Pro and cons of dslr camera

Pros And Cons Of DSLR Camera | Things to KNow about your DSLR

If you are a newbie photographer and videographer the decision of buying your very first DSLR can be very tough and also very expensive but with all that features and qualities there are many things to keep in mind for buying a DSLR camera.

For that, we have made this list of pros and Cons of a DSLR which will help you decide what you need and which camera you should buy and you also should consider the price range because it will affect your decision very much.

These are the point to consider.

Pro and cons of dslr camera
Pro and cons of dslr camera

Pros of a DSLR Camera

DSLR cameras are also known as digital single-lens reflex cameras or digital SLR cameras, and this is because in it the light moves through a lens and is reflected onto a viewfinder which gives it the ability to create images on the viewfinder in real-time.

  • Optical Viewfinder decreases Delay helpful for beginner
  • Faster Autofocus and Tracking Objects
  • Lots of Options to Choose from in terms of Lens
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Better Suited for Beginner In a Budget
  • Better Photo quality than mirrorless cameras

Optical Viewfinder

DSLRs are a go-to buy for a beginner most of the time because of their capability to form images on the viewfinder because of this it becomes easier for a newbie to know how the image is going to look.

Even many experts photographer uses the viewfinder as it provides a bright and clear image better than a mirrorless camera’s EVF.

Faster Autofocus

DSLR, since is made in this way to be able to focus faster on an object and track a moving object, can easily be above mirrorless to get a more crisp and clear image.

They are the best option in wildlife and sports photography.

Lots Of Lenses to choose from

Since DSLR has been around for so long since 1988 there are many companies in the market and they also have many lenses for nearly all purposes from wide angles, fish views, and many more.

You cant find this many options in any other kind of camera.

Longer Battery Life

This is the biggest advantage of DSLR over the mirrorless camera as the battery life is many important for photography for longer duration and outside.

You won’t need to carry additional batteries for your DSLR and can even last for a day even in a very busy workload.

Better Image Quality

DSLRs are larger cameras with large lenses which makes them, the best choice for low light or night photography. They can even provide very high-resolution images.

Cons Of DSLR cameras

Now other than having these awesome advantages of a DSLR camera there may be some things that make them problematic In some cases and these are because of these cons which we see in DSLR cameras.

  • Heavier IN Weight
  • Bigger in sizes
  • problem because of moving parts
  • Not best for videography

Heavier in weight

Since DSLR have to consist of a big lens it needs to have a bigger body and which in turn makes it very heavy for taking photography.

And if you have to shoot for many hours straight keeping your camera in hand it becomes very tiresome.

Bigger in Sizes

The same problem which causes DSLRs to be heavier also results in them being bigger which makes it difficult for the moment picture. Means it takes some time for you to take it out of your bag pack and put it into action and be an on-the-go photographer.

Problem Cause Of Moving Parts+

It consists of many moving parts which cause it to make a lot of sounds compared to other cameras which can come in your way of focusing in the wild resulting in missing some great shots.

Not Best for Videography

DSLR tends to be not the best in video taking as their advantage to having higher focus quality makes it difficult to change contrast saturation continuously and resulting in the video quality being down.

  1. What is advantage of DSLR over A mirrorless camera

    Optical Viewfinder decreases Delay which can be very necessary for many places which we don’t see in mirrorless cameras of a cheaper rate.
    Faster Autofocus and Tracking Objects make it better than a mirrorless camera for sports and wildlife photography.
    Lots of Options to Choose from in terms of Lens as it has been in for so long but this is decreasing with time.
    Longer Battery Life as it doesn’t have to create an image on the viewfinder digitally but a mirrorless camera has 2 places where the image is formed which makes them consume more power.
    Better Suited for Beginner In a Budget
    Better Photo quality than mirrorless cameras.

  2. Is DSLRs necessary to take a good photo?

    NO DSLRs are not necessary for taking a good photo they do help in this but the thing which is the most important for the image look is your understanding of photography, how light affects a photo, and how our minds perceive an image these all things combined make a photo great.
    And like it is said the pen is mightier than a sword but only in the hand of a poet and not in the hand of an illiterate.