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Top 10+ Smartest Characters In One Piece

One piece is a masterpiece which has characters of all kinds from the ninja, samurai mermaids, giants, scientists, magicians and whatnot and it’s not like that one piece is only based on the fantasy of magic but it has included in it a fair deal of science and doctor in it.

And along with all of this, we have characters of all kinds who are good at fighting, some good at strategy and some whose work is based on the mind. and in today we are going to list down all the smartest characters in one piece and their smartness can be from their strategy their knowledge in a particular field or from their knowledge of the world.

Smartest Characters In One Piece



Nami was the 2nd person to join Luffy crew after Zoro and at that time she was the only person with brain in that ship. As said by Oda she is the 3rd smartest person in the East blue.

Nami is a genius map maker and knows everything about weather and waves using which knowledge she can take the thousand sunny without much damage and also use that weather to fight her opponents also.

Nico robin


Nico Robin is the last surviving member from the island of Ohara and the only person in this world who can read the poneglyph. Staying in the Ohara library along with the scholars there she had learned a lot of secrets about the void century. And in the travel with Luffy and some years with the revolutionary has helped to expand this knowledge.

She was a genius from her childhood after her mother who was an archelogist who left in the search of knowledge she had took after her. She was the youngest person to join the ohara scholars after giving an exam and passing it.

Trafalgar D Law


Trafalgar D Law the captain and doctor of the heart pirate and was previously a warlord. He has the doctor doctor fruit which allows him to be a surgeon of death with his ability he can save anyone’s life and also take it.

On itself his ability is not very strong to save a person life he need the knowledge of human body and to use this ability in battle he needs understanding of his surrounding to take advantage of it.

He is also on the search of one piece but he also want to know the history of the will of D which is in his name.

Dr. Kureha


Dr. Kureha lives in drum kingdom being more than 140 years old. Dr. Kureha possesses genius skills and immense medical knowledge as one of the finest doctors in the world. Her understanding of medicine and the art of healing is exceptional even among the medically advanced doctors of the Drum Kingdom.

She was the first person in the series from whom we came to know about that Gold Roger was actually Gol D Roger and from her about the will of D. She didn’t tell what it was but with her age and experience she surely know more than anyone else.



Franky from his nature is very similar to Luffy full jolly in nature but he is a very talented shipwreck who had created the thousand sunny in which Luffy and his crew travels.

Franky had turned his body into a cyborg and had created many advanced weapons after learning from the labs of Vegapunk. He is the only person in this world alive who knows the blueprint of the ancient weapon poseidon and that’s why he had to took the name of Franky cause his real name was Cutty Flam.

He wishes to create the weapon poseidon and he had designed the thousand sunny on it.



Sengoku the inspector genral in the marine is a very powerful who once was the strongest in marine when he was fleet admiral and had power to buster call but it was lost when he resigned from his position.

He is an extraordinary master strategist with immense military experience, Sengoku is renowned for his tactical and strategic genius by Marines and pirates alike. He is mainly responsible for all the Marine maneuvers deployed throughout the Whitebeard War at Marineford, such as forwarding a plan to all Marines that Portgas D. Ace was to be executed ahead of the official schedule with the intention that the opposing pirate forces would intercept the message and lose their composure.

Benn Beckman


Benn Beckman is the second hand commander if the red hair pirates of Shanks even though we haven’t seen Benn actually in action or showing his intellect but we have to keep him here cause of Oda.

Yes the creator of one Oda has said it himself that Benn Beckman was the most intelligent person in the East blue and if he says so then here he is.



Chopper has to be placed above than Dr kureha even though he learned doctor from her and Hihiluk but he had already surpassed both of them in his journey with Luffy in these years.

He had created a drug specially for himself which allows him to control his beast form transformation and in this time he had also took control of his other form without the need of the pill.

He was also able to make a vaccine to the ice virus of Queen during his fight with her in wano who is regarded as a person who is very near in intellect to Vegapunk.

The five elders

They are a council of the 5 highest ranking celestial dragons who has the power over all of marine and most of the world. They are the one who have all the knowledge about the void century and tries there best to keep that knowledge hidden even for that they had to kill thousand they will do so.

They are the only one capable of erasing a part of history and they have power over all knowledge as they control the marine, cipher poi they have spys everywhere to give them info. But but it

Vinsmoke Judge


Vinsmoke judge had developed a technology along with Vegapunk which is called lineage factor to enhance human body with mutation and make human weapons which are germa 66 and other than that he had also worked and advanced the cloning technology which allows him to create soldiers even if they die.

Even Big Mom wanted to get this technology on her hands for which she had planned sanji wedding with her daughter.

Caesar Clown


Even though for most part Caesar Clown acted as a comedic figure in the series but in actual he is a very talented scientist who had worked on human transformation and created and advance the creation of the SMILE artificial devil fruit.

But what makes him much more talented is that we was able to create giant with turning the dna of a normal human kid. And also a expert in creation of chemical weapons of mass destruction. He was a collegue of Vegapunk and learned about lineage factor from his experiments.



Queen the plague is all star of beast pirates of Kaido and a very powerful person who is the one creating bio weapon which we have seen in wano.

He is also a highly skilled scientist that was previously a member of the research team known as MADS. Queen’s hobbies are building weapons and viruses. As a scientist, Queen is extremely proud of his scientific talents, as he flaunts his personal cybernetic modifications, which he claims to be superior to Vegapunk‘s, in battle.


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Vegapunk is regarded as the greatest scientist of this era and many character has said this by their own mouth in this list including Queen, Chopper, Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge and except Chopper all others were part of the rogue research group MADS who have seen Vegapunk scientific knowledge in action.

Vegapunk was behind the development of Lineage factor which allowed him to create a devil fruit based on Kaido’s dragon fruit and great his replica eating which Momonosuke got his devil fruit powers.

He even turned Kuma into a cyborg to listens to all his orders and made many of his clones.

He is the smartest person in one piece up till now even though he has not appeared direct

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