Rune King Thor Vs Rimuru Tempest Who Will Win

Rune king Thor is the strongest version of Thor that we see in marvel and Rimuru Tempest from that time I got reincarnated as a slime is a character who had broken many boundaries of power.

So if they fight who will win that is what we are going to find out today.

But let me tell you who will win based on my research and analysing.

Both are very strong but between Thor and Rimuru, Rimuru Tempest will win a fight of endurance and time – space.

Here the Rimuru I’m taking is from the light novel not from the manga. So first let’s look at Rimuru powers and abilities.

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Rimuru Tempest Power and Abilities

Rimuru main basic power is of predation and wise sage when he was reincarnarted into his world but with time and each of his fights his abilities evolved he acquired new abilities and by the end of light novel his abilities evolved into their final form we will list those final evolved abilities power down below.

  • Void God Azathoth
    • Soul Consumption
    • Turn Null
    • Imaginary Room
    • Space – time control
    • True dragon release
    • True Dragon core transformation
  • Harvest Lord Shub Niggurath
    • Skill creation
    • Skill duplication
    • Skill gifting
    • Skill bank
  • Evil Dragon Azi Dahaka
    • Thought accelaration
    • Parallel processing
    • Organi&c matter control
    • Ability absorbtion
    • Multi dimensional barrier
  • Wisdom Lord Raphael
    • Thought accelaration
    • All of creation
    • Seperation
  • Gluttonous King Beelzebub
    • Predation
    • Analysis
    • Stomach
    • Soul eater
  • Covenant King Uriel
    • Spacial domination
    • Infinite prison
  • Storm King Veldora
  • Scorch King Velgrynd

Now let’s look at all these abilities in detail

Void God Azathoth

By the end of the light novel Rimuru had turned into a God of that world and acquired this skill.

Which include soul consumption using which he can not only consume the organic and inorganic matter but even the soul of the persons.

Then his most op skill turn null which combining with his imaginary space having infinite mama can create more than 10000 universes.

Imaginary room is a third dimensinal pocket where he can store his mana, skills and thing he absords.

He can control space time matter under this skill.

Now after he had absorded both Veldora snd Vrlgrynd he can now summon both of their clones and he can turn all there skill ability and mana core in form of a sword.

Harvest Lord Shub Niggurath

Another skill which rimuru acquired after becoming the true demon Lord was harvest Lord Shub Niggurath which is the ultimate upgraded version of Covenant king Uriel.

Skill creation allows him to acquire new skill from analysing the things he consume and making skill out of them.

He can than duplicate those skill with skill duplication.

Turns the information in terms of data to use that skill again in future with skil bank.

Hand he can also transfer these skill or gift cause he can make more using skill duplication which make the ultimate support skill.

Evil Dragon Azi Dahaka

Rimuru plunderer skill evolved in Azi Dahaka when he absorbed Footman. He had absorbed the body of the Evil dragon hence he got this skill along with Zero who had absorbed the core.

Since Zeno had the core he became the evil berserk dragon .

This skill makes Rimuru able to accelerate his thought with which he can make millions of cirmumstance in second and make decision in blink of an eye.

Parallel though is the ability along with accelerate thought which all him to process all them at same time.

Organic matter control all to control the nature.

And the ability which make it op are absolute domination and multi-dimensional  barrier which makes s barrier around him and in that barrier his rule is absolute.

Wisdom Lord Raphael

The main skill that Rimuru got coming to this world was The grat sage which allowed him to come this far.

And that great sage evolved into its ultimate form as Wisdom Lord Raphael.

In certain times it can take over the body of Rimuru if he is unconscious but only for the good of him he is completely loyal to him.

It enhances the thought accelaration of Azi Dahaka with its own thought accelaration.

His all of creation is the ability to comprehends any non-concealed phenomena in this world which can compete with Thor’s rune magic.

The biggest advantage which came with it was chant annulment because of which he don’t need to chant to use magic.

Gluttonous King Beelzebub

Gluttonous king beelzebuth is one of Rimuru Tempest‘s Ultimate Skills. It had been created from the combining and evolution of Unique Skills Gluttony and Merciless during Rimuru’s Harvest Festival.

When Rimuru became a true dragon slime his Wisdom Lord Raphael, gluttonous king Beelzebub, storm king veldora and scorch king Velgrynd all combined into Void God Azathoth which we saw above.

Preadation got an even evolved version soul consumption.

Covenant King Uriel

 It is the evolved form of the Unique Skill Unlimited Imprisonment mixed with a selection of Rimuru’s subordinates’ Skills conducted by Raphael and the effects of Beelzebuth‘s Food Chain, as well as Rimuru’s remaining Common Skills and Extra Skills from before his Demon Lord evolution.

Storm king Veldora

Mixed into Void God of Azathoth.

Scorch king Velgrynd

Mixed into Void God of Azathoth.

Rimuru Vs Rune King Thor Fight Starts

Since now we have talked about the ability and skills of Rimuru Tempest in detail and you can read powers and abilities of Thor from here.

Let’s start our fight and announce the winner which is Rimuru Tempest the true demon slime.

Well both of these characters are op in there own universes but when they fight many of there ability cancle out each other.

Thor had the knowledge from the runes of past, present snd future and same goes for Rimuru with Void God Azathoth.

His rune magic and Thor lightning get nullified as Rimuru had power of magic cancellatiin and probabilty skill which make it success chance 100%.

Thor can travel at speed of light and rimuru can use dimensional teleportation to go anywhere within second.

This was the only thing which balances out but now are the thing which will make sure Rimiru wins.

Thor after combining with Eternity became one with multiverse but can’t go out in void, on other hand Rimuru not only can control his multiverse but also have power over nothingness the void.

Thor is not the creator of the multiverse nor can he become one but Rimuru can create 100000 of universes.

After using his Odinforce Thor has to go into his Thorsleep to recoverse stamina but Rimuru has unlimited stamina, he never gets tired.

And if Rimuru can eat him and absorb him he will also get all power of Thor even when he is not worthy from rune magic to his lightning.

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