Rune King Thor Vs True Form Darkseid Epic Battle

Rune king Thor and true form darkseid both of them are very powerful multiversal being of their respective Marvel and DC Universe.

Both of them has some amazing feats on their name and there are not many heroes or villian who can beat them.

But what would be the outcome of they are to fight each other. Today we are going to see what will be the outcome.

I have already made a post on rune king Thor powers, origin and abilities you can check here.

Today we will see the powers, origin and abilities of true form Darkseid.

Origin of True Form Darkseid

He appears first in Final Crisis comic storyline and there we gets to know that all the darkseid who we have seen up until now in the DC Universe were just avatars or fragments of True form Darkseid.

The true form darkseid is even larger and bigger than the whole of DC multiverse and has control over many infinite powers.

His real name is Uxas. Prince Uxas, the son of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra and the second in line to the throne of Apokolips, plotted to seize control over the planet from his older brother, Drax.

For acquiring power he killed his brother, his mother and the old gods.

In final crisis he absorbed all the lesser form he created in each universe and got back into his true form.

He is a multiversal entity of pure evil, that was fragmented into lesser forms after final crisis. He eventually recombined to gain his immense powers again. In this form he is immortal. He had lived for eons being alive from the time of the old gods.

True Form Darkseid Feats

He had destroyed the power ring of green lantern corp which is among the strongest weapon in DC Universe with his bare hand like they were made of paper.

He had defeated Eclipso who is a cosmic being when they fought in a single punch.

When spectre the vengence of God’s, a agent of gods who kills any hindrance for gods. When he fought Darkseid he completely annihilated him but in a few seconds he was able to come back alive.

He sent Superman to the past, controlled the minds of more than 3billion people.

But his biggest feat was to defeat the source who is the strongest being in DC universe and on same level of power and authority of Marvel’s Living Tribunal.

He had absorbed the power of Zeus an old God to regain his powers.

Powers of True Form Darkseid

Since he is a new God he owns many God like powers and infinite abilities.

He has godlike strength with which he had formed a cracked in reality with a punch.

Has godly speed, regeneration and Invulnerability.

Resurrection is the ability with which he came back to life after being incinerated by spectre.

Soul manipulation, matter manipulation, life force and magic manipulation are multiversal level.

Existence erasure gives him the power to erase the being from existence not just kill. He never is never was and never will be.

He can also use telepathy, telekinesis and multiversal transportation. He can also use time travel.

But his strongest and most dangerous power is omega sanction the Death that is Life, also known as “The Life Trap”.

It traps the being hit with it in an endless loop of degrading life each successive one worse than the previous.

Rune king Thor vs true Form Darkseid Conclusion

Seeing all the feats of true form Darkseid and comparing them with Rune king Thor gives us a winner.

Both of them are very strong and has nearly same godlike powers but among them one has used them more and has more feats on his name.

And that person is Darkseid and I think in this fight it will be a very difficult fight for both but by the end of fight Darkseid will come out victorious.

Well this is all my opinion what do you think tell me down below in comments.

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