grid going toward the empire and having a fight with the slaughtered and his meeting with Asmopel is going to happen and really soon a great demon is going to appear in the empire. So keep watching.

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 127 Release Date

Overgeared Manhwa chapter 127 Release Date is going to be released on 17 May on Wednesday.