Smartest character in bleach anime

Smartest Anime Character in Bleach | Urahara and more

I have already made a list on smartest characters in anime, in one piece, in naruto and fairy tail.

But bleach was also among the big three of anime industry so today I will list down the smartest people we have seen in bleach anime.

  • Kisuke Urahara
  • Sosuke Aizen
  • Mayuri
  • Kirio Hikifune
  • Gin Ichimaru
  • Uryu Ishida and his father
Smartest character in bleach anime
Smartest character in bleach anime

Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke is easily the smartest person in whole of the bleach universe.

The first person ever to first unlock his bankai he founded the technology which made a shinigami able to get inside his bankai world.

He invented the hogyoku which is a reality changing device which was acquired by Aizen.

His bankai also showcase his intellect as it is an ability which allows him to become a surgeon of death using which he can dissect an body part enhance it or make his opponent body weaker.

This ability has many uses which only Kisuke is capable of using.

Sosuke Aizen

The most evil villian and one of the most loved villian Aixen was the mastermind who was once the captain in gotei 13.

He had planned to rule the soul society, hueco mundo and human world.

He had planned all this for more than 200 years and no one was able to stop him.

And if the hogyoku had not rejected him in the end he would had achieved his dreams.


After Urahara Mayuri is the mad scientist of soul society. He is a scientist who don’t know any limit to experiment.

He experiment on his collegeue, people of soul society and even on his own Zanpakuto.

He had created many thing in the soul society which are both useful in fight and various activities.

He is always jealous of Urahara because he is considered better than him.

Kirio Hikifune


Kirio Hikifune
( member of royal guard)

Kirio is the previous captain of the 12th division and the current member of the Royal guard or the zero division.

She was the one who had invented the concept of substiture soul and because of which we got a character like Kon.

Before that there was no substitute soul for shinigami to use.

She is also able to create food using her riatsu which results in her turning slim and trim.

And that also requires a huge amount of knowledge of ingredients, there mixing quantity and recipe to create all that from her body.

Gin Ichimaru

Gin is not smart in term of invention or scientific field but his forte is strategy.

For more than 10 years he showed himself as the right hand man of Aizen whom he trusted but in actual was waiting for the right turn to stab him from back.

Aizen who is only the second place in this list the person who tricked the gotei 13 and nearly everyone was tricked by Gin.

And if Aizen had not combined with the hogyoku Gin could have stopped him.

Uryu Ishida and His father

Uryu is a genius both academic and in the field of quincy.

He always gets first position in hua class and his father is a doctor which requires immense amount of experience and hard work.

His father was able to open up his latent quincy abilities by firing an quincy arrow through his heart.

Which needs immense concentration and deep knowledge of human body.

So i had put both of them on same place because none is better than the other.