God Emperor Doom Vs Rune King Thor

Rune King Thor Vs God Emperor Doom Who Will Win ?

God Emperor Doom and rune king Thor are two of the most powerful versions of Doom and Thor in the Marvel Universe.

Both of them has shown multiverse feets and has power and abilities of multiversal Level so between both of them who is the stronger we are goingh to see today.

And in order to know about who will win in a fight first let us see their powers and abilities  so first we will look at God Emperor Doom origin, abilities, feets and powers.

God Emperor Doom Origin

Victor Von Doom has always been a very big villian in the Marvel Comics from his appearance in Fantastic Four to his most powerful version God Emperor Doom appearing in secret wars has made him an overpowered character.

His origin differs in two main comics The Secret War and Secret Wars 2015 both has similar story but some slight differences but here we are going to look at secret Wars 2015.

Victor Von doom appears after the collision of Marvel Universe and ultimate universe at time of secret Wars when because of incursion nearly the whole universe has been destroyed.

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God Emperor Doom Vs Rune King Thor

But at the time of destruction Doom was able to enslave molecule man who has the power of the beyonders.

And with him he got those powers and with the remain of the universe after incursions he created the battle world which is a world combined with different components of the multiverse.

In here there are many Thors which work under Doom as a police force named Thor Corps.

Reed Richards family has now Doom’s family, Human Torch has become the sun and The Thing is a wall seperating the battleworld.

In this world his power can be seen when Doom easily murdered a Phoenix-powered Cyclops, ripped out Thanos’ skeleton and even defeated an Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Black Panther.

In the battleworld Doctor Strange helps him as a Sheriff and is the only person remaining there who has the memory before the incursions.

Well he was defeated at the end when molecule man took away all the powers he gave to Doom and transfered them to Reed Richards who restorrd the multiverse.

God Emperor Doom Power and Abilities

He has the powers and abilities of all the Beyonder Race combined after he defeated them with Strange.

Because of this reason his power is easily Multiversal level as a single beyonder was capable enough to fight with living tribunal who is above the multiverse and controls it.

He is a master strategist and a natural born genius as was able to command a huge part of the multiverse in the battleworld.

He had removed the knowledge of the past universe with his intellect and wits.

Strength is immesurable as was able to defeat Thanos with his bare his, took on the infinity gauntlet in black Panthers hand and defeated Pheonix powered cyclops which is also multiversal level.

He is not Omniscient nor Omnipotent as his powers comes from molecule man.

None of his abilities were used in secret wars so we may assume that he has all his previous powers like matter manipulation, magic, energy waves attack, etc.

Rune King Thors origin, powers and abilities has already been discussed in this post so you can read it here.

God Emperor Doom Vs Rune King Thor

So now let’s start the fight between Doom and Thor.

In terms of magic, speed and endurance Rune King Thor Wins as he has the rune magic with which he also had defeated those who sits in shadows who are assumed to be Beyonders.

In terms of Physical strength I will give the win to God Emperor Doom as he had defeated pheonix which is a cosmic being which is stronger then Mangog whom Thor had defeated.

Rune King Thor Is multiversal level being after absorbing infinity but is still under the Living Tribunal but God Emperor Doom is more powerful than living tribunal with Beyonce’s power.

Thor could easily beat Doom if he somehow convince molecule man to transfer those power from Doom to him and how will he know about molecule man because he is Omniscient which Doom is not.

Strategically and wits wise Thor agains win as the rune magic is the strongest form of knowledge from the nature or anything in existence.


So if this fight ever happens in marvel I will love to see it and in my opinion the winner of this fight would be God Emperor Doom as long as he has molecule man on his side.

But it’s my own opinion but i would love to hear what you all think please comment down below if you agree or disagree with this conclusion.

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